hereO investor debrief - 04/17
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"Keeping track of your kids can be hard. The world's first e2e connected family IoT ecosystem, developed by @hereofamily, helps with that."

  Deutsche Telekom (@DT_M2M) tweet
from the NB summit in Bonn
Hi <<First Name>>,

You know that feeling you get just before take off, when the jet engines rumble, seats shake, and stomach muscles tingle just enough to remind you of the massive force about to propel you into hyper trajection? here at hereO HQ we live in that zone and feed off of that energy, day in and day out. This past month has been no exception. On the contrary I say, on the contrary. Scroll down to find out why.

Happy reading!
Gill Mendelson, CEO

Update #1
hereO Core - the launch

No stopping the clock now!
1 trillion connected devices by 2015 (IBM forecast)? That didn't happen. 50 billion connected devices by 2020 (Cisco forecast)? Not likely either. With all its promise and potential, IoT is still just too complex for the masses. Now this is not the first time you've heard about our plans for the roll out of an all in one plug and play IoT platform with the support of our amazing partners at Intel and Flex. But now it's official and the launch clock is ticking. I must say that we have experienced positive, exciting, and even overwhelming receptions to our previous launches, but something is different this time, VERY DIFFERENT. The feedback from our technology, telecommunication, and pilot partners (at least those that we have demoed our prototype to) has been off the charts! The intelligence of the system, the simplicity of the business model, and above all, the potential of hereO Core to unlock IoT hockey stick growth across a wide range of segments - it's a no brainer!

So when is all this happening? 70 or so days (depending on when you read this). Not very long in the grand scheme of industry game changers, but if you are the "I want to get in on this before everyone else does" type, you are more than welcome to visit us at HQ for a sneak peak :-)

Update #2
NB-IoT Unveiling

hereO's very own Allon Gladstone unveils the world's first narrow band GPS tracker @ Deutsche Telekom's NB-IoT Summit in Bonn 
Yep, now this bit is official too - world's first narrow band GPS tracker. How about that? Allon Gladstone, Co-founder hereO raises the curtain on our DT / hereO prototype after 6 long months of screen flickering matrix programming and fire smoking printed circuit boards. And did I say in our last debrief we'd be presenting to "200 or so Deutsche Telekom stake holders, partners, distributors, and sales executives"? Must have been at least double with all those people cramming in the doorways!

Chapeau to Allon and the rest of the hereO family!

Update #3
New FLEX Design Center

Congrats to Flex on the inauguration of its new Design Center in Haifa!
"From three guys in a 'garage' to a 40 man design center" - the opening lines at this week's Flex Haifa Design Center inauguration. Who would of thought that a 200k employee company still encourages the establishment of start-up like "spark" teams? Got to love that go get em' attitude - no wonder we get along so well :-) I also want to say a special thank to Boaz Kalisch, Flex Site Manager, and Georgina Goff,  Flex Senior Director of Marketing - EMEA for the opportunity to be among the (only) two partners, along side Strauss, to present ourselves, our story, and above all, our collaborative vision with Flex!
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This bit is for those of you who are thinking right now, Can I get in on this???

Yes you can! hereO has launched its Series B and is looking for new partners to support its transition from local start up to global wearable IoT enterprise.
Update: Ok, we're good on the funds. But then again, with more funds come more results. And we love results.

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