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ASFIP Foundation

ASFIP is thrilled to announce the forming of the ASFIP Foundation!  Lots of hard work from our Executive Director and the Foundation committee has made this happen. 

In parallel, the Marketing group has created and is launching  our new brand vision.  We have developed a tag line for ASFIP, "Invest with Excellence.”  The creation of the foundation and brand focus is the result of our strategic planning session in April.  At that time, we gathered with the goal of improving ASFIP for the future by building on the achievements of the past.  These two developments are consistent with culture of our past and the vision for our future.

The Foundation will offer us a vehicle to give back to community and to prepare students for the future.

At one of our meetings, a past president commented that careers can be broken into three stages, “learn, earn, and return.”  The Foundation offers members and firms a vehicle to “return.”  We are bombarded by media about the, “greedy Wall Street type” who is causing inequality.  An unfair characterization. Our members are focused on ethics, education and professionalism and I am constantly impressed with the character and generosity of fellow members.  Our Foundation will provide a great opportunity for us to show leadership and to give back to our community. We invest in ourselves through education and training, invest for our clients with professional expertise and now we have a vehicle to invest with excellence in our community. When we talk to firms about the community perception, they are being asked by clients about their involvement.  The Foundation will be a simple way for firms to engage with students and the community.  The Foundation allows them to give back and, to invest with excellence within the community in which we live and work.
To gain additional exposure and highlight our members, we are actively engaging with the media.  The development of an ASFIP Sourcebook will serve as an easy way for reporters to contact members with expertise in particular areas.  We will be holding media training for those engaged in this activity and we will begin to communicate in a more consistent manner, that our core values of ethics, education and professionalism differentiate us in the marketplace.  Our industry has many competing messages and designations fighting for attention.  ASFIP members with the focus on ethics, education and professionalism, will provide peace of mind to our client!  The message of Invest with Excellence captures our high level of competence and ethics which should always be appreciated by the market.  We want to increase market awareness of these facts.

Everyone benefits from these efforts but they are made more effective with higher participation.  Please support the Foundation, we can make a difference!
Paul Smith Visits Atlanta
President and CEO of CFA Institute
Building the Investment Management
Profession | A Breakfast Meeting
Monday, November 9th 
7:30 am Registration & Breakfast Buffet


The ASFIP job board offers a 90-day ad for $ 200.  Over 1,400 ASFIP members will have exclusive access to your job posting(s). We are also offering a free 30 day “featured posting” on the CFA Institute JobLine.

POST @ CFA Institute
Use JobLine, our password-protected job posting service, to reach an exclusive global audience of CFA members, charterholders, and candidates seeking positions in the investment industry.

Contact Executive Director, Cathy Ford for additional information, or 678-324-8474.
Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals
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