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Provence, France 
The Provence region of southern France has an astounding variety of landscapes, but it is probably most famous for the endless fields of lavender dotting the area. We visited in July when the purple blooms were at their peak. I loved driving our rental car into the countryside and just 'getting lost' on the winding back roads, all the while keeping an eye out for scenes such as the one shown here. Entire fields of vibrant yellow sunflowers were often scattered among equally colorful fields of lavender. And very often, both colors were gorgeous foreground material for quaint hill towns that almost begged to be explored. If you ever get a chance to visit this area, Anya and I heartily recommend it.

For this shot I wanted nothing but lavender and one lone tree below a perfectly blue sky. I had to position my camera carefully to avoid electric lines and other distractions. Shot with a Canon 6D camera and Tamron 28-300mm lens
Promotion of my Coast of Italy (Cinque Terre) Photo Tour

This month's promotion is my Cinque Terre Cultural Photo Tour, May 12-20, 2016, based out of Lerici and Manarola (Cinque Terre), Italy.

You've all probably heard of Italy's famous Cinque Terre region, and rightly so, as this area is stunning in all respects. My wonderful cultural photo tour will finally get you there to experience the best of this region in a small group setting with a professional, experienced leader.

A wonderful coastline, impossibly situated villages, sunsets and of course Italian culture, cuisine and wine will greet us as we spend 9 days along the Mediterranean Sea. I include 8 nights of lodging and ground transportation in the tuition so you only need to get yourself to Italy and I'll take care of you from there.

Click on the photo or link above or call me 303-906-5102 if you'd like to discuss this tour or if you have any questions about it.

Contact me today if you are interested. I only have 2 spaces left open!

Don's Photo Tip - Wide-angle lens use
When people first get a wide-angle lens they look through it and are excited because it 'sees' so much. This is a great feature but also a challenge that must be dealt with. If not used correctly your wide-angle lens just makes scenes boring.
  • Wide-angle lenses make everything small. See that huge mountain? Point your wide-angle at it and the mountain becomes miniscule. Be aware of this and use it to your advantage.
  • Wide-angle lens scenes NEED an interesting foreground. Find grasses, rocks, flowers, lines, or patterns that help support the background. Then get close to this foreground and frame up something interesting.
  • Wide-angles generally need lots of depth of field (and they offer and allow this). Use F/16 or F/22 as your aperture. A tripod is necessary!
  • When we talk of hyperfocal focusing it ONLY applies to wide-angle lenses. Use a chart or phone app to find out where to focus within the scene- again, get close to your foreground.  
  • Use your depth of field preview button and/or take multiple shots and 'stack' them together later in order to get everything within your scene sharp.    
Anya's Pick

This image of mine, chosen by Anya to showcase here, shows a tiny piece of the Dalmation coast in Croatia.

About this photo Anya says...

"We were driving our rental car on the island of Brac in Croatia and we had only a vague idea about where we were exactly, we just knew we wanted to go north. When we came over a hill and saw this scene, Don pulled over immediately and we soon forgot where we had even planned to go. The blue water and tiny little beach with its chapel, made a pretty scene that kept Don busy photographing for some time."
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