MoveMakers is a playground for learning and experimentation for a community of adult education practitioners. We encourage practitioners in education to take bold and innovative steps in shifting education and learning environment to meet the needs and dreams of 21st century learner.

Educational energy gathered in Denmark

From 25th to 31st October MoveMakers LAB2 took place in Denmark. At LAB 2 we moved from WHY, more into HOW. We focused on how to co-create and prototype meaningful learning experiences. We were supporting each other’s work in our home countries, by improving existing new programs and co-designing new ones. Besides that we also initiated the first MoveMakers joint prototypes; an education design game and a book of 100 questions, to name a few. 

MoveMakers Prototypes: Making the New Happen!

MoveMakers is a platform for deep conversation about learning and education. It is a place to share ideas and discuss possibilities. Alongside with giving time to dive deep, we also support each other in getting specific. At LAB2 we started to crystallise parts of our findings and view on education and learning. Several prototypes have been developed, in the name of MoveMakers, and will be further developed and tested up until LAB3 in April, 2016. Here is a shortlist of the prototypes we are working on.



Danish Folk High Schools: What it means to be human…

Danish Folk High School is a boarding school, usually chosen by youth coming from their secondary education. Students come here to take a break up to a year, before making career and life decisions. This is a place to experience what it takes to live in small and diverse community where active participation, responsibility and co-creation for the common good are at the heart of the culture.
Read more about how the schools came to be and what is their role today


MoveMakers: A Movement in the Making

“A movement you do not start, it starts you when its ready to”, says Thieu Besselink, one of the participants of the MoveMakers journey. Wherever we go and whomever we meet, people ask “Who are you? What is it that you do as MoveMakers?”. It might be difficult to understand at first, that MoveMakers is still in “making” and “becoming”. It started as a learning journey for practitioners in the field of education to learn, share and help each other, but as we slowly learn, there is more to that. Thieu made some observations during the LAB2, and shares those with you.

Coming up
18th December, 2015       MoveMakers Cafe at Nyenrode Castle, The Netherlands
24th to 28th April, 2016     MoveMakers LAB3, Estonia
Good reads and videos
RESEARCH: 15 Insights into the Future of Learning By: Bespoke
VIDEO: Virgin Disruptors: The Future of Education By: Virgin
SCHOOL: Danish Folk High School Movement  
SCHOOL: Kaospilot, Denmark  
MoveMakers is a creative collaboration and a hub of 5 organisations - Ruumiloojad from Estonia, Kuriancios bendruomenes from Lithuania, Dock20 from Netherland, Impuls from Germany and Kaospilot from Denmark.
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