News from our October 5, 2014 Meeting!
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Dear Hibiki no kai and Echo Society Members,

                                                                                  October, 5, 2014.

                        ■ Information Notes

 Room Reservations - please check the notice by the elevator on the ground floor.

  October 12  AM. Room2,  PM. Room2.

  October 19  AM. Room2,  PM. Room1.

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Akie’s essay


                                                 English Class

Today’s teachers: Walt, Masanori, Doug.

Participants: Michael, Katsuyo, Sam, Akie, Misen, Isamu, Takato, Kinsen
(Misen’s brother), Sachiko, Sanae.


                                                         Photos: English class.
The lecture of Masanori.   
<right> 規範や道理にかなって正しい
<correct> 事実や基準にピタリと合って正しい
<fast> (スピードが) しっかり固定され持続して速い
<quick> 俊敏で素早い
We listened to “20th Century Boy” by T. REX.              
We talked with Doug’s friend in N.Y.

                            Photo: English class. Skype screen,Little Tokyo.


                         ■ Computer Workshop


Today's teachers: Akiyuki, Kim, Doug and Masanori.

Participants: Akie, Keiko, Isamu, Makkun, Sachiko, Sanae and Walt.


               ■ Good old teachers & members
                                 --- Do you remember them? ---

Thank you for your E-mail!!

E-mail from Hide Noji.
Dear Mr.Walt
How have you been? I hope you have been keeping your health since
I saw you last.
I visited Youichi at his nursing home last week. He is spending very
comfortable and healthy life with his parents.
He can’t move so freely as befor, but he can operate a PC and walk freely
with the help of walker. He is continueing rehabilitation three times a week.
I was very delighted that he looked very healthy and cheerful.
He was warried about your recent health. So, I reported him about your
participation in the grand meeting in USA and recent your activities of
Hibikinokai. He admired your indomitable spirit. So do I.
He asked me to tell to Mr.Walt and Hibikinokai members his best regards.
Heavy rain, gust wind, typhoon, change in temperature,,,. Please take good
care of yourself and accident.
Sincerely yours.
(From Hide,   old member of hibikinokai.)
                                                                              Photo: Yoichi.

E-mail from kazutoshi kawabe.

Ⅰam fineです。現在 have a workで日曜も jobで、これを端的に言うと貧乏暇なし、です。
がshut down・・・difficultと携帯に叫んでました。優勝パレードで行く先々の道路が封鎖されてバス会社に



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