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September 2015
Volume 2 | Issue 9

Welcoming our students back 

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine welcomed back our students on Tuesday, September 8, for the start of the academic year.  

We held our annual Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Meet and Greet on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at Middlesex College, Grad Club. 

Welcome to Dr. Saranya Kittanakom-Arnoldo

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Saranya Kittanakom-Arnoldo has joined the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine as a Clinical Biochemist.  Read More.

Larry and Stephanie complete their MSc Theses  

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory of Medicine would like to offer congratulations to Liangyi (Larry) Zhou and Stephanie Mok, who have completed their MSc in Pathology.  Read More.

Ontario Association of Pathologists Meeting

Graduates of Western’s Pathologists’ Assistant (PA) program were in full force at the OAP meeting in Niagara Falls, which took place September 18-20th.  Read More.

News Stories

Update In PathologyPioneering an emerging new healthcare profession in Canada

The Master of Clinical Sciences (Pathologists’ Assistant) program at Western University was the first of its kind to be accredited in Canada.  Pathologists’ assistants (PAs) are highly trained health professionals. Read More.
Update In PathologyDr. Vipin Bhayana

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Vipin Bhayana has accepted the position of Division Head Biochemistry & Immunology and Division Head Core Labs & Point of Care Testing effective immediately.   Read More.
Update In PathologyHealth and Safety Training

With the start of a new academic year come the responsibilities of safety training. Students are required to do Comprehensive WHMIS, Safe Campus Community and Accessibility training.  Read More.

Upcoming Events

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Dr. Robert Zhong Seminar

"Diabetic complications: a journey beyond genes"

Speaker: Dr. Subrata Chakrabarti
Thursday, October 15, 2015 @ 12:00 pm |  
Read more


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