hereO investor debrief - 10/17
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"Received the two watches!!   Kids are very happy!   Thanks for getting them out!!  Substantial improvements, especially the charging connector, screen and build quality!"

T.M., New York
Another happy (and loyal!) customer
Hi <<First Name>>,

New products, very new products, and very very new products succinctly laid out for you in your 4 minute digest. This month's debrief is dedicated to our R&D and product teams who've been hard at work ensuring that hereO maintains its technological edge and pole position at the forefront of the IoT industry!

Happy reading :-)
Gill Mendelson, CEO

Update #1
hereO V2 Now Available On-Line

Live at in 5 languages!
We've been shipping hereO V2 GPS Watches to early adopters for a couple of months now, and the results are in! Feedback from customers like T.M. in New York (see above quote) serve as our last line of QA, so when they are happy we are happy, and equally important, ready for mass deployment. hereO V2 is now live on our website, pre-orders for the new variant have been converted to orders, and our warehouse in Venray is picking, packing, and shipping out globally as I write these lines. Thanks again Sony Pictures and the 'Lost Village' for supporting our launch!

Update #2
IoT Product Builder

Design, deploy, and manage your IoT line up with hereO Core.
Imagine a world in which you could inject yourself with a dose of exponentially expanded neural processing power. This may be a scenario of the distant future, but for mobile consumer products the future is already here. We've spoken at length in the past about our vision for a transformative IoT platform that would enable non-technologically oriented companies to painlessly smarten up their product offering - an all in one turn key solution with ready to deploy H/W, S/W, AI engine, Connectivity, Cloud Service, and Security. What you see here is a snapshot of our Core platform in action. In a nutshell, select your hardware configuration (GPS, Wi-Fi, AI Engine, etc...), software profile (e-bike, luggage, wearable, etc...), data pack (pay as you go, unlimited, etc...), and sit back as the product generator sets up your device, UI, and management toolkit. That's it, your consumer product now has a mind of its own... 
"Core, hereO Core - nice to meet you, and you are?"

Update #3
hereO V3 Prototype

Small footprint, beautiful oled screen, and powerful 'Intel Inside' processor. Welcome to the future of Wearables.
What would the Core be worth if we weren't deploying it on our own product line? Wearable locators that never really worked are a thing of the past, wearable locators that actually work are (gradually becoming) more of a common site. Well-being wearables that provide you with a live dashboard of your past, present, and planned activities, efficient schedule management, precision health monitoring, and personal assistant all in one is a thing of the future. But if you have read this far, then you will have already learned that this future is at arm's length, snugly wrapped of course in a beautiful next generation hereO wearable :-) Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting endeavor. 
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This bit is for those of you who are thinking right now, can I get in on this???

Yes you can! hereO has launched its Series B and is looking for new partners to support its transition from local start up to global wearable IoT enterprise.
Update: Ok, we're good on the funds. But then again, with more funds come more results. And we love results.

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