MoveMakers is a playground for learning and experimentation for a community of adult education practitioners. We encourage practitioners in education to take bold and innovative steps in shifting education and learning environment to meet the needs and dreams of 21 century learner.
The future of learning: what's love got to do with it?

I was travelling to our first MoveMakers preparation meeting in Berlin when one question hit my face from an advertisement in a travel magazine: “Is a cold weather alert a warning or an invitation?”. The way how this question was posed made me think about many other questions I am sitting with as an educator: what is the future of learning? How can we create meaningful spaces for inquiry, creativity, problem-solving? And what is our role in it as educators no matter what is the context of working?

LAB 1: Planting the seeds for the future of learning

The Dutch team is very excited to host the first MoveMakers LAB!

Next week, 32 educators, facilitators and innovators from 5 different countries, will explore the challenges education is facing nowadays and search for ways in which education can be transformed. The key questions we will explore are: What is really happening in the field of learning and education? What does it tell about the future of learning?  What can we do in order to start re-shaping and creating what is needed for our project to blossom?

Innovation in education - U.Lab: Seven Principles for Revolutionizing Higher Ed

At MoveMakers we strive to employ a wide variety of methods and tools, including Theory U, the Art of Hosting, Design Thinking, as well as didactical storytelling, visual facilitation and other co-creative practices. The programme is grounded in newest findings of constructivist didactics, adult education and the neuroscience of learning. It fosters an entrepreneurial spirit by promoting learner-centeredness, participatory methodologies and peer learning.

In the newsletters to come we will share further highlights of current approaches and experiments regarding bold methods and tools.

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Coming up
8th to 10th of April, 2015        Your IDEAL CLASSROOM, Netherlands
13th to 17th Oct, 2015        Art of Hosting in Education, Lithuania
25th to 31st Oct, 2015        MoveMakers LAB2, Denmark
Good reads and videos
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BOOK: "Learning {Re}imagined By: Graham Brown-Martin
VIDEO: MoveMakers: Preparing the ground By: MoveMakers
VIDEO: How to run a company with (almost) no rules By: Ricardo Semler 
VIDEO: Education With Hands, Hearts and Heads By: Satish Kumar
MoveMakers is a creative collaboration and a hub of 5 organisations - Ruumiloojad from Estonia, Kuriancios bendruomenes from Lithuania, Dock2020 from Netherland, Impuls from Germany and Kaospilot from Denmark.
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