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Have you been following H.R. 5638: Solar Fuels Innovation Act as closely as we have? The Act, which passed through the U.S. House of Representatives this month, would increase research funding directed at solar fuels research to the tune of $75 million per year. 

We can't help but get excited about what this might mean for our members and collaborators whose fundamental research is moving us toward a carbon neutral world! However, as a consortium of members who are passionate about scaling solar fuels research to reach its potential, we see the explicit forbiddance of H.R. 5638 funding to be used toward commercialization efforts as a missed opportunity for the field. We are hopeful that through a unified effort to use databases such as the  SOFI Knowledge Map, designed and built to capture data, essential metrics and facts from publications and make them accessible to anyone, anytime, innovators around the world will have what they need to take these renewable energy technologies to market. 

Last, but certainly not least, Phase 1 of the SOFI Demo Project is underway! Check out the SOFI Blog for an update on our goal to produce methanol from carbon dioxide and hydrogen in the next couple of weeks! 

We'll see you in August!

The SOFI Team

Solar Fuels Innovation Act (H.R. 5638) 

Get our take on the $75 mln/ year budget that could dramatically increase the financial resources directed at solar fuels research. 


SOFI Demo Project: Phase 1 

Phase 1 of the Demo Project is underway! Within the next couple of weeks, SOFI should be able to produce methanol from carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2). 

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