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December 2015
Volume 2 | Issue 12

Message from the Chair/Chief

Season’s greetings to all of you! We had a busy and a very successful year. Your hard work and commitment to our department made it all possible. Be sure to take some time out of your busy life to enjoy the magic of the holidays this season. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Subrata Chakrabarti
Chair/Chief, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 

Congratulations to Dr. Martin Duennwald

On behalf of Dr. Chakrabarti, please join us in congratulating Dr. Martin Duennwald on his successful ALS Canada application! Dr. Duennwald will be leading a collaborative project examining RGNEF in relation to motor neuron misfolding in TDP-43 and FUS.  

Dr. Mark Darling wins W.W. Wood Award 

Dr. Mark Darling received the 2015 W.W.Wood award for excellence in dental education. This special award commemorates Dr. Bill Wood, whose academic career exemplified dedication to research, teaching and service.

Dr. Melanie Katsivo receives plaque

Dr. Melanie Katsivo was recognized on November 17, 2015 during the International Week event showcasing Africa-Western Collaborations for her role in founding and serving on the Steering Committee of Western's Development Program called "Western Heads East". She was presented with this plaque by the Vice-Provost International, Dr. Julie McMullin.

News Stories

Update In PathologyLondon Pathology Associates Holiday Party

The LPA Holiday Party took place December 17 at the Windermere Manor. The party was well attended and everyone had a great time. Congratulations to Laurie Floyd and Delores Bergin who received the LPA Awards of Excellence and to Dr. Tweedie who received the ME Kirk Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Read more
Update In PathologyToy Drive for Women's Community House

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine’s 2nd Annual Toy Drive was a success. We raised a mountain of toys, gifts for the moms and small appliances for Women’s Community House.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  Read more
Update In PathologyWPA Christmas Social

The WPA hosted their annual Christmas Social Night on December 16th at The Grad Club. With food and drink generously provided by the department, students enjoyed the time to socialize before the holidays - a spectacular way to end off the first semester.  Read more
Update In PathologyDr. Lannigan's Retirement

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine wishes a fond farewell to Dr. Robert Lannigan, who retires this month after a 35 year career at London Health Sciences Centre and Western University.  Read more
Update In PathologyDr. Khan receives IRF award

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Zia Khan on his successful award from the Lawson Health Research Institute Fall 2015 Internal Research Fund (IRF). Dr. Khan will be leading a project examining the “role of T-box 2 in maintaining differentiation competence in infantile hemangioma” for the next two years.  Read more
Update In PathologyKarl Cuddy receives fellowship

Dr. Karl Cuddy received the Wesley and Jean Dunn Fellowship at the Schulich Dentistry 2015 Fall Awards Reception held on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at The Garden, Somerville House.  Read more
Update In PathologyDean Betts and Dr. Khan receive OIRM funding

Congratulations to Schulich Medicine & Dentistry researchers Dean Betts, PhD, and Zia Khan, PhD, who recently received New Ideas Grant funding from the Ontario Institute of Regenerative Medicine (OIRM).  Read more
Update In PathologySyrian refugees touching down in London

Lloy Wylie, PhD, and Dr. Bhooma Bhayana are collaborating with community organizations to address the mental and physical health of Syrian refugees.  Read more
Update In PathologyKarl Cuddy completes his MSc Thesis

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory of Medicine would like to offer congratulations to Karl Cuddy, who has completed his MSc in Pathology. Dr. Mark Darling is Karl’s MSc supervisor.  Read more

Upcoming Events

Candidate in Veterinary Pathology

“How T cells can help mitigate malaria-associated anemia” 

Speaker: Dr. Patti Kiser
Monday, January 11, 2016 @ 12:00 pm |  Read more


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