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Hello Friends!

I would like to share something happening with our industry and our company. Since I'm a firm believer in transparency, I'd like you to hear it directly from me.
As you may know, TNNA (our industry's professional wholesale show and association) ceased operations on April 20. The TNNA show planned for this summer had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 virus—something I very much understand—and it was a great loss that forced the association to suspend operation. 
TNNA's goals have always been laudable. The volunteers who have served over the years donated their time and resources to create an association and produce shows that were beneficial to its members. Alas… for many reasons, it wasn't enough. For more details, see their statement online at
Personally, I'm very sad about this. I remember going to TNNA when I was in junior high and my folks ran a yarn shop in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. It was a big deal for us to go to the show and figure out what the shop would carry.
Later in life, I attended many TNNA shows—in my 30's as the marketing and website guy at Knitter's Magazine, STITCHES Events, and XRX Books… and again in my 40's as the CEO after my father retired. 
In the past few weeks, we at STITCHES Events were approached by some of the companies—suppliers and buyers—that have traditionally been a big part of TNNA. They asked us to consider adding a wholesale component before or after one of our existing consumer STITCHES Events. 
After much deliberation and internal discussions about the challenges this would pose—we realize not only could we do this but we want to do this. It is not our intention to replace the TNNA association but to give yarn companies and suppliers a wholesale venue where Local Yarn Shops can attend, be inspired, and purchase products and supplies. 
Will we provide an educational track? Absolutely!
Will we produce a fashion show? Of course! 
Will we require attendees to present industry/professional credentials? Certainly!

And we have more ideas—gathered from our 29-year history in producing consumer shows as well as our experience attending many wholesale quilting and sewing shows. We are also consulting long-standing TNNA members to benefit from their knowledge and experience, which we believe will help everyone be more successful at our new wholesale show. 
There are still many details to iron out, but we really believe the concept will work. So much so, that we have optioned dates in May 2021—just before STITCHES United.
Our hope is to offer exhibitor registration details and contracts for the May consumer show and wholesale show within the next 45 days. When we have more information, I will send out another email and post a statement on the company website.
We look forward to this exciting new challenge—and working together with you! 
If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me directly at
Thank you for your time and consideration.
All my best.

Benjamin Levisay
XRX, Inc.
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