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Motorized Window Treatments:
Drapery, Blinds & Shades Just Got an Upgrade

Do you weary of opening and closing your drapery? Do you wish your blinds would adjust their positions at certain times of the day? What if your shades lowered and raised even when you weren't home, saving you money on your heating and electric bills?

Welcome to the life-changing convenience of motorized window treatments. Here are 3 ways motorization will make your life easier:

1 | Out-of-this-world Convenience

If you have windows that are hard to reach (or completely inaccessible) due to the layout of your home, your physical limitations, or pure inconvenience, equipping your window coverings with motorization will allow you to control them remotely or with the flip of a switch.

Your window treatments can also have scheduled "open" and "close" times, allowing you to wake up with the sun, avoid the afternoon glare, and protect your privacy at night--even when you aren't home.
2 | Completely Child-Safe 

Unlike traditional window treatments, motorized treatments don't have any dangling cords to tempt your children or grandchildren. Motorized treatments are safe and perfect for nurseries and children's rooms because of their built-in safety features and their ability to automatically close during your child's naptime.
3 | Always Discreet and Quiet
While the word "motor" implies noise, your motorized window treatments won't cause a racket. In fact, you'll barely hear the soft hum as they open, close, and adjust themselves.

The hardware required for motorization is sleek and hidden, allowing your beautiful window treatments to remain the focal point.
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