The Providence Village Newsletter: September 2018
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What is The Providence Village? A grassroots, community-based, non-profit network of mutual support for those of us who want to stay in our homes and neighborhoods as we grow older.
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Providence Village
Begins "Telephone Tree"

Story & Photos by Suzanne Francis
(l-r) Kate Sanders Hope St Neighborhood, Vivian Malloy (standing) Hope St Neighborhood, and Bobbi Fisler (Blackstone).

Many of us have vivid mental images of Lily Tomlin as Ernestine, the nosy, condescending telephone operator from the 60s TV show Laugh In, who generally treated customers with little sympathy. Not true of the dedicated group of members who have launched telephone trees in our village. To make the calling more manageable, the Village was divided into seven neighborhoods with 10 to 15 households each. Telephone volunteers have begun making calls in six neighborhoods and the seventh will launch their telephone tree shortly.

The idea of Neighborhood telephone trees came up as part of a Board goal to increase member-to-member communication and create stronger connections to the Village. The idea gained urgency after severe weather and blizzard warnings necessitated calls to a number of members in advance of very severe weather last winter. Callers discovered that there were members who needed information and/or help to be safe during a multi-day storm. The telephone tree calls were tested successfully in two neighborhoods in July. Calls were made to all members within the neighborhoods and will continue on a monthly basis. Four additional neighborhoods will launch their telephone trees in August or September. So, members should expect a neighborly call from a nearby member to say hello sometime soon.

In addition to the monthly calls, emergency alerts and follow-up calls will be made if weather or other emergencies are predicted. Despite our fond memories of Ernestine, don’t expect to be greeted by your neighborhood caller with Ernestine’s cheery, “Is this the party to whom I am speaking?” They are more likely to start by identifying themselves as a fellow Village member calling to say hello. They know they are speaking to the party to whom they are connected and they are eager to hear how you are and to fill you in on the up-coming Village events.

Providence Village Dinner Club
Story & Photos by Jane Adler

Our Providence Village Dinner Club is having a lot of fun. We are an adventurous lot. So far we’ve tried Italian food, Peruvian food, and this month we are going to a beautifully decorated restaurant that features Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese food.

Sure, the food is important, but it’s the camaraderie that everyone who attends talks about. We are a friendly group, and welcome all who wish to join us. The conversation never seems to stop.
And last month, the activities included a Providence Riverboat ride and lunch. We were lucky to have received a very special, one time only, discount. It was a warm day, but cool on the water. Our captain, Captain Tom, described the various buildings and told the history of this downtown area. It was interesting seeing the city from another angle.
After our ride, which everyone said they really enjoyed, we walked next door to the Tel Aviv restaurant and sat outside on a balcony overlooking the water. The food was good, and everyone agreed, it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Please join us. Register early this month.
Busy Board Summer
Story & Photos by Phil West
Far from chilling out for the summer of 2018, members of the Providence Village Board of Directors doubled down.

“We’re a working board,” says President Jim Maxwell. “We look forward to a time when we’ll have staff to carry out management responsibilities, but we know that — for now — both the governing and the doing are in our hands.”

Board Secretary Anne Connor co-chairs the Fundraising Committee and is also a service coordinator. She refers calls for rides or home safety projects to vetted volunteers. In addition to leading the Membership Committee, Jane Adler organizes frequent social events.

“Many people wear multiple hats,” says Jim Maxwell. “That’s the way it has to be, at least for now.”

Now in its third year of safely connecting vetted volunteers with members who wish to stay in their homes, the board is building a phone network to supplement email and online communications.

After exhaustive research on how other villages across the country operate, the Board recently voted unanimously to assist other communities in starting villages that would share volunteer vetting services, communications, software, fundraising, and administrative functions.
2018 PROVIDENCE VILLAGE BOARD, seated from left: Laura Young, Lenore Bunting, President-Elect Suzanne Francis, President Jim Maxwell, Past President Pat Mattingly; standing from left: Bonnie Ryvicker, Joe Fisler, Deborah Dunning, Phil West, Jane Adler, Peter Viner-Brown, Treasurer Gary Leib, Secretary Anne Connor, Tony Allen, Territa Percelay.

Board members serve three-year terms, the Treasurer and Secretary serve two-year terms, and the executive officers rotate through a three-year cycle.

IPhone Workshop
Story by Diane Strommer
An indispensable tool!  A total annoyance!  A computer in your pocket—the object that we can’t always figure out how to live with, but wouldn’t want to be without. That can only be our smart phone, the Apple iPhone for most.
To help members access its many useful features (and avoid of some of the annoying ones), Providence Village held a workshop on the iPhone on Tuesday, July 24 at Hamilton House.  John Metz, a history major at Brown University and the computer tutor at Hamilton House, led the workshop.  He helped to resolve some of the problems those attending have had and instructed us in how to use some of the most popular apps (or applications).  
Participants learned how to download and set up ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft.  We learned that within the “Health” app on the iPhone, medical information can be stored and found by others even when the phone is locked.  The phone’s “emergency” button is a useful feature for doing just that. Even experienced users may not be aware of this option, though John thought that emergency medical personnel were. 
Learning how to organize and to delete photos solved problems for several people.  And if one has downloaded enough apps to clutter the phone’s screen, he showed us how they can be very easily organized into groups—like travel, entertainment, books, and so on.  
John made suggestions about synching between devices (such as the iPad and iPhone) and the value of using a separate hard drive for backing up one’s phone. Although he was just thirteen when he got his first iPhone, he already was familiar with computers from school. For those of us finding our way around and into these devices much later in life, he had this advice: 
  Learn one basic skill at a time.  Get comfortable with getting and sending e-mail, then perhaps work with the calendar and reminder apps, the camera and photos, and so on.  It’s trying to learn everything at once that can be difficult and confusing.

The workshop was a practical and useful experience for all who attended. Many thanks to John Metz and Hamilton House for making it possible.

RI Primaries Are Coming Soon

The Rhode Island primary will take place on Wednesday, September 12, 2018. It was moved from Tuesday due to the religious holiday Rosh Hashanah.

How do I find out where I vote?
You can visit the Voter Information Center to find your assigned polling place. Please note, that polling places are subject to change. Generally you will vote at the same polling place in statewide elections. However, in smaller special elections, you may be temporarily assigned to another polling place due to consolidation. It is advisable to always verify your assigned polling place before any election. An 
emergency mail ballot can be applied for at the local Board of Canvassers up until 4 p.m. the day before any election. Although it is too late to register to vote in the primary, there is still time to register for the November general election!
We urge you to get out and vote on September 12, and please call the Providence Village if you need a ride to the polls. 401-441-5240.

October Workshop
on LGBT Elders

Friday, October 5    8:15 - noon
One Rhodes Place, Cranston, RI

NASW-RI Chapter- Aging Committee and SAGE-Rhode Island will present GEN SILENT: Understanding LGBT Elders and Practice Implications on Friday, October 5, 2018. The workshop will be held at One Rhodes Place, Cranston, RI from 8:15am - 12:00pm. The workshop will showcase the critically acclaimed documentary Gen Silent by the award winning producer and director Stu Maddox. It focuses on the lives of six LGBT elders living in nearby Massachusetts, offering a powerful portrait of the struggles they face in later life. The silent generation fought the earliest battles for equality and now faces the prospect of returning to the closet for fear of discrimination.
This documentary has been viewed by medical schools, governmental policy experts and elder care agencies around the world committed to creating safe environments for an underserved, at-risk minority. It has been described as the best film ever on aging and the role of innovative community services. The film will be followed by a discussion and presentations from a panel of experts to include clinical social workers and community activists working with the Rhode Island’s older LGBT community. Key issues and practice concerns will be addressed, as well as research on demographics of the LGBT elder population nationally and specific to Rhode Island.
Continuing Education Credits: Social Work CE’s will be available – three (3) in cross-cultural practice. Other professionals should check with their local regulatory boards to determine if CE’s approved by the National Association of Social Workers – Rhode Island Chapter will be accepted for re-licensure.
To register online go to:
and go to the CE Program tab.
Photo Exhibit - Hamilton House
Works by Jane Adler

October 11, 2pm - Artist Talk
If you missed Board Member Jane Adler's exhibit this summer, you have another opportunity to see this exciting new work. The photographs will be up in Hamilton House from September until the end of October. Jane will give a short artist talk on October 11 at 2pm, Hamilton House.

photos by Jane Adler
Member Group Activities
Story & Photos by Jane Adler

Join us for Member Group Activities, a wonderful way to have a great time and meet new, friendly people. Just a very few of the things we do include visiting museums, attending lectures, going out for lunch, attending book club, and meeting for breakfast. Many more things are planned for this fall so stay tuned! Many of our events fill up quickly, so please register as soon as you can.
Invite a Friend
Friends interested in learning more about the Village are welcome to join Member Activities; please contact Jane Adler in advance.
Please join us at our next Member Activity. We have a lot of fun and it's a great opportunity to meet others who want to meet you, too. Some new faces join in at events each month.
Ways to Volunteer!

The Providence Village needs you!
There are many opportunities to volunteer. Training is provided for each job, and the schedule is under your control. Here are the job descriptions:
Home Help: Household Chores and Handy Help

Village Friends: Provide regular check-in calls, longer friendly phone calls, or in-person visits to members.

Member Group Activities: Help plan and assist small group social, cultural and educational activities.

Technical Support:  Assist members with computers, phones, TV remotes, i-pads, and other devices.

Driver:  Take members to and from doctors’ appointments, shopping, and errands. The schedule is flexible.

Service Coordinator: Take phone calls from members to coordinate services for them. This can be done from your home. 

To volunteer, please call us at 401-441-5240.

The Providence Village

Our Mission
The mission of the Providence Village is to create a community of mutual support, so that we can live rich, full lives in our homes and neighborhoods.

Our Vision
The Providence Village will provide a single source of access to programs and services that support a healthy, safe and satisfying life for our members.

Our Core Values
Generosity, Diversity, Engagement, Collaboration, Sustainability

We are inspired by neighbors helping neighbors

We are committed to an inclusive, community-based network of mutual support

We call our endeavor
The Providence Village
PV at Farmer's Market
Saturday, Sept 1

Providence Village will be at the Lippitt Park Farmer’s Market, 9-1. Please stop by to say hello, and bring any friends who are curious about the Village!

Join us for a
Wine & Cheese
Meet & Greet
Thursday, September 20

4:00 - 5:30pm

Hamilton House
276 Angell Street

A special treat:
A new Providence Village volunteer, who is a local wine expert, has agreed to discuss the five different grape varieties of wine we will be serving that evening and how to pair them with food.
Even if you are not a wine drinker, this should be fun to know.
(Nonalcoholic cold drinks will also be available.)
Register by
September 16th,  12 PM
Providence Village
Social Events Committee Presents:

Cybersecurity in Our Elections

Open to All

September 23 

First Unitarian Church of Providence
One Benevolent Street, corner of Benefit & Benevolent
Nellie Gorbea, Secretary of State, will moderate a panel discussing our election security systems.
Social Events
Seeks New Members!
This committee plans the annual Colt State Park picnic and other events. Would you like to help? You need not be a member of the Providence Village to join the committee.
If you are interested, please contact:
Ada Winsten - 274-4717
or email
Member Group
Join us!
  • Afternoon Card Game
    Fri Sept 7   1:30pm
    Now for something new:  A card game called  Hand and Foot.  According to our teacher, this card game is "all the rage in Florida and in the South. It's something like Canasta, and once you learn it, it's easy to play, and lots of fun." Please bring simple refreshments to share. Free. Registration closes Sept 5, 12pm.
  • Lunch at the Art Club
    Fri Sept 14, 12:30pm note time change
    Please come and see why everyone enjoys  this time together. Very reasonable prices. Dutch Treat. Beautiful location on Thomas Street. 
  • Dinner Club
    Sun Sept 16  5pm
    We are going to Jacky's Galaxie on 1488 Mineral  Spring Ave, North Providence. This beautifully decorated restaurant features Chinese, Japanese, Tai and Vietnamese food. Please check their menu on line. Dutch treat. Registration closes September 13, 12pm. This fills up fast.
  • Downtown Walking Tour
    Thurs Sept 27, 1 - 3pm
    A private tour guide  will share "Westminster Street: Then and Now."  The walking is easy; flat, no hills, some uneven sidewalks, and we will walk slowly. Discover what is new, and what is projected for the future. Distance is 1/2 - 3/4 mile round trip. Not recommended for anyone who has difficulty walking.  Free.  Stopping for desert at a local cafe after is optional. Dutch treat.  Registration closes September 24, 12pm. Rain Date is October 4.
All events are subject to rescheduling. Must register for all events. Check email invitations for details, reply to Jane Adler and please leave your phone number:

* For weekend and evening activities, members may need to provide their own transportation or carpooling.

IMPORTANT: To assure that I received your email registration for any activity, make sure you receive a "thank you" email from me. All activities subject to change.
Providence Village
Board of Directors 
Jim Maxwell, President
Suzanne Francis, President Elect
Pat Mattingly, Past President
Anne Connor, Secretary
Gary Leib, Treasurer
Jane Adler
Tony Allen
Lenore Bunting

Deborah Dunning
Joe Fisler
Bonnie Ryvicker
Terry Percelay
Peter Viner-Brown

Phil West
Laura Young

Providence Village
Advisory Council
Deborah Dunning
Barry Fain
Jay Glasson
Beverly Ledbetter
Lynette Lopes
Marcus Mitchell
Herbert Rakatansky
Dan Siegel
Barbara Sokoloff
Bill Twaddell
Phil West
Board Member Profile
Deborah Dunning
Deborah believes that living in sustainable communities is the best way for people to be healthy and productive.  For the past 35 years she has worked in positions enabling her to contribute to this goal. As the Executive Director of the Providence Preservation Society, Deborah led creation of a revolving loan fund enabling people with modest incomes to buy the materials needed to fix up their homes. Then she developed educational programs on selecting sustainable building products for the Green Standard. More recently, Deborah founded a software firm offering contractors the ability to efficiently select the materials that support balancing cost and environmental performance. She believes that sustainable communities contribute to the health and well-being of seniors. She served in the initial planning group of the Providence Village and is eager to contribute to its future development.
Learn more about our new offerings
Call our service coordinators

Merchant Discounts

Village Members

All Providence Village members are eligible for merchant discounts from restaurants and stores on the East Side of Providence. Please show your member card in order to receive the discount.  Participating merchants are listed below. If you take advantage of the discount, please let the merchant know that we appreciate their support!  Thank you.

Business Discounts
for Village Members & Volunteers
With Your Village ID Card
You Get 10% Discounts at the following locations

click on name for website details
268 Thayer St
Kabob & Curry
261 Thayer St
Meeting Street Café
220 Meeting St.

Pasta Beach Restaurant
195 Wayland Ave
727 East Ave


Venda Ravioli Grocery & Restaurant
265 Atwells Ave

D’Ambra Sunoco
438 Hope St
(Discount on auto servicing and tires)

East Side Shell
1100 Hope St
(Discount on auto servicing and tires)
(Can be added to a AAA discount for greater savings)


Palomino Gifts
247 Rochambeau Ave

Rhody Craft
769 Hope St

Evolve Apothecary & Spa
769A Hope St

Henry Bear's Park
736 Hope St

Stock Culinary
756 Hope St

Support our
Participating Businesses!
Amazon Smile Program
The Providence Village now belongs to the Amazon Smile program. This program donates a small percentage of sales to various charitable organizations. Shop at and a percentage will go back to the Providence Village. See link for further information. 

Age Friendly RI
Check out the website for Age Friendly RI. They have lots of very helpful information about us “older adults” in RI.
click here
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Writers:  Jane Adler, Vivian Malloy, Wendy Oliver, Diane Strommer, Phil West   
Photography:  Phil West, Jane Adler
Obituary Assistance:  Ann Connor, Amy Webb, Phil West
Design:  Amy Webb - Mockingbird Design

visit our website:

email:          phone: 401-441-5240

We welcome your tax-deductible donations
Please make your checks payable to The Providence Village.
The Providence Village is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our mailing address is: 276 Angell St. Providence RI 02906 
For more information on the Village Movement, visit the Village to Village Network:

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