July Newsletter 2015
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Better Financial Reporting Practices for the Small Business CEO--Part 3

by Gregory Leiser, Pro Back Office Consulting CFO

This blog is the third in a series on financial reporting practices that have greatly improved Pro Back Office’s (PBO) clients' financial and operational results.

The last blog covered the contents of an ideal monthly financial statement workbook to give management a dashboard view of the business. 

This month I will cover the Operational Process Improvement list. This list includes the key business initiatives that drive the execution of a financial plan, improves performance and increases value of the company.

The following are some of the initiatives from the Operational Process List that I use with my clients.  They are to be reviewed in our weekly or monthly meetings:  

See the list here...

7 Dos and Don'ts for Managing Work-from-Home Employees

By Gene Marks, SmallBiz Ahead, powered by The Hartford

An employee knocks on your door and asks, “Can I work from home?” “Oh gosh,” you think to yourself. Another one?

Yeah, another one. Everyone wants to work from home nowadays.

But she’s a good employee. You like her. She’s worked long and hard at the company. She wants to work from home because she has a two-year-old and finding daycare has been tough. But the reason doesn’t really matter. Everyone has reasons why they want to work from home – too long of a commute, a sick relative, a better timetable, an open plan workplace where it’s tough to concentrate, a love of “The Ellen Show” – and no one person’s reasons are any less important than another’s. Working from home is very common nowadays. And you can make this happen for her, and others who make the same request. So say YES to the young lady who wants to work from home! But take heed of these do’s and don’ts for managing work-from-home employees…Read More

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 Nanomedical Diagnostics June Newsletter 2015

President Obama has proposed signing an executive order that would convert 5 million workers from exempt employees to hourly employees entitled to overtime, meal breaks, and rest breaks. Read on to find out what this means for employers: 

Provided by Sam Sherman, Esq.
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