MoveMakers is a playground for learning and experimentation for a community of adult education practitioners. We encourage practitioners in education to take bold and innovative steps in shifting education and learning environment to meet the needs and dreams of 21st century learner.

Searching for what works

Innovation is a form of art that is practiced constantly. Every educator should develop the capacity to be curious, to do something without a map, dear to take risks. It entails the questioning mind: what is needed now to make learning meaningful? Innovation is not one time effort, but a constant search for what works. It is a practice where you set on a journey and build the road by walking. At the same time you stay flexible and responsive to any changes on the way.

As part of 1,5-year learning programme MoveMakers went to sensing journey in Netherlands, visiting quite diverse initiatives to understand innovation (f.e. B.AmsterdamHandshakeTeam AcademyKnowmadsFreedom Lab etc). Read more about some of the things we heard, saw and made sense of.

MoveMakers are on the MOVE!

In the last week of March, 35 educators from The Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Denmark made their way to Schoorl, The Netherlands. The goal of this meeting was to launch the first LAB for MoveMakers – get to know some of the innovators within the MoveMakers group as well as across Netherlands and find some questions and answers around the theme of innovation in adult education in Europe.

In addition a dozen of MoveMakers met up in Berlin during the first weekend of July. The long weekend was designed as a sensing journey into Berlin – experiencing the city space, meeting the different organisations and individuals active in education innovation and having dialogues with the activists connecting the city space with learning. 
Read more about our journey here.


Updates from MoveMakers in different locations

Local MoveMakers groups in four countries have been meeting up and share their little updates of what are their burning questions and next steps.


Changemakers: Dock20

Lucas van Heerikhuizen spoke to MoveMakers LAB 1 co-organizers Huub Purmer & Diederik Bosscha during the first MoveMakers meeting in The Netherlands in March 2015 about the changes that need to take place in classrooms.

Coming up
13th to 17th Oct, 2015        Art of Hosting in Education, Lithuania
25th to 31st Oct, 2015        MoveMakers LAB2, Denmark
Good reads and videos
BOOK: The Talent Code By: Daniel Coyle
ARTICLE: An interview with Keri Facer By: SET
BOOK: Learning Futures. Education, Technology and Social Change (pdf) By: Keri Facer
BOOK: Creative Schools By: Ken Robinson 
E-COURSE: U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self By: Presencing Institute
MoveMakers is a creative collaboration and a hub of 5 organisations - Ruumiloojad from Estonia, Kuriancios bendruomenes from Lithuania, Dock20 from Netherland, Impuls from Germany and Kaospilot from Denmark.
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