hereO investor debrief - 12/18
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"Working with hereO is a great experience - their team's knowledge of IoT and commitment to our success is the foundation to a true partnership."

Oded Steinmetz
Leo Riders
Hi <<First Name>>,

It's been a while since I sent you one of these, I know. What can I say? A new product launch, a pile up of R&D tasks to juggle, and 10's of thousands of units in back log orders can do that to a mere mortal like myself. Anyhoo, sticking my head out of this high speed train just long enough to let you know that we are raising another, lightning speed, round to fund our transition from paying pilots to mass production.  If you are as quick on your feet as we are, a hereO at heart, and a believer in our mission and team, reach out to discuss this opportunity. In the meantime, up on today's order of business we have two new very exciting projects to share with you as well as an announcement on the launch of our brand new Core website. Read on for the bits and bytes.
Happy reading :-)
Gill Mendelson, CEO

Update #1
Core Ride Sharing

One smart kick-scooter coming right up!
Scooter-geddon is it? That's the term being used to describe the plethora of electric scooters hitting the streets and heating up the shared micro-mobility space. New ride sharing services are sprouting up like mushrooms after the rain. And who is better positioned than hereO to provide a plug and play alternative to entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to establish themselves in this space? In fact, we've had three companies turn to us to provide them with the technological backbone for a scooter sharing program, and that's just in the past two weeks! Rain dance anyone?

Update #2
Internet of Construction Disposal Containers

Construction Disposal Containers is a thing, right? 
I kind of want to say, "just another day at the office", and, at least on some days, that wouldn't be a far cry from the truth. What you see here are not hereO team members playing with a remote controlled vehicle on the backdrop of a well organized office. No no, it's actually our team piloting a private / government co-sponsored effort to bring some long overdue digital supervision and operational efficiency to the construction industry. But equally as fun (!), and a bit more profitable :-)

Update #3

hereO Core website

Brand new website for a brand new product! 

Ain't she pretty? For those of you who missed the unveiling of our Core platform, it's all here, front and center. The vision, technology, partners, quotes, library of supporting docs, and more. Just head over to and please, pretty please, let us know what you think. Is the messaging clear, are the visuals crisp, is the pitch enticing? We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly, spare no comment!
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