This week's Eugene Sudbury School Newsletter on a Week Off, Workshop Day, Micro Farms, and more!
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Eugene Sudbury School Newsletter

We will all be taking a one week break starting May 17. We will be returning back to school on the 24th. Additionally, the last day of school for the 2015-2016 school year is June 17. 

We had Workshop Day! Students who wished to incubated chicks; a first step in partnering with Oregon Farm Academy to turn the land next to Sudbury's building into a micro farm for the community. Yoga was taught, and fun was had.

Now is the time of year when students enjoy outside water play with hoses and spray bottles. If that is something your child would like to partake in, please be sure to send them with an extra pair of clothes! 

Thank you Lisa for mowing our lawn! We all really appreciate it.

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