Dear Sudbury Municipal Candidate,

You are invited to the Friends of Sudbury Transit Sunday Commuter Challenge!

What does it involve? We are inviting candidates to take transit from their homes to meet us by 1:30pm across the street from the downtown Sudbury Transit Station (Provincial Building, 159 Cedar St) on Sunday, September 14.
After the candidates get their "I'm running for Council and I did the Friends of Sudbury Transit Commuter Challenge" sticker, candidates will take transit home. We'd like to hear what their trips were like so we'll be asking candidates to complete a survey once they get home. Details will be given to candidates on arrival.

Why are we doing this? Because we need Councillors and Mayors to understand how transit works and how it needs to be improved.

Why on a Sunday? Because that's when people have the most difficulty with the limited schedule and altered routes on Sundays.

What if a candidate would like to join the challenge but can’t make the Sept. 14 event?
We will be repeating the challenge on Sunday, September 28 to give everyone the opportunity to participate.

Please RSVP and let us know which date you can attend.

Transit is essential to creating a sustainable, functioning City.

Transit helps with:
•        Traffic congestion reduction        
•        Parking cost savings
•        Roadway cost savings
•        Reduced traffic accidents
•        Improved mobility options
•        Consumer cost savings
•        Land use planning objectives
•        Increased physical activity

Transit connects workers to jobs in suburban, rural and industrial areas.
Transit improves business productivity.
Transit stimulates economic development around bus stops.
Transit reduces energy consumption and achieves clean air standards.
Transit generates jobs and a significant return on investment.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Lilly Noble
Friends of Sudbury Transit
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