#HoosierHemp | April 2017
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Indiana Hemp Industries Association (INHIA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade group and state chapter affiliate of the Hemp Industries Association. Our mission is to promote the research and development of industrial hemp products and foster industry development within the state of Indiana.
Indiana Hemp Industries Association has been busy gearing up for Hemp History Week & our upcoming events in April. Thank you to Indiana's own, Real Hemp, for sponsoring the nationwide campaign! 


Hoosier Hemp News


The Indiana Hemp Industries Association (INHIA) is working to start a hemp-focused chapter under the Indiana Farmers Union (INFU). This will be in addition to INHIA, a team effort. The collaboration is key to expanding and strengthening our foundation within Indiana. INFU can offer funding, legislative, and educational support and opportunities to its chapters. Anybody is welcome!

The Indiana Farmers Union is a grassroots organization that works to protect the social and economic well-being of family farmers throughout the Hoosier state. INFU is now at a very pivotal moment and wants to bring on new board members, implement new programs, and find ways to support our state’s family farmers. In a nutshell, INFU is in support of industrial hemp, pro-environmental conservation, pro-sustainable agriculture, in support of country of origin labeling, against monopolies and concentration in agriculture, and more. They want to grow their membership, make others aware of the many offerings of INFU, and with increased numbers they will have more power at the Statehouse, as well as in Washington, D.C. Essentially, the more active they are as a state, the more funding they will receive from National Farmers Union (which has approximately 250,000 members nationwide), and the more voice they have on issues that are important to us. INFU would love to have a hemp-focused chapter be one of the first chapters formed under our organization. They want to support and stand behind our efforts and add advocacy support to INHIA whenever they can. 

Click here to join the Indiana Farmer’s Union. Once you have established your membership, please notify Michelle at immediately, so that we can add your name to the chapter. Once we have more than 10 people, we will be deemed a chapter and will begin communication and organization efforts immediately. JOIN US in this exciting endeavour!!

INHIA @ Purdue Small Farms Conference

On March 3rd and 4th, INHIA participated in our fourth Indiana Small Farms Tradeshow. We had the opportunity to meet with farmers, educators and other conference attendees to talk about hemp as a viable component for diversified agriculture in Indiana.  Purdue Extension Educators and their members understand the importance of diversified agriculture for the future of Hoosiers, to include industrial hemp.  Mark your calendar for the first weekend in March 2018 so you can join us for the 6th Annual Indiana Small Farms, hosted by Purdue Extension.  For more information, go to
INHIA Founder, Jamie Petty, shows off a car door panel made from hemp fibers. She explains how hemp materials are biodegradable and can increase fuel efficiency since they weigh about 30 percent less than currently used materials. FlexForm Technologies, Indiana manufacturer, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on shipping expenses to import hemp and other natural fibers grown in Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

KYHIA Conference

INHIA Executive Director, Jessica Scott, visited the KYHIA annual conference along with Agricultural Coordinator Marty Mahan. The conference revealed the close knit community of the industry in Kentucky while demonstrating a need for collaboration nation-wide through research efforts on a large scale. Research within the State of Kentucky was presented and explained by various universities participating in the state wide program under the guidance of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Some of the research done touched on the subjects of biofuel potential, planting best practices, hemp based building materials and other necessary studies for better information on the industrial hemp plant. A brief legislative summary was given to attendees by Hoban Law Group and Colleen Keahey, Executive Director of HIA.
Photo By: Kentucky HIA

Sunstrand Inc. Site Visit

INHIA Executive Director, Jessica Scott, and VP of Bose Mckinney Public Affairs Group accompanied Connie Neinenger, ISDA Economic Development Director on a site visit to Sunstrand Inc. located in Louisville, KY. Sunstrand CEO, Trey Riddle, demonstrated fiber technologies developed for various clients using hemp fiber and hemp fiber blends. Finished products included those applicable across various industries including building, home furnishing and manufacturing. The visit included a tour of the large production facility where Sunstrand successfully processes fibers for various clients, supplying from local sources throughout the state of Kentucky. Sunstrand works with farmers on various sized farms and in many different positions to provide economic opportunity for farmers and support the entire State’s economy.
Photo By: Jessica Scott.
Pictured above is a finished product from Sunstrand using hemp fibers.

NOCO4 Expo

Jessica Scott attended NOCO4 Expo in Loveland, Colorado on March 31-April 1. The Expo featured national brands and companies supporting the hemp industry from research support, production services to end users. The two day event featured keynote speakers, seminars and workshops that educated on hemp from genetics to production and consumer products. “My favorite part was seeing the industry come together to support such a large event. Some events I attend I get excited to see a few hemp brands and end up spending a lot of time on advocacy and educating people I meet. When you are in a place where mostly everyone has a base level education on hemp, the conversations tend to dive a little deeper and become more challenging- which I love,” said Jessica Scott.

FARMBloomington 4/20 Hemp Infused Dinner 

On Thursday, April 20th INHIA Team member’s Jessica Scott and Jamie Campbell Petty attended FARMbloomington’s 4/20 dinner. The dinner was a special feature for the April edition of their Gourmet Club.

INHIA business members, Real Hemp LLC and Foods Alive donated the hemp products featured in the multi-course menu. Food ranging from hemp-centric appetizers, one of a kind hemp sauces and hemp infused dessert were served to the sold out crowd. Elbow to elbow, delighted guests sat and contemplated many things, including the origin of 4/20’s meaning and hemp’s incredible versatility as a delicious superfood! To see the full menu click here. The event was broadcasted via Facebook live by Hemp History Week.

FARMbloomington restaurant’s monthly Gourmet Club occurs on the third Thursday of each month and is dedicated to exploring culinary themes. “Since April’s night falls on 4.20, it is a natural time to highlight one of Indiana’s most unique crops,” says Chef Daniel Orr. “We’re having fun with associations to bring awareness of the many delicious uses of hemp.”

FARMbloomington is owned by Chef Daniel Orr. Chef Orr  is the co-host of the Earth Eats radio show which includes several recipes including Indiana Hemp for this season. A new Earth Eats cookbook is now available. To find out more about Earth Eats click here. For full information on Chef Daniel Orr click here.

If you weren't able to make it, don't fret. There are more delicious evenings in the works for Hemp History Week!

Hemp History Week, June 5 - 11, is right around the corner! Is there a grocery store or community center in your area where you could display hemp products & discuss hemp's benefits? If you have somewhere in mind, please sign up here to host an event. We can help you plan! Contact Michelle at for more information. If you would like to volunteer at an INHIA event that week, email us!


Upcoming Events

Indy VegFest

Saturday, April 29th

INHIA will have a booth at Indy VegFest. This is an all vegan event, BUT you don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to attend! We want omnivores to come out and experience first-hand just how good vegan food can be, in a judgment-free environment. Click here for more info about Indy VegFest. 

Hemp History Week

Events (dates & locations TBA)

You can find all registered Hemp History Week events here. Submissions added daily.


Member Spotlight

A Team With A Passion For Hemp

Real Hemp LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stevia Corp, is dedicated to the socially responsible growth, harvest, processing and distribution of the highest quality hemp products available. Real Hemp serves the food, cosmetic and fiber industries and has the capability to provide raw, semi-processed, and processed hemp products. Real Hemp also works with an expert panel of doctors and researchers to supply the highest quality cannabinoid extracts.

Utilizing the latest technologies and working with its global partner network, Real Hemp is able to provide customized solutions for numerous hemp needs. Clean and green, from production to consumption and everything in between, Real Hemp is dedicated to providing the highest quality hemp products on the global market.


Whether you eat hemp daily or have yet to try it, purchase from a local business! Foods Alive, an INHIA business member, is located in Waterloo, Indiana. They offer 15% off all hemp products at when you use the code "INHIA" at checkout! Adding hemp to your diet will help keep you and your family healthy!

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