What changes in companies with the new data protection law?
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Multipeers introduces a new functionality
The Multipeers team is constantly working to make the product better and more complete, in order to respond to all the needs presented by our customers. After an exhaustive study, we are pleased to announce a new and important Multipeers functionality: from now on, it will possible to build metrics and alerts with calculated and cross-data from different sources.
Multipeers has already made it possible to gather the data coming from the most diverse systems in one place. However, data interconnection wasn’t possible. With the addition of this new functionality, you can collect data from different sources and then, on them, perform calculations and supplement information.
During the month of January Multipeers 2.7 will be released, which, among other improvements, contains this new functionality. Stay tuned!
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Datapeers and the new data protection law
On 4 May 2016, a general regulation on Data Protection was published in the official Journal of the European Union. This new regulation repeals the current legislation on the protection of personal data, published in 1995, when internet access was not yet widespread. The main objective of this regulation is to protect the privacy of citizens, giving priority to ensure the free movement of personal data in the European Union. This new regulation aims to find answers to the challenges posed by the technological evolution that has happened in recent years.
This new regulation brings a large increase in the value of the fines imposed on companies that don’t comply with the law. At present, the maximum fine imposed on companies that don’t comply with data protection requirements is around 30 thousand euros. Under the new regulation, the maximum fine amounts to EUR 20 million or 4% of the company's annual worldwide turnover.
The new law also brings new concepts: the right to forgetfulness and the right to portability of data. The right to forgetfulness concerns the guarantee of blocking your personal data. The right to portability allows citizens to transfer the data provided to a company or a public entity to another company or entity. In this way, companies and entities are obliged to provide citizens, in an automatic reading format, with the data that were previously made available.
With the application of this new regulation, Datapeers becomes an essential tool for companies and entities that deal with personal data, giving them a secure mechanism to guarantee their privacy and to avoid the huge fines that the regulation entails.
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Euroamerican School of Monterrey chooses Multipeers as management system

The education sector is a key sector for Multipeers and is one of the sectors on which we have carried out more studies. That's why we proudly announce that the Euroamerican College of Monterrey, in Mexico, selected Multipeers as its management system. This business results from a joint work with our Partner Interactiva, and it’s the result of a strong investment in the area of ​​education in the last few months. We believe that this new client will be challenging for us and, as the pioneering customer in the field of education, it will certainly require an increased effort from the Multipeers team. Working closely with our client, we intend to obtain the necessary and specific knowledge so that in the future we will be able to present a Multipeers solution 100% adapted to the area of ​​education. "We are in the beta test phase and we wish to have the solution completed in the first quarter of 2017. We are fully confident that this verticalization will be the sales accelerator that we need to have positive results in 2017", said Jorge Santos Silva, IT PEERS Regional Manager of Latin America.
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Cloud Computing Trends for 2017

The implementation of public, private and hybrid clouds will accelerate in 2017, as more and more CIOs want to take advantage of economies of scale powered by those platforms, says a study by Forrester. In the last five years, cloud computing has helped many companies to transform their processes but experts in the field claim we are now entering a new phase. The same study by Forrester reports that 38 percent of more than 1,000 infrastructure managers in the United States and Europe said that they were building private clouds, while 32 percent acquired public clouds and 59 percent are adopting a hybrid cloud model.
It’s estimated that in 2017 the global public cloud market will exceed 146 billion dollars, having an annual growth value of around 22%. Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM represent the largest slice of growth by opening new data centers and agreements with local vendors.
In this new year, Hyperconvergent Infrastructure (HCI) solutions promise greater support by providing pre-integrated processing and storage capabilities that can help organizations execute their Cloud deployments faster. Forrester advises organizations to consider HCI as their basis for the development of private clouds.
 The new paradigm for the Cloud in 2017 brings new challenges and companies will face new security, monitoring, storage and networking issues.

IT PEERS is preparing a new service offering for this new year, which includes services related to the Cloud. Soon we will have news!

Be happy in 2017!

It's time to say goodbye to 2016 and when we look back we are very proud of our achievements in the last 12 months!

IT PEERS team wishes you a great new year and may all your wishes come true!

Happy 2017!
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