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October 28, 2015
Jase Heap
Jase Heap

Hi <<First Name>>,

In this week's newsletter, read about the speeches and presentations at Sacramento Freethought Day. And find a new resource for nontheists wanting to express themselves to politicians.

Can atheists help foster kids? Can employers discriminate against us? Learn about recent pushes and successes.

And Boston gets a new secular oasis. Read all about it!

Jase Heap, Executive Director
United Coalition of Reason

New Secular Oasis Makes Boston Great(er)!

Michael Spencer
The Greater Boston Oasis brings communities together.

Using the same toolkit as churches, they manage to bring the community and fellowship of a church...just without that pesky dogma!

Generous to the CoR(e)!

Jase Heap
Meet the man behind the initiative to make atheists a protected class in Connecticut.

24 Karat Gold Secular Conference Held in Sacramento

Susan M. Corbett
UnitedCoR's Jase Heap recently spoke in Sacramento alongside other national secular figures.

Ironically, Focus on the Family's 'Bring Your Bible to School Day' helped advertise Sacramento Freethought Day.

Freethought: The First Step of a Growing Mind

Jase Heap
United CoR's own Susan M. Corbett addressed her first audience at the Sacramento Freethought Day event.

See what she had to say! How does the perception of the word atheist differ in the US and in the UK?

Rock the Boat When You Rock the Vote

Jase Heap
New website Atheist Voter is set to hold politicians accountable!

Win in Kentucky Court Over Advocacy For Foster Kids

After a years-long court battle, a Kentucky Atheist group was awarded oversight over a Christian foster care agency.

What does this mean for the children being cared for?