It's back-to-school season.
Is your community ready?

If you are a secular parent, educator, or feel passionately about the secular character of public schools, this CoR issue is for you. 

Confronting church-state violations in your schools:

How do I know a violation when I see one?

Report a church-state violation:

  • American Atheists. Report a violation here.
  • American Humanist Association. Report a violation to the Appignani Humanist Legal Center here. AHA is also keeping a close eye on coerced recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance through their Don't Say the Pledge Campaign
  • Center for Inquiry. Report a violation by contacting the Center for Inquiry's Legal Director Nick Little at  
  • Freedom from Religion Foundation. Report a violation here 
  • Secular Student Alliance. Report a violation here.

Action your community can take now:

Are your members concerned about Brett Kavanaugh's nomination? At your next meeting, share this fact sheet to educate them on his record and encourage them to take action by calling their Senators

Kavanaugh will not uphold key Supreme Court rulings that help ensure our public schools are secular and inclusive. For example, he wrote an amicus brief defending the imposition of prayers upon students in Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe (2000).

Additionally, Kavanaugh wants to funnel taxpayer money from our secular public schools to private religious schools. Kavanaugh defended a Florida school voucher program that would have sent public money into the coffers of church schools. The Florida Supreme Court struck down the unconstitutional program but Kavanaugh has not deviated from his decades-old desire to send public money to church-run schools. Forward this Action Alert to your members and urge them to call their Senators to oppose Kavanaugh. 

Upcoming webinars for secular organizers:

How to Recruit and Retain Young People in your Local Secular Group
Presented by Kevin Bolling, Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance
September 20 at 7:30 pm eastern time

Register for this webinar here.
Messaging on Medical-Aid-in-Dying
Presented by Corinne Carey, New York State Campaign Director of Compassion & Choices
September 18, 11:00 am eastern time

Register for this webinar here.
Succession Planning for Local Secular Groups
Presented by Nicholas Carrillo, Campus Organizer at the Secular Student Alliance, and Kennisha Entsminger, president of the Secular Student Alliance chapter at Iowa State University
September 25, 2:00 pm eastern time

Register for this webinar here.
In case you missed it! 
Listen to the recording of our recent "How to Run a Secular Invocation Program" webinar by secular organizers, David and Jocelyn Williamson, co-founders of the Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC).

Program Spotlight

Resource Spotlight

The Center for Inquiry's Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science (TIES) program provides middle school teachers the tools they need to effectively teach evolution and answer its critics based on new Next Generation Science Standards.

Is teaching evolution controversial in your area? Direct concerned parents to TIES for resources they can share with their children's science teacher, or use to teach evolution at home. If your members are science teachers, encourage them to
join the TIES Teacher Corps or share their own evolution lesson plans.

Do you have students in your group, or parents with children in high school or college? Check out the resources Secular Student Alliance offers students here.

Do yo
u have members who are professors or faculty at a school? If so, direct them to these resources. They can make a big difference by serving as an advisor to an existing group, or helping a new secular student group get started.
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