March Newsletter 2016
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What are the risks in not having segregation of duties in the accounting department?

by Jennifer Barnes, PBO CEO & Co-Founder

The risks of a one-man shop 
It’s astonishing how so many companies put their accounting and bookkeeping needs in the hands of one individual. Given all the information we have about fraud in the accounting department you would think business owners would better understand the value of segregation of duties. In order to safeguard one of your biggest assets, your money, you should create systems and internal controls in your accounting department to protect you from fraud and theft.


Interview with CentrexIT CEO, Erik Rockwell

by Amber Arnold, PBO Staff Accountant

CentrexIT Eric Rockwell’s expert advise on preventing electronic device vulnerability both at work and at home.
Q: VTech experienced a hack into their children’s electronic toys late last year,  which allowed kids to take pictures, play games, and send messages. What type of attack occurred and how did it happen?
A:I would call this attack a Vulnerability Attack. The hacker found a vulnerability in the companies photo board and was able to retrieve information from hundreds of consumers.
Q: What type of consumer data was accessible through the hack?
A: The attack that occurred is a great example of the overall danger that consumers face. Devices that connect to the internet, we truly have no idea of what is secure and what is not secure. The data that was compromised through the hack was: photos (adult and children photos), logins, passwords, security questions to retrieve passwords, home IPN addresses, videos, home addresses, and credit card information.

Does Your Brewery Have a Capacity Expansion Plan?

by Greg Leiser, PBO Consulting CFO

For the fast growing brewery, a valuable document to have is a capacity plan that forecasts the required capacity for the brewery operations at increasing production levels over the next three to five years.   The plan shows the utilization of the existing capacity as well as when additional production capacity is required. The primary capacity areas to consider are:  
  • Brew system batch size capacity in BBLs
  • Number of batch cycles that can be practically done in a month 
  • Fermenter capacity for the cycle time duration of the different beer styles 
  • Cold room storage capacity
  • Number of kegs on-hand and at customers 
  • Malt silo size in pounds of malt
  • Delivery capacity in terms of delivery vehicles and drivers for regions direct distributing
  • Physical space to handle additional fermenters, cold storage rooms and cellar workflow
  • The packaged beer inventory required to support near-term growth
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Friends and family are a great resource for support and knowledge, but that doesn't mean you should use them for your business accounting.

Even if you have a friend or family member that is a professional in accounting or finance, it can be a grey area to work with them. PBO can help you keep things professional and save relationships. Give us a call today and lets discuss how our team of Superstars can help you. Contact us at or 858.622.1681.

About Pro Back Office

Pro Back Office (“PBO”) gives you access to highly skilled finance and accounting talent. We have more than 45 professionals in our San Diego office and serve clients throughout the Pacific Southwest region.  Our back office management and project consulting professionals offer expertise in all aspects of finance and accounting from the bookkeeping role to the CFO. 
The three partners of PBO – Jennifer Barnes, Mike Ford and Scott Palka – bring a combined 70+ years of finance, accounting and business consulting experience.  Many of our team members have Big 4 experience in audit and consulting.  PBO’s client base covers many industries including: manufacturing, construction & development, real estate, food & beverage, medical device & life science, non-profit, professional services, healthcare, technology and software.  Our model provides a comprehensive and personalized solution for your finance, accounting and consulting needs by giving you support at varying levels. PBO aims to push work down to the lowest level resource in a cost effective and efficient manner.  Please visit our website at for more information.

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