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We are halfway through our ASFIP fiscal year and I thought it would be good to provide an update. All of the Executive Team, Board and Executive Director have been hitting on all cylinders.  There has been a lot accomplished and I am very proud of the professionals who serve in the leadership of the society.  As we go forward, I would continue to encourage you to get involved and to make this the best professional society that it can be.  We have had many good events and the program committee is working on many great speakers for the second half of the year. Here are the three main areas that I would like to highlight to members:
  • Virtual/Online Programs
  • Brand Development
  • Foundation

Virtual/Online Programs

                John Skinner and the committee have been hard at work to make all of our programs available online with either an audio or video recording.  The lifestyle of our members is changing and lunch programs are hard to attend for some.  During our planning session, the vision was to allow members to access the events and play them when it was convenient in the car or at home on the IPad.  Visit our YouTube page by clicking on the  icon on our home page.  The library of events audio and video contents are growing as a resource for all our members.  John has also undertaken to schedule Virtual events by coordinating calls on a shorter  time frame so the topics will be more relevant.  These Virtual events are also going to be recorded and posted to the page.  These are great resources for smaller firms and you can interact on the call with newsmakers discussing the current market conditions.  Our industry is constantly changing and our society is making the adjustments to serve our members.

Brand Development

                Our members are very competent and conscientious in serving the needs of our clients.  Our accreditation and continuing education bring the latest thinking in finance to our clients.  We have begun to feature local experts on the ASFIP blog under the CONNECT tab of the website.  These insights are timely and they allow a discussion with professionals in our markets, challenging us to continue to improve our dialogue on markets.  In December, we held a Media Forecast Event to release our Media Source Book.  The Source Book has contact information for 64 society members so the media can easily reach out and get thorough and thoughtful comments on issues affecting our community.  We had representatives from SunTrust, VOYA and Atlanta Capital review the forecast for 2016 and the member survey results.  Thanks to all the professionals who participated.  It was very well received and it will bring a higher visibility to the local talent.  We also completed a marketing vision exercise and we have a new tagline, “Invest with Excellence”.  We feel that this captures the essence of what we are trying to achieve with our clients. The path to better results for our clients starts with a goal of delivering peace of mind to our clients.  The CFA Institute will be starting an campaign to highlight the CFA brand across various media and we will be bringing you more details in February.  We have continued our brand development on radio (WABE) and we have started promoting our events on Captivate in elevators across Atlanta.We want to help members be recognized in the investment community and I believe these efforts are getting it done!


                The Foundation committee has been hard at work to put in a place a vehicle for us to impact students and to improve financial literacy in our community.  We are holding our first fundraiser on January 31 at Vino Venue.  It should be a great event to support the effort, to network and to figure out the answers of what 2016 holds for all of us.  We gather so much during the year for business purposes and I believe that this will be a welcome opportunity to gather for a greater purpose!  The Education committee is developing a curriculum for the local students to understand Foundation management.  The Development group is working on partnering with local firms to help the students and to impact the greater Atlanta community.  The Foundation will be a great opportunity for those members looking to make a difference and we all very excited with the progress thus far.  Please consider attending and/or making a contribution of time/money.

Our Forecast dinner is going to be upon us soon. February 10 at the Grand Hyatt in Bulkhead, Willis Sparks will discuss Geo-politics and how it may affect your portfolios in 2016.  I hope you can find time to attend the premier event for the society.  It is great to hear words of wisdom but it is even better to catch up with old friends.  Let’s make the second half of our fiscal year as successful as the first. Thanks for all efforts volunteers make to allow our members to, “Invest with Excellence”!

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