hereO investor debrief - 11/16
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We are thrilled to be working with DreamWorks Animation in the creation of the Trolls watches. This is a fantastic collaboration, and there is a genuine synergy of brand values that is seeing hereO and DreamWorks working together to make life safer and fun for kids, while reducing the worry for parents.

  Daniel Ivesha
President, hereO
Hi <<First Name>>,

It's been a while, 4 weeks to be exact. Doesn't seem so long if assume a 45 hour work week. But who does that, right? Anyhoo, it's crunch time and our all star team is knocking it out the park, a la Babe Ruth(less)! App guys are rolling out updates one after the other, hardware folks fine tuning this or that feature, marketing gurus dialing it up a notch, or ten, and operations are sailing a tighter ship than ever. Our Harrods launch is close, very close, but that's not all we've been busy with since our last update. Read on for our top 3 highlights of the month.

Happy reading
Gill Mendelson, CEO

Update #1
Production Line

And a beautiful baby hereO is born at 3.7v!
First commercial device coming off the line! I'm not quite sure how to describe the feeling in so few words, but as a young father it felt like I was witnessing the birth of my child all over again. A little slime here, a little goo there, but by the time it hit the last station on the line, this hereO was a shining beauty! I'm so proud of our team who worked tirelessly to make this happen, our partners who supported us every step of the way, and our global community of beta customers for their unshakeable vote of confidence. Thank you hereO family!

Update #2
DreamWorks Press Release

hereO? Yes. Trolls? Yes. Harrods? Yes!
As promised, the DreamWorks / hereO joint press release hot off the press! I wrote about this collaboration aplenty in last month's newsletter, so you should already be up to speed on this one. But if you are not, hereO has unveiled a series of special edition GPS watches for kids featuring DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls.  Produced to celebrate the release of the Trolls movie, the four-watch collection features loveable Trolls characters Poppy, DJ Suki, Branch and Biggie. In addition to all the location related bells and whistles on the device, it also supports two way messaging for a quick child parent check in. Hug time!

Update #3
New hereO Family Members

More engineers, more customer care, more operations, more more more!!!
As CEO, one of my many (many, many!) roles is to ensure we maintain and support our exceptional A team with exceptionally high profile, high energy A players that compliment our company's drive, culture, and vision. Ilan and Elhanan are exactly that. They are very talented, very experienced, and very motivated to hit the ground running. And when I say running, what I really mean is flying at super sonic speeds! They have already met and spoke at length with everyone in our family, closely studied our various on going programs and initiatives, and prepared a detailed game plan to support and drive several of our more exciting co-development projects with Intel, Deutsche Telekom, and Flextronics. I will tell you all about day 2 of their work in the next newsletter :-)


This bit is for those of you who are thinking right now, Can I get in on this???

Yes you can! hereO has launched its Series B and is looking for new partners to support its transition from local start up to global wearable IoT enterprise.
Update: Ok, we're good on the funds. But then again, with more funds come more results. And we love results.

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