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Death Valley, California 
Death Valley National Park is the largest national park in the lower 48 states, and it makes for a great scenic photography destination. We've all heard about the drought in California but with a strong El Nino weather pattern shaping up this year, the state just might get some moisture this winter. If winter storms do bring rain to Death Valley, then the spring can be spectacular with awesome wildflower displays. Of course even without flowers, Death Valley is great for landscape photography. One of my favorite places (and certainly off the beaten path) is "the Devil's Racetrack" pictured here. This is where large rocks move across a dried up lake bed and create evidence of their unlikely movement in the form of trails.  

For this shot I wanted to emphasize the size of the rocks that can move here and the trail that can result from that movement. I got low with a wide-angle lens to do that. 
Promotion of my Tuscany Photo Tour

This month's promotion is my Tuscany Cultural Photo Tour, May 3-12, 2016, based out of Florence and Pienza, Italy.

Tuscany is one of the most wonderful places in the world and I simply love taking folks to my favorite locations in the area. Many people have this region on their 'bucket list' and now is your time to experience it and to do it right, with a small group and led by an expert, fun leader. My awesome cultural photo tour will finally get you there to photograph the best of this region on a tour that everyone raves about.

My tour is a GREAT value. I include 9 nights of lodging and ground transportation in the tuition so you only need to get yourself to Florence, Italy and I'll take care of you from there.

Click on the photo or the link, or call me at 303-906-5102 if you'd like to discuss this tour or if you have any questions about it. Don't hesitate, the time is now if you've ever wanted to see Tuscany.

Contact me today if you are interested. I only have 3 spaces left open!

Don's Photo Tip - Get Low for Wildlife
People get excited to see and photograph wildlife. Most want to take the easy way out and photograph from a standing position- but not you because you read my newsletters. You'd rather get something better.
  • Viewers of your wildlife photos will feel a much better connection to the shot if you photograph from the subjects eye level.
  • Obviously longer telephoto lenses not only let you keep a safe distance but also have a narrow angle of view which makes things easier. You don't actually have to be at water's level to make it look like a duck photo was taken at eye level with say, a 600mm lens. But get low anyway!
  • For small mammals, reptiles and such which are on the ground, you simply must photograph from your knees or even your belly.
  • Birds, climbing mammals and those animals that can and do go up onto rocks, branches, etc. make life easier for us because then they can be photographed perhaps without being on your belly.   
  • Get a pair of knee pads or a simple ground cloth to make things a bit easier and to ensure that you WILL get low when you spot something cute like a baby sea lion on a Galapagos beach (photo at left).  
Anya's Pick

This image of mine, chosen by Anya to showcase here, shows the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada.

About this photo Anya says...

"We went to Waterton Lakes National Park in 2013 and spent 4 totally cloudy days trying to get a nice image of this cool hotel. That never happened. We returned in 2015 and the light cooperated for Don one morning and he got this shot. It was strange to us that in 2013 we never saw the sun but we did see more than 12 bears. In 2015 we saw lots of sun...and no bears. Waterton Lakes is a beautiful park either way."
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