hereO investor debrief - 11/17
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Flex, hereO and more: Oct 7th, 2017 - media spotlight
"Designing and creating IoT devices for a connected world opens a number of possibilities for large firms and startups alike..."

Greg McNeil

VP Innovation Labs, Flex
Hi <<First Name>>,

Happy Halloween, I hope you enjoyed your trick r' treat yesterday (or was it just me?). Before jumping into it, I want to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome our latest recruit, Guy Iluz, experienced front-end web developer who has taken the lead on our Core builder and cloud service user interfaces. Welcome to the family Guy! As for this month's debrief, I've got some spooky updates for you including the ramp up of our V2 deployment and a sneak peek at our Core development efforts.
Happy reading :-)
Gill Mendelson, CEO

Update #1
hereO GPS Watch for Kids

We've shipped to our 70th country!
Yep, we did it, country number 70! Now just to put that into perspective, on your next trip to [insert your country of choice here], you can be fairly certain that we will have a customer there. And if we narrow down the total of 195 countries to a more plausible list of jet setter destinations (oh I don't know, let's say top 70), we are looking at a 100% probability :-)
Hats off to our Sales and Business Development Teams!

Update #2
New Distribution Channels

NewEgg US and Amazon UK.
Shipping to 70 countries doesn't come easy, and we certainly didn't do it on our own. Following the roll out of our V1 product line with, we are now launching V2 with, and Amazon is definitely the 800 pound e-commerce gorilla here, but did you know that NewEgg was the largest e-tailer of tech products (by revenue) in the US? Yes, bigger than Amazon! 

We are constantly on the hunt for new distribution channels and exciting opportunities to expand our geographic footprint - if you know someone we should be speaking with, reach out :-)

Update #3
hereO Core Demo App

Core IoT Builder? Check. Cloud Service? Check. User Demo App? Check it out. 
In the Halloween holiday spirit, I thought I'd treat you to a sneak peek of the next trick up our sleeve: The Core demo app. Essentially, it's a general purpose IoT app that replicates what the end user would experience with the Core, be it a smart luggage, smart e-bike, or smart thingamajig. Regardless of the use case, we leverage the same sensor fusion algorithms, communication protocols, and location modules to do the heavy lifting. A child with her mother, a rider on his bike, or a traveler with luggage, no matter, the underlining tech that makes this IoT platform go round is powerful and flexible enough to auto-adapt itself to the relevant story line. So what does this mean for the plethora of companies looking to smarten up their product line? Zero development, upfront risk, or long term bets on unproven concepts. Just plug er' in and watch your product come to life.
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This bit is for those of you who are thinking right now, can I get in on this???

Yes you can! hereO has launched its Series B and is looking for new partners to support its transition from local start up to global wearable IoT enterprise.
Update: Ok, we're good on the funds. But then again, with more funds come more results. And we love results.

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