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March 2015 
Volume 2 | Issue 3

2015 PaLM Research Day

The Chair's Award for Best Clinical Science Presentation by a Resident
2015 Awardee: Dr. Matthew Cecchini
Presentation: Loss of the Retinoblastoma Tumor Suppressor Leads to Improved Outcome in Patients with Lung Adenocarcinoma

The Best Clinical Science Poster Presentation by a Resident
2015 Awardee: Dr. Matthew Kubica
Presentation: Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma Mimicking an Upper Gastrointestinal Polyp

The M. Daria Haust Award Best Basic Science Presentation by a Graduate Student
This award is given in recognition of Dr. M. Daria Haust’s many achievements in the Department of Pathology at Western and LHSC
2015 Awardee: Milica Krstic
Presentation: The role of transcriptional regulator TBX3 in early breast cancer progression

Best Basic Science Poster Presentation by a Graduate Student
2015 Awardee: Meghan Piccinin
Presentation: Diabetic Marrow Adipogenesis Alters Composition of Stem Cell Niche and Impairs CD133-positive Stem Cell Survival

Best Basic/Clinical Science Collaborative Poster Presentation
2015 Awardee: Yadira Tejeda Saldana
Presentation: Variable Region Sequencing of a Monoclonal Antibody Against Escherichia coli O157.

Master of Clinical Science-Pathologists' Assistant Graduate Research Award
2015 Awardee: Lei Gong
Presentation: Intra-departmental quality assurance program for pathologists’ assistants in surgical pathology
2015 Awardee: Andrew Zhang
Presentation: Is Perineural Invasion in Prostatic Core Biopsies Prognostically Significant?

Best Undergraduate Basic Science Poster
2015 Awardee: Edmund Yim
Presentation: Effects of the Western diet and IUGR on Glucose Homeostasis

The Cameron Wallace Graduate Student Award in Pathology
This award recognizes a graduate student's achievement in both Pathology Research and course work. This award is given in recognition of Dr. Cameron Wallace who was the head of the Department of Pathology from 1965 - 1974.
2015 Awardee: Jina Kum

Research Day's full story and pictures to come in the April edition of the PaLM Post.

Welcome to Dr. Qingyong Xu

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Qingyong Xu as Division Head of the Transplant Immunology Laboratory effective March 15th. Dr. Xu comes to us from the Saskatoon Health Region and the University of Saskatchewan. Read more

Congratulations to Saeed Asiry 

Saeed Asiry won one of several Resident Research Awards at the Annual Cognitive Neuroscience Society Research Day. The full-day event hosted at Bellamere Winery and Event Centre was well-attended, with over 30 abstracts from residents and graduate students studying the CNS. Saeed presented his work on semi-automated Ki67 quantitation in oligodendrogliomas.

Forensic Pathologists in the News

Two of our forensic pathologists have been in the news lately. Dr. Michael Shkrum appeared in a recent episode of the CBC’s Fifth Estate “Secrets of the Smudge”. Dr. Elena Tugaleva was consulted by author Timothy Johnston, for expert advice for his latest book “The Void”.

News Stories

Update In PathologySafety Inspection 

On March 17, the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Western University had its annual Joint Occupational Health and Safety inspection. The inspection went very well and there were no major noncompliance orders. The research labs have done a great job over the past 3 years and the trend keeps improving. Keep up the great job! 
Update In PathologyWestern Pathology Association intramural volleyball team

This semester, registration of the first ever intramural volleyball team was directed by the Western Pathology Association (WPA). Lab coats were cast aside as students took to the courts to showcase their athletic prowess. Participants can be seen in action Monday nights from 8:30-11:30pm at the Student Recreation Centre.

Upcoming Events

Update In PathologyPaLM Grand Rounds - Chris Watling

Cognition, culture, and credibility: Deconstructing feedback in medical education.

Thursday, April 9, 2015 @ 12:00 pm | Read more
Update In PathologyPathologists' Assistant Day 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 | Read more
Update In PathologyPhD Public Lecture - Wahab Khan, PhD Candidate

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 @ 1:00 pm | Read more
Update In PathologyAdvances in Practice of Cytopathology 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015 @ 8:30 am |  Read more


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