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Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona
Chiricahua National Monument in southeastern Arizona is one of those hidden gems of the National Park Service (it's a national monument administered by the NPS) that will truly allow you to "get away". Known as 'the land of the standing rocks' Chiricahua offers great scenic photography of thousands of eroded rock formations, good wildlife opportunities and numerous short trails and/or overlooks which you'll have all to yourself. My favorite short hike is the 3.2 mile hike to Big Balanced Rock.  

This shot was taken along the Big Balanced Rock trail just after the sun came up and provided me with nice warm light. Visit Chiricahua anytime this spring, when the weather is nice and you can photograph without anyone else around.  
Promotion of my Yellowstone Tour

This month's promotion is my Yellowstone National Park Photo Tour, June 18-22, 2016, based out of Canyon Village, within the park itself.

Yellowstone is certainly a place that all photographers should experience at least once. The problem is that the park is HUGE and certainly overwhelming to anyone who doesn't know it well. Enter me and my photo tour. I know this park very well and since your time is limited, when you travel with me and my small group of like-minded folks you'll be sure to get into the right spot at the right time.

Plus we'll have a ton of fun and learn lots of photography tricks from each other as well. Not only that but I've secured lodging this year for my group INSIDE the park, which isn't easy to do. 

Click on the photo or the link, or call me at 303-906-5102 if you'd like to discuss this tour or if you have any questions about it. Don't hesitate, the time is now if you've ever wanted to see and photograph Yellowstone properly.

Don's Photo Advice - Cold Weather Tips
We still have a month or more of cold winter weather and since I know you want great winter shots like this Red Fox in the snow, use these easy hints to make your winter photo life much easier.
  • Keep yourself, and most importantly, your hands warm so that you can actually function when you get presented with a winter opportunity. I saw this Red Fox in the Tetons on a day when the temperature was -9 degrees Fahrenheit. I use light gloves inside thick mittens with a chemical hand warmer inside to keep my hands functioning.
  • Avoid frost on your camera and more importantly, your lens by avoiding breathing on them. I use a balaclava or scarf pulled over my mouth and nose so that these absorb my breath instead.
  • Expose for the brightest snow and let all other tonalities 'fall into place'. Snow in the sun should have detail and lots of snow glints. Snow on an overcast day doesn't have any detail but it should still be nice and white in your images.
  • Keep extra batteries warm next to your body in an inside jacket or pants pocket. Batteries die quickly in the cold.
  • When returning to a heated room put your camera in a plastic bag and insulate it with a blanket so it warms up slowly and any condensation forms on the bag, not the gear.  
Anya's Pick

This image of mine, chosen by Anya to showcase here, shows a local woman working on her small river boat in Tam Coc, Vietnam.

About this photo Anya says...

"We got to Tam Coc early in the morning by motorbike while traveling in Vietnam. Boat owners were gathering gear or completing last minute preparations for the day. Don and I were first to get our tickets and head out onto the scenic river with the boat owners. They use their feet to row tourists down the river. For a few hours we continuously passed by super scenic scenery, and Don photographed everything the entire time."

We show lots of travel images and tell lots of stories in our new book "A Photographer's Eye and A Traveler's Heart"
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