Michael here again (👋), Chief of Staff + Head Coach at Heroic.

This note will be shorter than the one we sent you recently, where we outlined the three actions we’d love for you to take by the end of week 1. 

Today, we’d love to tell you more about Live Coaching in the Heroic Dojo. 

Live Coaching in the Heroic Dojo

Up to 10x each month, typically throughout the first three weeks of every month, we have the opportunity to virtually connect for Live Coaching with Brian, me, Optimize co-founder Alexandra, or one of our brilliant Luminary Guest Faculty members in our Soul Force Forge. ⚡  

(For more on why we call it a Soul Force Forge, check out this +1.)

→ Live Coaching Calls are a GREAT way to connect with the community plus get personal feedback on applying the program to YOUR life. ← 

These Live Coaching sessions are optional (but highly encouraged!) chances to move more deeply from Theory to Practice to Mastery and APPLY the Heroic protocol and philosophy to our lives.

All Live Coaching calls involve — you guessed it! — live coaching. 

And, in Coaching with Luminaries sessions, our Luminary Guest Faculty also share world-class insights in their respective domains of expertise, as well as teach us a Coaching Tool (or two!) that we can apply to ourselves and those around us.

You can always find the most up-to-date information on Live Coaching calls, as well as links to join all sessions, on your Coach Dashboard. 

Starting in Week 1, we’ll send you you an email each week that provides a a preview of what’s on tap for the week, and a recap of what happened the week prior. 

To join any Live Coaching calls, you’ll need to download the most up to date version of Zoom, and then create an account. 

Once you join the call, please update your Zoom name to: FIRST LAST C12. (For example, Michael Balchan C12 (for Class XII)

You can add our live coaching calendar to your calendar by clicking here

And, to read our Community Guidelines, please see here.


Hope to see YOU in the Heroic Dojo soon. 

Let’s. Do. This!!!

-Michael and Team Heroic

P.S. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received, and their corresponding answers. 

(Note: We’ll cover additional questions the months ahead!) 

Since signing up, has anything changed with what I have available to me?
Yes! You now have access to the Coach Dashboard which houses Module O along with some recordings of previous live and luminary coaching calls, as well as some coaching tools. 

Will the friend I select have the same access and opportunities as me?

I chose the optional upgrade to become a Heroic Member. When do I gain access to that?
You can download for Heroic for your device using this link

(Please note: The Heroic Coach program cannot be accessed in the new Heroic App, but CAN be accessed via the Optimize by Heroic App

Are all modules 2+ hours long?
No! Module O is the longest Module as it is an overview of the entire program. 

Most are 45-75 minutes long. 

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