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 APRIL 2015

In this issue: How to get your FREE Crystal e-book; Guided meditation - free download. Feature - Rooster booster, check out this new crystal! Terrie Birch's Astrology feature - month-by-month forecast for the year; Crystal of the month; Judy's monthly soul learning for April; details of forthcoming talks and workshops and more ...

This month's featured books:

Featured book. Crystal Zodiac, ready for your April reading

Featured book. Your FREE e-book!


The wonderful visionary artist and crystal channeller Walter Bruneel contacted me the other day to let me know that a book of his extraordinary art will shortly be available. The energy in his illustrations is simply amazing.

  I often use his Earth energy grid to send healing to the planet (see my Earth Blessings) and I love to meditate with his Amethyst temple image. It takes me right into the heart of the peaceful Amethyst cave I know so well.

You’ll find my free guided meditation, Amethyst Caves at:
Copyright: Walter Bruneel, Amethyst Temple

Walter mentioned that he’d been finding Rooster Tail Quartz interesting. So I immediately ordered myself a set. It’s a colourful, high vibration stone that not only boosts your energy but helps you to open the higher resonances of the base, sacral, dantien and solar plexus chakras and move kundalini around the body. It’s a clear, or milky, Quartz with splashes of 
red, orange and yellow colour within that comes from Brazil, the source of many amazing high vibrational quartzes. I wish I’d known about it when I was writing Crystal Prescriptions 4: crystals for the chakras and raising kundalini. I found placing the stones on the lower chakras and one above the head on the Stellar Gateway chakra directed the rise of kundalini and sent it back through the body to energise the cells. It combined well with a Smoky Elestial Quartz below my feet at the Gaia Gateway – a chakra that sits beneath the Earth Star and connects you into the energies of the planet. This enables you to ground high vibrational energy through your body and your etheric field and avoids the more unpleasant side effects of kundalini rise – I’ve been writing quite extensively on those and will be writing a blog about them soon.

This fiery stone also balances the masculine and feminine energy not only of the body but also the mind. So intuition can meet intellectual rationality and integrate to produce creative harmony. As with so many red stones, Rooster Tail Quartz provides vitality, encouragement, courage and enhances passion. A stone of brotherhood, it promotes goodwill to all and encourages generosity of spirit.
The American Flame Tail Rooster Agate is a denser stone and may be more appropriate for people who really need to ground and stabilise kundalini energy or who need a boost on their spiritual pathway. 

Top: Rooster Tail Quartz
Middle: Rooster Tail Agate
Right: Flame Tail Agate detail


If you donated to the Tashi Lhunpo robes appeal here’s what your money bought. So much more than mere clothing. Such joy. How can anyone resist them? You can still donate to the Monastery here: And there’s a new appeal that will fund taking the monks to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival later this year.
Dalai Lama to visit

The Trust are delighted to announce that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has accepted an invitation to inaugurate the new Temple in Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in Bylakuppe, India in December 2015. You can attend but will need special permission from the Indian authorities. 

The ceremony will take place in the morning of 20th December, and there will be teachings between 21st and 23rd December.  His Holiness will then continue his Lam Rim teachings at Tashi Lhunpo from 24th to 28th December.  

For more information, and a form to register interest, or email: or mail Tashi Lhunpo Monastery UK Trust, PO Box 2284, Salisbury SP2 2JA. In order to complete the necessary permissions, you will need to respond by 25th April 2015.


Great excitement! My Shadow Lemurian Seed crystal from Exquisite Crystals has finally arrived after being held up in customs for ages. Why? Have they twigged how powerful it is? Were they examining it in case it was some new age secret weapon? Or is it just greed that makes our bureaucracy demand double taxation - not only customs duty but also VAT and a £15 handling fee – which effectively doubles the price. It really is scandalous how they get away with it. It might finally be the time to make a protest. I feel the stone is urging me to do so. Is that one of its properties: challenging greed and stupidity? I’ll let you know. But enough of my soapbox for now.

I certainly recognised its power simply from seeing its picture on my computer screen. Holding it is amazing. I should have copied the photo for you while John had it up. They sold out very rapidly. If you ever have a chance to buy one of these little beauties, do take it. It is so different to the Smoky Lemurians that I already have. Different in colour and also in vibration. There are black phantoms within it, as well as a whole other universe to explore. Oh yes, and a key on the back I’m really looking forward to meditating with it and learning more about the multiverse it opens.
From incarnation to evolution: month by month soul learning

It takes the Sun approximately a year to travel around the Zodiac, spending approximately thirty days in each sign. The dates for the ingress and egress of the Sun into each of the signs may differ from year to year due to the cyclic adjustment that creates leap years. To understand the working of evolutionary learning and its implications for your soul growth fully, you need to know the details of your birthchart and to have a karmic reading  But considerable information is available from the sign in which the Sun was placed at your birth. The sun represents your core self and in karmic and evolutionary astrology it also represents what you are trying to develop, the qualities you are seeking to incorporate into your eternal being. What your soul - the vehicle for your eternal Self - needs to experience. However, as the sun makes its annual journey around the zodiac it also triggers particular learning opportunities to rise to the surface for everyone. Bear in mind that the sun signs and the months don’t align exactly but are close.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

  • Evolutionary learning: self-assertion without aggression
  • Evolutionary intention: becoming an ‘I’ who is nevertheless part of the whole
  • Karmic trap: egotism and procrastination

The sun in Aries is working on assertion and on becoming centred around your Self - that eternal part of your being that incarnates again and again in its quest for spiritual growth and which carries karmic learning forward with it. In this process of self-development, Aries often gets accused of being egocentric, selfish and self-absorbed. Rather than being self-centred, what Aries is trying to become is an 'I'. This is the process of recognising and asserting the Self - which has to start with developing a strong ego and the sense of 'Me' that Aries expresses so well. But then the ego has to be let go as Aries attunes to the eternal Self. Aries is a heroic sign, excellent at starting ventures but not necessarily as good at carrying them through so the soul may need stamina. Karmic issues associated with pioneering Aries are to do with aggression versus assertion, and with learning how to initiate and be spontaneous without trampling on too many people in the process. This sign carries the 'knightly' or chivalrous energy forward from the past. It is often associated with the warrior, the pioneer and almost certainly the entrepreneur.

April reading
The Crystal Zodiac

The Crystal Zodiac – now available in The Works at a very reasonable price.

Your Crystal of the month
April:  Fire Agate

Aries is the month of fiery Aries and its assertive ruler Mars which can incite strong passions. Luminescent Fire Agate has a deep connection to the earth and its energy is calming, bringing security and safety. It is an excellent all-round healing stone that can be worn for long periods of time.  It supports during difficult times and nurtures your body. This stone also protects against ill-wishing – especially useful if you have, however inadvertently, upset those around you. Fire Agate is a ‘mellowing out’ stone and can be used as a meditation aid. This crystal balances the endocrine system and keeps the heat processes within the body stable. It also prevents burn-out and exhaustion.

Find your Fire Agate at:

Or check out the Skullis site in case they’ve carved more of these little beauties


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Judy says: About this month’s astrology by Terrie Birch

As I’m primarily a karmic and evolutionary astrologer I’m delighted that a highly experienced astrologer, Terrie Birch, has agreed to give us a specially written month by month forecast for the year.

Terrie’s perceptive monthly new and full moon insights on her website are immensely helpful [  ] but here you can read what she perceives as the vital issues that will arise during the current month – and some advice on how to deal with them.

Your Astrology for April, with Terrie Birch

In comparison to last month, you will be glad to hear that April is less full on, although not without its highlights and boiling points! We have finally finished with the Pluto/Uranus squares (although the ripples are still spreading and settling), and we have had the beginning of the astrological year in Aries alongside the New Moon and Spring Equinox on 20th.
Things are becoming less fiery and more settled and by the time we get to May, will feel much less intense and concentrated and we spend our time across more diverse pursuits rather than focusing mainly on one. The notable astrological events in April are a fiery Full Moon on 4th together with a Lunar Eclipse, Jupiter goes direct on 8th, Venus enters Gemini on 11th, Mercury enters Taurus on 14th, Pluto goes retrograde on 17th, New Moon in Aries on 18th, Sun enters Taurus on 20th.
Look before you leap, and think before you speak, would be wise counsel as we start the month. Thoughts come to mind and are out of the mouth before we have time to filter them; there is no ill-intention, if anything it is refreshingly honest, but not everyone will appreciate hearing things so straight!! This is particularly relevant on 1st when there are some tense aspects challenging us to assert ourselves amidst criticism and confusion. Tact and diplomacy are needed to curb the rashness and avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater!
If you’ve started a new project, habit or relationship since the New Moon, you can take advantage of a slower, more sustainable and grounded pace as Mars has just slipped into Taurus. If you found the excess of Aries planets in March made you feel like a hamster on a wheel or brought sleep reduced nights of mental alertness, you should now be able to relax and indulge yourself a little and recuperate your energy. After the sprint start we can enjoy the scenery as we jog along much more sedately.
The Full Moon on 4th offers more opportunities to practise our diplomacy skills, with the Moon in harmony and peace loving, working-in-partnership Libra in opposition to the Sun, Uranus, South Node and Mercury tightly grouped in fiery  and independent loving Aries. Can we express ourselves authentically rather than suppressing our true nature or withdrawing the contact to avoid the challenge? Expect the unexpected and go with the flow if opportunities arise. There is also a Lunar Eclipse a few minutes before, when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon.
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This follows on from the Solar Eclipse and New Moon of 20th March and is part of a process of releasing old emotional patterns; look out for links to issues that came up at the Solar Eclipse concerning self-expression. The past has made us who and what we are today; if we give thanks for the lessons and let go of negativity and blame we can use it to empower us to a positive future.
The Easter weekend has extra spice to add to the ingredients. Build some flexibility until your plans and be prepared for things to change to avoid frustrations which could mount. There is an easy flow, if we can tap into it, that will overcome stubbornness or refusal to change. Engaging a sense of humour and finding ways to have fun will lighten the mood. Fear and excitement are close companions and it is easier than we think to flip from one to the other.
Did you feel towards the end of last year that things were beginning to come right, opportunities were flowing and you were optimistic about the future? And then something changed, the opportunities dried up, your optimism waned leaving  you feeling down on your luck, struggling financially or generally feeling a lack of abundance in an area of your life for the last few months? If this resonates with you, there is good news, as things will start to get back on track after 8th April when Jupiter goes direct. Keep looking forward and do whatever you have to do to keep yourself and your dreams afloat until then. When the energy changes, you might initially feel a bit confused and unsure how to move forward again but this will soon clear and you can take whatever you have reviewed and refined over these last few months you remember your lessons and carry them forward to improve the original plans.
Tense undercurrents around the 11th bring up old wounds for release with opportunities to break emotional patternings from our past and also from our ancestral line. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, to do something that puts you in the lime light. Maybe your parents let their fears and need for security stop them from taking a risk and following a dream. Whether or not you act, it should be your decision and come from a position of strength not of weakness.
Venus entering Gemini on 11th heralds a desire for more variety and less need for security. Curiosity is raised and communication will be forefront in relationships. It can also bring a restless energy that can lead to boredom and a roaming eye, seeking something (deemed to be) more exciting! Remember, all that glistens is not gold. Another change comes with Mercury entering Taurus on 14th. More grounding, especially for the mind and although things might not seem quite so exciting and full on we can be more thorough with details, concentrate more and sustain our plans,
A combination of factors increase tensions from 16th up to the New Moon on 18th. The main one is Pluto turning retrograde on 17th and for the week before it will be virtually stationary; it could feel quite heavy and deeply reflective. Pluto spends approx half of the year retrograde so on one level we are used to this more internal energy and can use it to review what isn’t working, ready for release when it goes direct again. Pluto is about regeneration, the birth, death, rebirth cycle of the phoenix rising from the ashes and when we emerge from its depths into the light we can feel like we have been born anew. Mars and Jupiter are also squaring one another, with the Moon making both difficult and helpful aspects, making for an unpredictable and potentially emotive day when things could get out of hand, it’s a day of war or peace!
18th brings the New Moon in Aries and with it a small window of opportunity for a couple of days to start something original and innovative before the Sun enters Taurus on 20th. Self-employment suits the independent Aries nature so if you are thinking of going it alone work-wise, here is an opportunity for you to take, especially if you have done your homework beforehand and have a structure ready to put in place.  It might seem quite rash at the time but that might be exactly what is needed to help you step out of your comfort zone and take the risk.
When the Sun enters Taurus on 20th April, it joins Mars and Mercury there and brings practical and grounded help from this earthy sign to sustain and manifest plans. Taurus likes and needs security and can hang on to whatever makes him feel secure, so there can be a dislike of change and a tendency towards stubbornness in an attempt to hang on to things and people the way they are. Both the 21st and 22nd have really helpful influences and could be empowering days if the energies are used wisely.

After this, until the end of the month it is very much a mixed bag with challenging and beneficial aspects that could be deflating and confusing after the previous easy flow. Every cloud has a silver lining, would be the phrase to keep in mind when things get challenging. Look for the gift and keep the faith that things are on the right track and there is help at hand if you can step away from the detail and see the bigger picture.
All times are GMT
Terrie Birch is an International Astrologer based in Mid Devon, UK.
She is available for private consultations, in person, via Skype or ‘phone.
She also produces perceptive insights on the New and Full Moon on her website and Facebook page.

Trigonic Update
Over the last few months I noticed that the distinctive upside-down triangular Trigonic markings were disappearing from certain crystals that had been developing them. So I wasn’t surprised when, during a meditation to future lives, a workshop participant said, ‘the being in here is very sad and wants to go home.’
When Walter Bruneel first channelled the Trigonic crystals he reported that they were star beings who had become trapped on the Earth aeons ago. They had retreated into plasmic form and had just ventured out again as the Trigonics. Given that their stated aim was to help remove war from the Earth, it hadn’t escaped my attention that they were very unhappy with the state of things today. The number of conflicts is increasing, many going unreported especially when ethnically based.
   So, in the workshop we sent healing to the crystal and I opened a portal for the star being to return home. Many other Trigonic beings immediately headed for the portal too. Afterwards one of the participants asked if the stone could still be used for healing. It was looking incredibly bright and sparky and so the answer was a resounding yes. Although the star being had gone, the crystal retained its very high vibration and the crystal oversoul was still active.
   At home, I took out my big Trigonic, the one I use to communicate with the star beings, and surrounded it with all my Trigonics. A table full. About half of the crystals no longer had a star being but all radiated the high vibrational healing energy and soul connection I was familiar with.
So, if you are a Trigonic keeper, you may find that the star being has returned home. But the crystal will remain active and connected to all other Trigonics around the world. They will continue with their aim of dissolving war and in their other role as the extraordinary soul midwife crystal.

If you do not already own one of these magical crystals, see:


April Workshops

We'd love to see you!


Crystal Prescriptions: Combating Electromagnetic & Geopathic StressEvening Talk
  • Friday 24 April 2015,
  • St Columba Church,Chantry Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DJ

In this introductory talk Judy will tell us how these frequencies can disturb our biological clock, compromise immunity, disturb our overall wellbeing and how crystals can provide a solution. Her book will be available to purchase.

See more details at:

Past Life Crystals, All day workshop
  • Saturday, 25th April 2015,
  • Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Rd,Moseley, Birmingham B13 8AB

In this practical, hands-on workshop we will be exploring where you came from, the gifts you bring and your soul's purpose. This is not a workshop for anyone who has issues to resolve from their previous lives, rather it is intended to explore these connections and journey to find the gifts in our past experiences that will assist us to fulfil our present life soul purpose. See more at:

Crystal skulls mini-workshop and talk
  • Friday, 29 May
  • Chorley Village Hall, Knutsford Road, Chorley, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7SF
  • Cost: £15.00 including free skull
An opportunity to learn more about the mysterious skulls and how to work with them.

Arrival time is from 6.30pm, talk will be 7.00pm to 8.00pm and the evening will finish at 8.30pm. 

See more at:

The Crystal Medicine Wheel: journeying with shamanic Crystals
  • 30th May 2015
  • Chorley Village Hall, Knutsford Road, Chorley, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7SF
  • Cost: £140 including crystal pouch.

- See more at:

Further afield...

Limited places, book now:
The Greek Island Summer School 2015
– The Crystal Zodiac
  • Location: The Greek Island Summer School, Lefkas
  • Date(s): Monday 11th May 2015 for a week

The Summer School in Nidri, on the beautiful Ionian island of Lefkada, is the perfect study/holiday combination. Visit for further info and testimonials from the many students who have taken part over the last 14 years.

The Greek Island Summer School welcomes visiting and internationally acclaimed mind-body-spirit tutor and author Judy Hall. In this course Judy will be teaching how crystals and astrology can help you to understand and heal the past and move forward into the life your soul has planned. Suitable for all levels.

For further information or to reserve your place email Joanna on

- See more at:
And why not join us on:
Astrology and the Soul’s Journey
  • Monday, 13th July 2015 - Friday, 17th July 2015,
  • Hawkwood College, Painswick Old Road Stroud GL6 7QW

Karmic astrology shows us the credits and deficits, the lessons, skills and experiences that your soul has gained in previous lifetimes and brought into the present. Evolutionary astrology highlights the soul’s intention and purpose of the current lifetime. In this experiential, hands-on workshop, we will synthesise the two approaches to explore the journey of your soul through your birthchart, ritual, visualisation and insight. A knowledge of astrology would be helpful but an open mind and a willingness to explore freely and in depth is essential. Beginners are welcome.

Crystals specially attuned for you by me and many other goodies, including one-off jewellery pieces are available from . Information about the properties of the crystals can be found on angeladditions and also on

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