hereO investor debrief - 09/17
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"Children 'geo-fenced' as worried parents create summer surge in demand for GPS tracking devices"

hereO Media Spotlight, August 17'
The Telegraph
Hi <<First Name>>,

Did you catch a glimpse of that amazing total eclipse? If not, you are more than welcome to come visit us at hereO HQ - it's a common sight when day becomes night and night becomes day :-) Anyway, before jumping into this month's 4 minute update, I'd like to take this opportunity to give a BIG congrats and virtual hug to my trusty co-founder and dear friend, Daniel Ivesha, for the birth of his fourth son! Apparently having (at least) four kids is a prerequisite for employment at hereO, in which case, I have some catching up to do...

Happy reading :-)
Gill Mendelson, CEO

Update #1
hereO teams up with Sony Pictures

Smurfs, The Lost Village, and a GPS Watch to keep everyone in check!
You may have noticed by now that we have a certain affinity to (supremely cool) animated films. But if along with the eclipse you also missed out on our brand collaboration with 20th Century Fox and blockbuster films "Peanuts" and "Trolls", than worry not, because here we go again, this time, with Sony Pictures and "The Lost Village". Whats more, the Smurfs and the genius creators behind this exciting movie will be raffling off hereO GPS Watches via regional competitions in the run up to the theatrical release. So stay tuned for a chance to win a free hereO GPS Watch for kids, courtesy of Sony Pictures!

Update #2
hereO Core - First Batch Production

So what do Intel, Flex, and hereO have in common?
Machines are rumbling, PCs are redlining, and sweet sweet Core prototypes are rolling off the production line... This is a very exciting period for hereO as we open up our technology, algorithms, and partnerships to companies around the globe looking to smarten up their product offering. According to a 2017 Cisco report on IoT, almost 3/4 of all IoT initiatives fail at the POC phase. We have our war scars in this respect, so we can certainly relate to the pain these companies are feeling. All the more so for the non technologically oriented ones. So how EXACTLY does an e-scooter company smarten up its products? Or a luggage company? Or a ski equipment company? Or any other mobile asset manufacturer for that matter? Without a plug and play, risk-free, and resource light solution backed by global IoT players, the industry will never hit critical mass. So who will deliver the one solution to rule them all? Hint: It has something to do with the subtitle above...

Update #3
Antwerp and Tel Aviv Cross Paths

hereO is invited to shoot the breeze with Antwerp's Senior Smart City Delegation @DLD Tel-Aviv
Antwerp is known as home to the second largest seaport in Europe, for its chemical industry, the biggest cluster in Europe, and of course, for its diamond industry, no. 1 in the world. But Antwerp is much more than that, it’s on its way to becoming Belgium's first and largest smart city with its City of Things initiative: A city-wide technology and living lab for the Internet of Things, where companies can test and validate their smart city solutions and most advanced technologies. hereO has been invited to meet with a Senior delegation from the municipality of Antwerp and City of Things initiative to brainstorm for collaboration opportunities. Good thing we have an idea or two up our sleeve :-)
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This bit is for those of you who are thinking right now, can I get in on this???

Yes you can! hereO has launched its Series B and is looking for new partners to support its transition from local start up to global wearable IoT enterprise.
Update: Ok, we're good on the funds. But then again, with more funds come more results. And we love results.

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