News from our September 3, 2017 Meeting!
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 September 3, 2017


Dear Hibiki no Kai and Echo Society Members,



   Information Notes  


10日   AM  第2学習室   PM  第2学習室    ダグさん、杉本さん
17日   AM  視聴覚室    PM  視聴覚室   
24日   クリエイトホールが休館日のため、ひびきの会は休みです。

日    AM  第2学習室   PM 第2創作室
8日  AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室
15日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室

22日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室
29日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室

5日  AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室
12日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室

19日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室
26日 AM  視聴覚室    PM 視聴覚室

  English Class   
Today’s teachers and participants: Newcomer: Kazue Nakamura,   Abe.
Doug Lerner, Masanori Tatsui, Motoyasu Uki, Yumi Mitsui, Seiko Okuyama, Takahide Kira, Taka's helper, Yoshio Hirano, Yuriko Yamada, Akie Omori, Hideki Noji, Takato Hase, Yuko Ishikawa,Yoshihiko Tokioka, Karin Son and Sanae Sugimura.


lad   少年   (lass  少女)
priest  (ローマカトリック教会・英国国教会・ギリシャ正教会における)聖職者、司祭

be fond of A  (長期間慣れ親しんで)Aが大好き   be fond of doing ...するのが大好き
propose  提案する
building  一般の木造家屋などにも用いる
in return for   返礼として、~のお返しに、~の代わりに


S  +  V  +  O  +  C
主語    動詞       目的語     補語

I   make   him   happy.

I saw Mary cross the street.     ただ単に見てる
I saw Mary crossing the street.
I saw Mary angry as hell.
I saw Mary on the street.

I saw that Mary had no idea that was going on.  わかった、理解した

Zoom with Rosalie and Myles from New York.


End of summer

Game "Where is Keiko?"    

Yes or No で答えられる質問をする。
Is Keiko in .........?    

Keiko is in Switzerland.  The temperature in Switzerland is minus 4 degrees


English Expression

Blow off steam    ガス抜き  




Good morning!
My given name is .......
My family name is .......
My nickname is .......   /   I have no nickname.
I am from ......                       
I live in .......
      I live in Hachioji, Tokyo.
My hobbies are........  /   My hobby is.......
     My hobby is having books read to me by volunteers.
     My hobby is listen to music.
     My hobby is going to onsen.
I was born in the year of the ........   
My personality is ............
     My personality is serious.   My personality is happy.
     My personality is depressed.   My personality is optimistic.
     My personality is pessimistic.    My personality is humorous.
     My personality is irreverent.
Nice to meet you!


English Quiz




  English song Karaoke

We listened to and sang "You Are Love" by Janis Ian.
"You Are Love" (Toujours gai, mon cher)
Janis Ian

What's the time?
Where's the place?
Why the line?
Where's the race?
just in time, I see your face
Toujours gai, mon cher

You are the star
that greets the sun
Shine across my distant sky
when night is done
You'll be the moon to light my way
Toujours gai, mon cher

Here's How You Write The Perfect Pop Song
It's not too late to start again
It's not too late
though when you go away the skies will grey again
In the time that remains,I will stay
Toujours gai, mon cher

No regret
for the light that will not shine
No regret,
but don't forget, the flame was mine and in another place,
in another time
Toujours gai, mon cher

It's not too late to start again
It's not too late
though when you go away
the skies will grey again
In the time that remains,
I will stay
Toujours gai, mon cher

Take your pleasures while you're young
Just remember, when they're done,
Toujours gai, mon cher

And "Tennessee Waltz".


 Computer Workshop 
Today’s teachers and participants: Doug Lerner, Shingo Fube, Toyoko Tsugehara, Masanori Tatsui, Akie Omori, Masatoshi Mitsui, Motoyasa Uki, Yuriko Yamada, Karin Son, Sanae Sugimura and others.





See you !

 Walt's video and  photos
  Faces of Japan, Walt's video:

 New Hibiki home page       

 You can look at records of Hibiki’s past (from 2007). 過去の記録を見ることができます。






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