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I only ever remember two jokes. One is the above, attributed to Woody Allen, although I know it as ‘How do you make God laugh? You tell him your plans…’ Unfortunately it rings all too true. I had such plans for the summer. I was going to launch the newly expanded Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle in London, have a holiday and revisit all my favourite sacred sites in Cornwall, do a workshop on ancestral and karmic healing while I was there, finish Crystal Prescriptions 6 on the same topic, and prepare the members only part of my website so that it could be released in August.

What did I do? Slid off an enormous airbed and grounded myself with a thump on a metal chair leg. It would have been very funny, had it not broken my little finger. At first, I’d thought it was just badly bruised so I strapped it up and got on with a workshop on expanding consciousness. I even managed to bring two very heavy suitcases of crystals home – and drive myself back from the station. Just shows what happens when you run on crystal energy! But, by the next day, it had become apparent that something was seriously wrong. So, on the Monday I took myself off to the local minor injuries unit as the three A&E departments round here each promised the dubious joys of an all day wait. The overworked and harassed nurse in charge of the Blandford MIU was kindness itself. As soon as I tried to bend it, she pronounced the finger broken and sent me off for an instant X-ray (the first of several, so thank you Shungite for being there to screen me). She splinted me up and sent me home to await a summons to see the orthopaedic surgeon - who had looked at my X-rays by computer and was of the opinion that it would need pinning and take eight to ten weeks to heal.

The accident flared up the incipient arthritis in my hands so I was pretty helpless – and here I should thank my daughter Jeni for all the trips to hospital, far more than expected. If you’re waiting for deliveries from, I’m the reason she may be running a little behind. And karmic readings have slipped even further back, although the new recorder is finally up and running so I should be starting on those soon.
Needless to say I got to work on my finger with crystals, comfrey and arnica. A lot of healing came my way and it’s now well on the way to healing, taking half the expected time. But, having a broken finger turned out to be incredibly inconvenient and focused my attention on all the little things we usually take for granted – like driving, hair washing, opening the bottle of comfrey tincture, and peeling vegetables. Talk about staying in the moment. And we should, because to my great amusement – and no doubt to the gods’ too – I had to work on the Crystal Mindfulness proofs. Not easy having to hunt and peck type with a couple of arthritic fingers when you’re used to touch typing at 90 words a minute. People often ask how I write so many books. That’s how. It’s my typing speed and the fact that my brain is directly connected to my fingertips. Or it was, until this happened. A profound disconnection occurred. One of those ingrained programs I’d been writing about in karmic healing had been released. But, it’s one I’d be loathe to lose permanently. I can’t believe how many typos crept in when I was looking at the keys instead of at the screen. A profound metaphor no doubt as it’s impossible to see the bigger picture when you’re focusing on the detail.

I clearly need to get myself Dragonspeak. I would, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d need to teach it the names of over 750 crystals and an awful lot of astro-speak before I could use it. Given my techno-incompetence, I can’t imagine how I’d do that. I may have to surrender though. This process has taught me a lot about that – and how to ask for help when it’s needed. Mindfulness helped considerably!

As did Bob. Who jumped out of the packaging and into my hand and basically stayed there for a week. So thank you Paul Harrison for sending out  a skull with such pure energy. He’s green and white Quartz, with Pyrite inclusions and a patch of pink Serpentine. We’ll be working with his extended family at Glastonbury so I hope to have more to report after that. I asked him what Bob stood for as he said it was an acronym. He just smiled, enigmatically. Bits of Bone? All suggestions welcome!
Bob and his companions did indeed contribute to our Glastonbury retreat. But the report will have to wait until I can root through all the boxes now filling my dining room to find my notes on this and also on Amazez, which was a great hit. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of what we got up to when healing the psoas (soul) muscle and its karmic connections. The idyllic weather made it possible to work directly on the Michael and Mary lines and some potent transformations took place.
And the other joke? A little girl goes behind a tree to see what her brother’s up to and says ‘Oh. That’s a handy gadget to take on a picnic.’ That’s relevant to broken fingers too. I needed a lot of handy gadgets. But I couldn’t find an appropriate image, so here’s one I rather liked instead:
House healing

Being home for so long made me realise that, busy as I’ve been all year, I’d been neglecting my energetic house clearing. So, I gave the whole place, and especially all the crystals, a thorough spraying with Petaltone Clear2Light and Z14.

I then realised that, just as we all have ancestral lines weaving into our energy fields, so too do houses carry the energetic imprint of everyone that has ever lived in them. This relates not just an ‘ancestral home’ in the stately home sense. Every house carries its own imprints from its former occupants no matter how unrelated by blood they maybe. They may well be connected at another level though, or reflect karmic issues, and have been drawn to the house to heal it. More about that in Crystal Prescriptions 6, which will be out in the new year.

Although I’d done a great deal of clearing when I moved in, there was another layer rising up to deal with. I was in the process of proof-reading Crystal Prescriptions 5: Space Clearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Protection and I managed to slip in a very effective, but crystal heavy, layout that works brilliantly for houses that had never had any work done on them. But, for my own home, I used a beautifully simple layout that worked almost instantly.
Healing the house’s ancestors layout.
Shortly afterwards, a friend I hadn’t seen for several years walked in and said. ‘What have you done in here? It’s incredibly light and bright.’ Perfect confirmation!

A special ‘members only’ portion of my website. A small monthly fee will provide you with unlimited access to a ‘crystal information toolkit’ with everything you need to know about working with crystals including practical exercises and short ‘how to’ videos, with exclusive monthly video and text courses that build up into a comprehensive library. There’ll be stunning crystal and sacred sites image galleries. Plus special offers on unusual new crystals. We’ll be having competitions and so much more.

Keep a lookout for the announcement on and my facebook pages:  and
He’s lightening up with every day that passes!
My skulls are jumping up and down with excitement! The new Crystal Skulls book will be out in September. Horace is especially pleased as he has a starring role, If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss is about, or if you have a skull but don’t know how to get the best from it, this is the book for you. I’ll be teaching  workshops based on the book this autumn and more next year.
Here’s what the publisher says:

Crystal Skulls: Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment

Crystal skulls are human-skull hardstone carvings often made of clear or milky white quartz known as “rock crystal.” Some are allegedly pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts and can be found in the permanent collections of a number of world-class museums, including the Smithsonian and the British Museum.
In occult and metaphysical circles, the skulls have magical and healing qualities:
  • Anna Mitchell-Hedges (owner of a particularly famous skull) claimed that the skull could cause visions and cure cancer and that its magical properties could be used to kill.
In this book, best-selling occultist and crystal expert Judy Hall provides a basic primer on crystal skulls:
  • What they are
  • Where they are found
  • Their role in legend and lore around the world
  • Their uses for physical and psychic healing
Also included here in this stunning introductory text is an examination of the prominent “skull keepers” of the past 100 years and how to use and communicate with a crystal skull.
This is a terrific book for those interested in occult and ancient mysteries and/or the power of gems and crystals.
US order here:
UK order here:
Crystal Mindfulness

For those of you who start shopping early for Christmas, here’s a thought. This book shares with you a mindfulness process that’s come out of my own profound experiences with crystals, but is based on sound research too.
Enhance your present moment awareness with this perfect introduction to the power of meditating with crystals

Mindfulness is everywhere these days, but while it is famed for its relaxation benefits, many people find it challenging to practice. The pressure of calming the mind can become overwhelming, leading people to only focus on the fact that they can’t focus. In Crystal Mindfulness, internationally acclaimed crystal expert Judy Hall shows how crystals can help with this by anchoring you in the present moment to help you to enjoy a quiet mind. Crystals provide a point of soft focus, as a static, tangible principal point in which to channel the movement of your mind and turn off the chatter. Holding them while practicing mindfulness centres you, and settles your body and your mind. Here, Judy offers readers a new way of tangibly tying together wellness of the body and mind.
In this book Judy explores: what mindfulness is, how it works, its benefits, and how crystals can help. Judy looks at specific topics that might be relevant to your mindfulness practice such as staying grounded, becoming centered, shutting off the chattering mind, and acceptance. Each crystal includes an exercise for a specific purpose, as well as other features to help with guiding your practice, including keywords, a description of that crystal’s qualities, information on how this crystal can help with mindfulness, and a reflection. At the simplest level, you can flick through the pages in the Guide until a picture catches your eye and work with the crystal as suggested. Or, you can target your crystal mindfulness practice more specifically. All you have to do is select the heading that's appropriate for you.

In Crystal Mindfulness, different themes surrounding mindfulness such as 'Creating stability' and 'Letting go of the past' are explored, and each one is linked to the crystals that can bring awareness and increase wellbeing in those particular situations.

Whether you are new to mindfulness, crystals, or both, this book offers a unique way of stilling your body and your mind, assisting you on your route to mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
Available 17 November 2016  £8.99
US pre-order now:

Your Astrology for August, September and October  2016
by Terrie Celest
We still have no planets in Air signs and this continues until 30th when Venus enters Libra on the same day that Mercury goes retrograde. Saturn will be centre stage for most of the month, firstly adding difficulties to the New Moon chart with a karmic aspect that will challenge us to use our power wisely, and then by crawling along, both before and after it goes direct on 13th.

Mars, about to leave Scorpio, adds to the intensity and then just before the New Moon, it brings a welcome relief by leaving those emotional depths for Sagittarius.

We are half way through the three-month period that started with the Summer Solstice and ends at the Autumn Equinox. It is a time to celebrate the harvest and to take stock of where we are. The crops that are harvested now will become our seed for next year. Are we on course for where we wanted to be or do we need to adjust the sails to get back on track?

From 10th August, Mercury will start going over the area of the zodiac that it will be retrograding over, from 30th, so take notice of what happens over the next three weeks, and be prepared for plans made during this time, to be altered during the retrograde. Back up your electronic devices, just in case!
Saturn goes direct on 13th so we are likely to feel the lethargic side of its nature for a few days before. Saturn retrograde emphasises self-discipline and organisation, so these areas of our life could come under scrutiny

The Full Moon on 18th has the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, always a head/heart dilemma, this time with added help to freely and authentically express ourselves but also with stresses from some critical energies that will test the Sun’s natural optimism and enthusiasm. This will be tested further when the Sun joins the North Node, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo on 22nd. Mercury rules Virgo, so it will be the focus of energies now as it prepares to retrograde. In this sign, Mercury can be picky, detail-minded, service-oriented but also a worrier and prone to criticism, which can be turned either outwards or inwards. The start of Mercury’s retrograde ends the month on 30th
September starts with Mercury retrograde, a strong emphasis on Virgo energy and Saturn causing some difficulties with aspects to several planets, moving to its third and final square with Neptune on 10th.

The 1st has a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. The outlet for the concentrated dynamics of the chart are through clear, honest and kind communication, through calming the mind and using the practical energies to our advantage to review and reorganise.

Good news for all Librans and also romantics comes on 9th September when Jupiter enters Libra. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, luck and growth and this change of sign will raise the optimism levels. It also brings a need for balance and fairness and the diplomacy to be able to achieve it, and hopefully this will spread from our inner to the wider world. As Jupiter magnifies everything it touches, if things are good they will get better, but if things aren’t right they will get worse before they get better. All relationships can be enhanced over the next year if we make the effort.

10th brings the third square between Saturn and Neptune, with Neptune now retrograde. This raises a conflict between idealism and reality. A sense of disappointment is an indicator that we are finally seeing things as they are, discarding the fantasies.

The Full Moon on 16th also has a Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible in the UK. There are strong karmic energies that continue the recent Saturn/Neptune aspect and take it a stage deeper. Old habits of escapism or feeling a victim or guilty will be highlighted and a deep karmic wound could be triggered, being exposed to be healed. Something that upsets us deeply, maybe unexpectedly, is a very old, past life energy that needs to be healed. It is time to let it go.
The Autumn Equinox, one of the quarter days of the year marks the start of the Sun in Libra and the next three-month astrological cycle, leading to the Winter Solstice. This year it occurs on 22nd September, a few hours after Mercury goes direct and with the Sun and Jupiter becoming close, there is optimism to counteract some contrasting and challenging energies. It is a day of equal day and night, a time to find balance in our lives and to reset areas where the equilibrium has been lost. To add to the mix, Pluto is virtually stationary which always feels intense as it magnifies its energies. It goes direct on 26th leaving Uranus, Neptune and Chiron as the only retrograde planets in the chart.
Interestingly with Saturn now direct again, as we end the month, it is in the same position as it was at the start of the year. Food for thought!

After such a busy astrological month in September, October seems relatively quiet, but don’t be deceived, instead of changes of direction and sign, there are some aspects from the big planets that will really shake things up. There are now only 3 planets retrograde and Jupiter and the Sun in Libra at last bring in some Air energies.
wo of the three retrograde planets, Neptune and Chiron, sandwich the South Node and with the third, Uranus, these four form a distinct spit in the chart from the rest of the planets. The South Node is getting closer to Neptune, throughout the month and Saturn adds to the mix with a challenging aspect to the Nodes.  All these factors combine to emphasise karmic issues and we might feel a strong conflict between our inner and outer worlds as these clash and our old patterns are challenged. We are being continuously and increasingly urged to raise our vibrations and this can only come about through healing old wounds, letting go of the past and becoming more authentically ourselves.

Also during the month, issues from last month’ eclipses will permeate our consciousness and give us vital clues into this clearing process. What arises is no longer valid and we have to find a new way of responding, a new way of being.
he 5th to 7th, is the first stress point of the month with frustrations and tempers running high. We could push ourselves and our resources, not just to the limit, but beyond. Finding our inner courage, we can face our fears and shadows and take control of the helm to steer the course WE want.

The second hot spot is on the 15th and 16th, making it a potentially volatile Full Moon on 16th. As the saying goes, change is inevitable and resistance is futile. Spontaneous, innovative and revolutionary energies bring help to break old patterns and to be more authentic to our Soul path.

There are more strong energies on 19th which are best channelled into making long term plans and tapping into our inner resources, whilst avoiding power issues, aggression and control. This will be a good day to start long term projects, including inner transformational work.
The Sun enters Scorpio on 23rd, with Mercury following it the day after, bringing in deeper and more emotional energies, helping us to go beneath the surface and clear old demons. The 28th could be another difficult day where frustrations could erupt; damage limitation comes through keeping the mind and communication in check.
The New Moon in Scorpio ends the month on 30th, a potentially emotional but intuitive time, especially just before, when our shadows could feel deep and scary, but, like childhood fears of the dark, they will disappear if we turn the light on and face them. 
All dates are based on GMT

© Terrie Celest

New Crystal:

Amazing Amazez



When I went up to visit the lovely people at Spiritual Planet recently, I was accosted by a skull. It looked rather like Chevron Amethyst, with which I have become somewhat obsessed of late – check out the Mohawkite skulls below. These skulls have been doing extraordinary healing work for the dispossessed – see my Facebook report ‘Healing the Tears of a Nation.’ It also reminded me of Auralite 23 but without the ‘extras’. But Stacey told me that the gently compelling being in my hand, a mix of Amethyst and white Quartz, was actually imbued with the presence of the Azez. It was a comparatively new find from Madagascar. As I find Azeztulite an incredible stone for raising higher consciousness, I bought sufficient pieces of Amazez for us to explore on the Glastonbury retreat. And, of course, found myself the owner of yet another skull.

I tried to take a shot of a large piece of Amazez in the warehouse. But the energy shimmering off it was so strong that sharp focus was an impossibility, especially for someone with a wonky hand. I felt like it was sucking me, and the camera, in. It was an incredible portal to another world. I was tempted to buy it, but left it for someone else to enjoy as the skull was more demanding of my attention.

Amazez: portal to another world?

Our report from Glastonbury will have to wait until my notebook surfaces, but here’s what Heaven and Earth have to say about it:

Crystal Properties: Amazez is a stone from off the coast of Africa and appears to be a banded mixture of white quartz and purple amethyst, with v-shaped patterning.

Crystal Healing: Amazez is an ideal therapeutic stone for crystal practitioners. It can be used to bring spiritual aid, in the form of its powerful and purifying energies, to any weak or afflicted areas of the body. The sheer power of Amazez, combined with its purifying qualities, make it an ideal stone to use when clearing an individual or an area of all types of negativity.

Calming and soothing, Amazez is excellent for enhancing metaphysical abilities. It certainly worked for us!

Part of my Chevron Amethyst Mohawkite skull family at Knowlton Circles
‘Healing the tears of a nation’ ritual.
I found a few more crystals that were new to me at Spiritual Planet, and from Elestial at Glastonbury I got some intriguing Chalcedony Tears, but that’s going to have to wait for another exploratory workshop and fully functioning fingers. It’ll be on the website as soon as possible.

Coming up:

Workshops and talks
Dragon over Gussage

There are not quite as many workshops on offer this autumn as I have a lot to catch up on and I’ll be travelling abroad. Make sure you book early so as not to be disappointed. So many people left Glastonbury to the last minute and then couldn’t get onto the crystal retreat as we were full. But don’t worry there’ll be another one next year. Details will be posted soon. Keep a look out on Facebook and my website.

September Workshops and Talks

Evening talk: The Crystal Zodiac. Come and find out all about your birthstone and discover why more than one crystal may well be appropriate for you.

Friday 23rd September, Wolverhampton

All day workshop: The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle.
Come and learn how to use these amazing cards for personal healing and insight, and how to read for other people. They capture the energy so well you can use them instead of a crystal!

Saturday 24th September, Wolverhampton

Booking and further details: contact Billy at

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle in action
The Isbourne Fest

Crystal Mindfulness
September 8
The Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham

Do you want to practice mindfulness but find it challenging and somewhat perplexing? Then you need crystal mindfulness!  If you find it impossible to stay in the present moment as your head is full of maybes, or you worry about the future or regret the past, or you toss and turn at night, going over and over the events of the day, or wake up with thoughts racing through your head…. stop and take a breath. In this interactive talk, we will explore how crystals anchor you in the present moment in a tranquil yet dynamic, more creative and joy-filled life.

2-hour workshop: prior booking essential

Booking Link: or

October Workshops and Talks

Friday 14 – Sunday 16 October
I will be in the stunning mountain scenery of Romania for a Crystals, Star Beings, and Gaia workshop. The workshops will be in English with Romanian translation. Do come and join us.

From Earth to the Stars – and back again.
An opportunity to align yourself with the spiritual magic of Mother Earth and our Star Being ancestors with Judy Hall.

The 2012 energy shift re-awoke the connection between humanity and Gaia, the spiritual being inhabiting our planet. The link is essential if we are to ascend in our consciousness and stay grounded, and crystals are a natural way to open and maintain this bond. So, in this workshop we will be reawakening both our Star connection and Gaia connection. In the first part of this workshop we will:
  • Introduce the dragons from the Celtic crystal dragon mountain as our guides and mentors for the workshop.
  • Discuss the importance of grounding, specifically opening up and activating your Gaia gateway chakra.
  • Work with crystals that can help you connect and align yourself with Gaia.
  • Journey to the major chakra points of our planet.
  • Perform a healing ceremony for Mother Earth.
But! Have you ever wondered where we really came from? The ancient Egyptians believed we came from the stars, and that we all still have star material within us. So in the second part of the workshop we will be connecting with the crystal skulls and star beings, to find out what they have to say about our origins and to explore their views on the future of the humankind.
  • Activation of the crystal skulls.
  • Connection to the star beings of the highest possible vibration, access to their wisdom and healing energies.
  • Where necessary, release from the star connections that are no longer appropriate for your soul expansion.
  • Re-making the journey of coming from the stars and getting down to Earth.
This intensive residential workshop does not require prior knowledge or experience, only an open heart and the desire to learn.
Please feel free to bring your own crystal skulls should you wish to work with them. Otherwise, a selection of skulls and crystals, picked out specifically for this workshop, will be available for you to choose from. It will be possible to purchase some of these and the workshop will include the gift of a small crystal skull and crystals from the dragon mountain to each participant.

Booking link: contact for further details
Crystals and Past Lives

Saturday 22nd October
College of Psychic Studies, London
10:00am - 5:00pm

This exciting workshop combines two of my areas of expertise, crystals and past lives. In previous lives we have all learned many skills and gained much wisdom. Now is the time to re-access and remember these gifts. Crystals will assist us on this journey in two ways; some facilitate the remembrance of past lives whilst other crystals are attuned to specific ancient civilisations.

In this practical, hands-on workshop we will explore and discover where you came from, the gifts that you bring and your soul’s purpose.

The Crystal Zodiac

29-30 October 2016

It may surprise you to learn that you have more than one birthstone, and that crystals can be used to support other aspects of your birthchart too, bringing out your full potential. In this practical, hands-on workshop we’ll be identifying the best zodiac crystals for you.

There may well be a surprise Halloween workshop so do get in touch with Gillian if you're interested.

Further details: Gillian McBriar

November Workshops and Talks
Crystal Mindfulness

5 November 2016
NEC Birmingham
MBS Well Being Show
Workshop 10.30 -12.30

18 November
Crystal Mindfulness Book Launch
Clearly Destiny, London
Crystals and the Spiritual Magic of Mother Earth

19 November 2013
College of Psychic Studies, London
10:00am - 5:00pm

Join me for a day using crystals to align and strengthen yourself with the spiritual magic of Mother Earth. Known by many names: Gaia, Terra, Mother Nature, the Goddess; She was at first worshipped and venerated by our ancestors but as time passed She became feared, ridiculed and abandoned; her followers were persecuted. The 2012 energy shift re-awoke the connection between humanity and Gaia, the spiritual being inhabiting our planet.

Re-establishing and strengthening this link is essential if we are to ascend in our consciousness and stay grounded. Crystals are a natural way to open and maintain this bond. The workshop does not require prior knowledge or experience, only an open heart and a desire to learn. New crystals will be available for you to work with.

Booking and further details:

26 November
Astrology Conference
Sonal Sachdera
To be confirmed
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