Multipeers4Fleets was presented at Supply Chain Meeting and it was a success case! 
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Multipeers presents new website

IT PEERS seeks to be aware of the new trends and works to innovate not only the product but also its presentation. For this reason, the company has developed a new website for Multipeers. It's a more interactive, functional and intuitive website.

The new website was developed to meet the needs of today's market and it’s an important step in the evolution of the Multipeers brand. It was developed focusing on the user, presenting a simple structure with an appealing design.

The new website aims to be a platform for communication with customers, partners, stakeholders and society in general.
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Multipeers4Fleets was presented at Supply Chain Meeting

Multipeers4Fleets was presented at the Supply Chain Meeting, an event that took place on April 4 and 5 in Vila Franca de Xira, a city next to Lisbon. The Supply Chain Meeting is an event organized by the Logística Moderna Magazine and focuses on Logistics and Transportation. The objective of the 8th edition of the event that is being held as "the largest Logistics Conference in Portugal" is to facilitate relations between companies operating in these sectors.
Multipeers4Fleets, a product that results of a partnership between IT PEERS and Alberto Neves Consultores, was a success among those who passed through our stand. Multipeers4Fleets is a Business Activity Monitoring tool that allows you to add all the information about the business status (financial and management indicators) and the state of each vehicle in the fleet (level of consumption, stopping periods, among others) in one place (Desktop and Mobile).
One of the most acclaimed features of Multipeers4Fleets was the ability to set alerts that inform you whenever a situation requires your attention. 
This event was very important for Multipeers4Fleets because it allowed to present the brand, to establish contacts, to find synergies with other companies of the sector and to work in business opportunities.
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IT PEERS presents new partner in Brazil

Brazil is one of the priority markets for IT PEERS in 2017. For this reason, we continue working towards establishing business partnerships with companies with which it’s possible to find synergies.

IT PEERS is proud to announce a new partnership in Brazil, more concretely in São Paulo. KAL TI is a company specialized in creating solutions that optimize complex processes of management, migration, database modernization, Big Data, multisystem and multiplatform data integration and synchronization (360 degree view), data monetization, business intelligence, data warehousing and migration of systems to the cloud.

"By adding this solution to our portfolio we are able to meet today's and new customers that need immediate answers for quick decision-making. With Multipeers we have an innovative BAM solution that will leave us closer to our customers", says Fábio Nascimento, CEO of KAL TI.

For Jorge Santos Silva, Latin America Business Director of IT PEERS, KAL TI's participation in the official distribution network of the company is in line with the strategy of "finding specialized partners who help to defend the brand and to penetrate in segments where products are more competitive". The expectations regarding this partnership are the best. "I'm fully convinced that we will create very positive synergies and leverage mutual business in the very short term," adds Jorge Santos Silva.
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The problem of data volume for companies

The constant increase in data volume (also known as Big Data) in companies is increasingly a challenge for information technology professionals. In large companies, the volume of data can increase by more than 50% per year. Today, the biggest challenge for businesses is to find the best way to use the data to get relevant and applicable information. Check out some essential tips to deal with this problem in the best possible way!

Ongoing training of IT teams
The growth in the volume of data requires that companies are able to find professionals capable of managing and analyzing this data in order to act in a relevant way to the business. Work teams nowadays should be more specialized and aware of the need to protect information. It’s therefore essential to train the teams so that they are always updated. 

Make data sharing easier
Companies are increasingly concerned about providing the right information to the right person at the most appropriate time. Data storage in the Cloud is increasingly a trend in the business world, ensuring secure access to information from anywhere in the world and through any device. Storing information in the cloud makes easier to process a growing amount of data and greatly reduces costs with technology.

Delete what is not really necessary
Preserving data by creating backup files is a recurring technique in the most of companies. However, there is no real need to keep dozens of copies of the same file on the storage system. The concept of "deduplication" is a reduction of data by eliminating repeated files in the system. 

Prefer a good architecture of data storage
You should invest time in researching data storage solutions in order to find the ideal one for your business. A careful choice will avoid the need for constant updates and successive data migrations. You should always analyze the pros and cons not only in the immediate, but above all in the long-term. 
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