The Providence Village Newsletter: November 2019
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What is The Providence Village? A grassroots, community-based, non-profit network of mutual support for those of us who want to stay in our homes and neighborhoods as we grow older.
We are inspired by neighbors helping neighbors
We are committed to an inclusive, community-based network of mutual support
We call our endeavor The Providence Village
Update on The Village Common

By Eliza Sutton, Village Coordinator

The Village Common will be launched soon as a way to support the creation of new Villages throughout Rhode Island, and to support their long term sustainability. 

I asked Jo Ellen Mistarz, Executive Director of the Village Common, RI, “What are three important points needed to understand the concept of The Village Common?”  After a few moments of thought, Jo Ellen responded: 

First, the Providence Village is not going away.  Rather, it will become one of the Villages in the Village Common. The Providence Village has been all about neighbors helping neighbors and it will continue to do so as a Village within the Village Common.

Second, building on that same “neighbors helping neighbors” concept, The Village Common’s mission will be to support the development and operation of emerging local Villages across Rhode Island.  We may live in different Rhode Island communities, but we are all growing older together. We all want the same goals for ourselves, our families, and our friends.

Finally, the Village Common will help sustain many communities of mutual support like the Providence Village. We believe the Village movement is vital for encouraging and promoting healthy aging in Rhode Island and beyond.

When I asked Peter Viner-Brown, Providence Village Board member about the Village Common, he said, “The advantage of this model, which has been successfully adopted by a number of Villages around the country, is that it allows new Villages to take advantage of a common operational infrastructure. This makes it possible for new Villages to form more quickly, with the support of experienced Village Common mentors to help get a new Village off the ground.  Additionally, by expanding the pool of members contributing to the support of the Village Common, we increase the impact and long term viability of all of the Villages in the Village Common.”

Stay tuned – we will be providing more information on the Village Common in the near future.

Meet Providence Village Interns:
Enthusiastic Ambassadors to the Community

By Norma Rossi

The Providence Village is happy to welcome two student interns from Rhode Island College to the team. Johenny Delacruz and Sabrina Bessette, students graduating from Rhode Island College in the spring, value their experiences in a class internship with The Providence Village. Their work with the Village focuses on advertising and informing people about our services to help seniors maintain independence and enjoy mutual support.

Both young women are happy to work with a nonprofit that is making a difference and they see the importance of the Village reaching out to retirees who can use support to stay in their home and retain relationships and involvement in the community. Both have close multi-generational family ties and are learning how important community interactions are for a senior population.

Johenny is earning her degree in Women’s Studies and plans to continue her education to earn advanced degrees, with a goal of teaching Gender Studies at the university level. Her background includes a CNA Certification that reinforces her appreciation for the need for healthcare and family support.

Sabrina has a strong interest in community and sociology and will be getting her degree in Justice Studies. As she explores graduate programs, she sees her interests evolving as she learns more about needs of a wide range of people.

They enjoy their outreach efforts and make frequent visits to East Side neighborhoods including Wayland Square, Rochambeau, and Thayer, where they talk to residents and distribute flyers. They have learned to persevere when approaching businesses and understand that business owners and employees may be wary at first when they see them approach with printed materials.

“We understand that the business wants to protect their customers and we find as we explain the Village and the services that the Village provides, they are happy to inform their customers about the organization and post information to get the word to more people. “One owner told us that the Village flyer was the only one he posted on his community board,” explained Johenny.

As the two continue their outreach, they feel good that they can reassure seniors that financial consideration is not an obstacle to taking part in the program. They are aware that the 85 -years- old and over population increased 28% from 2000 to 2010, according to census figures in Rhode Island, and this trend is indicative of national numbers. The Providence Village can make a difference in the lives of seniors, and Johenny and Sabrina are spreading the word!

An Afternoon with Dr. Arun Singh
at St. Martin's Episcopal Church
Sponsored by the Social Activities Committee

By Joan Halpert
Photos by Phil West
It's Sunday October 20, 2019, a beautiful sunny day, and nearly fifty Village members, staff, and guests chose to go indoors and listen to an inspirational "heart to heart" talk by Dr. Arun Singh, a nationally known cardiac surgeon who shared his challenging life story.
Born in 1944 in north-east India when Indian society was in upheaval, poised for partition into two states– (now India and Pakistan), he grew up in impoverished areas. In Parda, where he spent his childhood, filthy sewer water ran down the streets, disease and death were prevalent and medical care limited. Young Arun, rebelling against a chaotic society, poor living conditions, and his learning difficulties (he had undiagnosed dyslexia) developed a stubborn, curious nature in a "Slumdog" lifestyle, skipping school, running with a bad crowd, and jumping on trains.
One day, craving some fruit, he climbed the tweve foot guava tree in his back yard. As he approached the guava, he came face to face with a forty pound Langur monkey, ready to attack. Scared, he let go of the branch, and  fell twelve feet to the ground, landing on a rock that shattered his right elbow and hand. It took three painful surgeries, a mother-devised physical therapy, and tutoring before Arun could begin to live a normal lifestyle again.
Later, he found refuge in kite-flying-a very competitive game in India, but tripped and fell back into a hole, this time, breaking his left arm. His angry father wanted to leave him in the hole, once declaring that Arun, because of his attitude, and disabilities would have no future, ending up a beggar on the street; could his father ever imagin that his crippled boy would become a nationally celebrated heart surgeon? But Arun's mother was a strong woman with a positive attitude, enormous strength and faith in her son. She helped turn that prophecy around, and  inspired him to fight for the life he wanted. So, he fought with determination, and with hard work he managed his dyslexia, got his crippled hands to function, and finished the first phase of medical school. Then, he traveled to the US with five dollars in his pocket to complete his medical education in 1967.
Here he met another major challenge- racism. His brown skin and Indian accent were unusual in the medical field at that time, and as a result, he was often met with discomfit and even hatred. It was a chaotic time in this country with the Viet Nam war protests, and other commotions. Arun took heart in Martin Luther King's, "I have a dream” speech, and most of all, he met a nurse who encouraged him and gave him support. She became his wife and she was still with him, sitting in the audience with us. Her help and his innate talent and perseverance won out, and he went on to perform about fifty thousand heart surgeries. He told his audience that he first experienced empathy as a boy starting college when his father was dying and declared that he had empathy for every one of his patients. 
He held our hearts in his hands all during his talk and most of us were simply mesmerized by his story and his presence. His parting advice to all was "have a dream" and a positive attitude. Fight every obstacle, both physical and emotional to make your dream come true, and never give up.
BoneBuilders of RI
Comes to the Providence Village & Hamilton House

By Sue Bayley
Photos by Phil West
Do you ever think about your bones? Or more specifically, about your bone density
It’s probably not the first thing on your mind most days. But you know how this thought pushes itself forward from the back of the mind more often as we age, lurking between annual physical exams. Then the mental whispers begin: “fosamax,” “boniva,” “EXERCISE.” What to do?
There’s now an easy answer, and it’s called BoneBuilders of RI, an exercise program designed specifically to increase bone density by exercising all 206 bones and most of the muscles of the body. Beginning in October, BoneBuilders of RI (BBRI) is now offered to members of Hamilton House and the Providence Village on Thursday mornings at Central Congregational Church, right next to Hamilton House, from 10:30 to 11:30 AM.
BoneBuilders is a program of slow and sustained movements using hand and ankle weights to increase bone density. Developed over the past 40 years by Miriam Nelson, BoneBuilders is practiced throughout the nation. Nelson began her career in 1983 as a doctoral fellow in nutrition and physical activity at Tufts University. She is the author of the NY Times bestselling Strong Women book series. In 2013, she chaired the Science Board of the US President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition.
Ankle weights from 1-4 pounds are used, forward and side leg lifts, and overhead arm lifts with weights ranging from 1-5 pounds. 
Stretching, movement to music, and engaging the "core" of the body is emphasized
BoneBuilders of RI was founded in 2013 by Diane Caruso, a principle owner of The Village at Waterman Lake, based on her own diagnosis of osteoporosis and the benefits she experienced from BoneBuilders. She introduced it as a program to enhance the health of residents at The Village at Waterman Lake, and has now expanded it, offering 20 classes available to seniors throughout RI. 

This class is the newest BBRI class to be formed and is led by BBRI Master Trainer Sue Bayley. The one-hour session incorporates standing and sitting exercises, rhythmic movement and friendly socialization. A donation of $2.00 per class is requested. Come 15 minutes early to your first class to allow time to register. Hand and ankle weights (from 1 pound to 5 pounds) are recommended. 
If you have questions feel free to call Sue Bayley at 401-486-1901.
Patricia (McBride) Blough
Patricia (McBride) Blough was the wife of our wonderful member and volunteer Don Blough. She died peacefully on October 15, 2019 at The Bethany Home of Rhode Island, of complications related to Alzheimer's disease. In 1954, while at Tufts, she married Donald, a graduate student at Harvard at that time. The couple moved to Rockville Maryland in 1954, where their sons Doug and Steve were born, and then to Providence in 1958 where their daughter Kathy was born.After her children started school, Pat was employed as a research professor in Brown University's Psychology Department, eventually publishing 34 articles in professional journals, half of them as sole author. Pat was also active locally as a co-founder of the Brown Play School and as a Sunday school teacher at the First Unitarian Church. In later years she and Don were active birders, and Pat volunteered for a time at the local offices of the Audubon Society and the Nature Conservancy. Both Pat and Don had performed in Gilbert & Sullivan operettas in college, and that experience, together with a general love of music, helped bring them together. Pat played the piano and, more publicly, the violin, serving for a time as a member of the Brown Orchestra and later with the R. I. College orchestra.

Pat is survived by her husband Donald, her sons Douglas of Walnut Creek, CA, and Stephen of North Bethesda, MD, her daughter Kathryn of Northfield, MN, and grandchildren Dylan, Noah, Meghan and Kelsey.Contributions in her memory may be made to the Alzheimer's Association, 245 Waterman Street, #306, Providence, RI 02906. 
Excerpted from The Providence Journal, October 17, 2019
Would you like to go for a walk, have a cup of tea, or just have a chat with a volunteer? The Providence Village has some new volunteers who would love to spend some time with Members!  Call Eliza at 228-8683 to sign up!
Village Volunteers and Members, refer a friend to become a Volunteer or Member, and you will become part of our RAFFLE, giving you the chance to win a delicious dinner for 2 at Pasta Beach in Wayland Sq., Raffle will be held at Annual Meeting on December 8th - Save the Date!
Did you know that open enrollment for all Medicare Plans is from October 15 to December 7? Need some assistance with making health insurance choices and navigating the system? Hamilton House and Providence Village are excited to offer you help!  SHIP counselors will assist you to make educated, informed decisions about your health insurance, giving you the greatest access to healthcare.

If you would like to sign-up to meet with a SHIP counselor, call our Village Coordinator, Eliza Sutton, and she will add you to schedule. 


Available times:
Wednesday, November 20, 10 am -2 pm
Monday, November 25, 1 - 5 pm
Wednesday, November 27, 10 am -2 pm
Wednesday, Dec 4 10 am -2 pm
Home Safety Checks Available Soon

Staying in our own homes that we love is a goal most of us share. The Providence Village wants to give you tools to do that. To avoid falls in our own homes, we will be offering a voluntary Home Safety program. Physical therapist Joy Twelves is offering to visit your home for free, to point out potential safety hazards, especially things that might cause a fall, and offer suggestions to correct them. There will also be a checklist that you can use yourself. Joy Twelves has 20 years of experience in this area and would like to help you clear your home of tripping hazards and any other safety concerns. The program is free and will be available to all members soon. Please call the office for more information: 401-228-8683.
School One
Intergenerational Activities

Seniors invited to work with School One Teens on Theatre Projects

Call Diana Champa, 401-331-2497
for further information or sign up
Saturday, November 16
Check Out our First Class Performance:
Stories, Laughter, Drama & Music! 

Join School One on November 16 for an evening of stories, laughter, drama and music  from our intergenerational  arts students.  St. Martin's Church (50 Orchard Avenue). Refreshments to follow.Tickets are free but please reserve them in advance by contacting School One.
Be a student (again) at School One and sign up for our next Intergenerational Performance Arts Class.
This class meets Thursdays at School One (Providence) 12:30-2:00p.m.

Winter session dates: December 2- February 28
(with a winter break December 20-January 6) 
Sign up by filling out this form:
Or contact Diana at School One. 401-331-2497

Location: School One, 220 University Avenue, (east side) Providence RI 02906
Cost: Free
PV Small Group Activities
Photos by Jane Adler
In October we enjoyed two Brown Bag Lunch Lectures and November offers more favorites. A return by popular demand, Sanjif Dhar shares the secrets of Indian cuisine, and musicologist Dana Gooley will delight us with insights on the accompaniment for silent films.
There is something for everyone in November, with opportunities to enjoy an outing, experience something new and stimulating, and share time with friends. Join us for an afternoon of Broadway songs, or a poetry reading. New friends are always welcome for our regular book club, and lunch or dinner are still on the menu. Enjoy an opportunity to meet new friends and check in with our friendly crew of regulars. See below for another month of events to check out and enjoy. Please join us!
Just a reminder: inviting  a prospective member to a Providence Village activity such as our fabulous Dinner Club or the Providence Art Club lunch is a great way to introduce them to who we are. We have time to sit around the table, introduce ourselves, get to know each other - and let the discussions begin. 
Small Group Activities

November 2019
Join us!
Please register for all events
Tuesday,November 5, 12pm
Brown Bag Lecture: Sanjiv Dhar - Indian Cuisine
Temple Beth-El, Orchard Street, Providence
Back by popular demand: Join Sanjiv Dhar, chef and owner of the popular Kabob and Curry and Rasoi restaurants, who will speak about Indian food, offer a cooking demonstration and provide delicious samples of his exquisite food. This is not to be missed! Bring your lunch and we will sit together at a PV table. Please register by November 4 so I can save your seat. Free.
Register by noon, Monday, November 4

Monday, November 11,  3:30pm
Book Club
The Providence Village Book Club is reading The Dinner, by Herman Koch. Private house. Free.
Register by November 9

Wednesday, November 13, 2pm
An Afternoon of Song
James Michael, known as the “Broadway Baritone,” emulates the voices of his idols. He will treat us to the music of Howard Keel, John Raitt and Robert Goulet. Details, address, at registration. Free.
Register by Monday, November 11
Thursday, November 14,  12pm
Brown Bag Lecture: Dana Gooley, Silent Film Accompaniment
Temple Beth-El, Orchard Street, Providence
Dana Gooley, a musicologist and Professor of Music at Brown University discusses the history of silent film accompaniment and demonstrate this at the piano, playing along with clips from films by Buster Keaton. This will be a lot of fun! Bring your lunch and we will sit together at a PV table. Please register by November 13 so I can save your seat. Free.
Register by noon, Wednesday, November 13

Friday,November 15,  12:15pm
Lunch at the Art Club
Lunch at the Providence Art Club on Thomas Street. Very reasonable prices. We welcome new people. Very friendly group. Dutch treat. 
Register by Monday, November 11

Tuesday, November 19, 10:30am
Poet - Alfred Corn
Hamilton House and Providence Village presents poet and writer Alfred Corn, who will read from his collection of poems. Corn has published eleven books of poems, the most recent titled Unions(2014) and two novels, the second titled Miranda’s Book, which also appeared in 2014, and Arks & Covenants. He has received the Guggenheim, the NEA, an Award in Literature from the Academy of Arts and Letters, and one from the Academy of American Poets. He has taught at Yale, Columbia, the University of Cincinnati, and UCLA.
Register by Friday, November 15

Thursday, November 21,  6:20pm
Movie Day!
We are going to the Avon together to see whatever movie is playing. (We will let you know the movie as soon as the Avon announces it.) Dutch treat.
Register by Tuesday, November 19

Sunday, October 27, 5pm
Fabulous Dinner Club

We are going to Costantino’s Venda Bar & Ristorante, 265 Atwells Avenue, Providence. Nice atmosphere, great food, good portions. Very reasonable prices for such a nice place. (Please go online for pictures of the restaurant, menu and prices.) Registration closes November 20 at 12pm. Dutch treat. (Providence Village transportation is not available on Saturday. Will try to carpool.) Please note that these dinner reservations usually fill quickly and unfortunately, if you show up without registering, the restaurant will not be able to accommodate you.)
Register by noon, Wednesday, November 20

Sunday, December 8,  2pm
Save The Date - Annual Meeting 
Stay tuned for more details.

Friday, December 27, 4 - 5:30pm
Save The Date - Pre New Year's Eve Party! 
Our third annual “Pre New Years Eve Party!” at Hamilton House. Plan to come. This is a special time. Feel free to invite your friends and neighbors to this fun party. Stay tuned for more details.
Invite a Friend
Friends interested in learning more about the Village are welcome to join Member Activities; please contact Jane Adler in advance.
A Note From Jane:
If you’d like to go to any of these activities, please register promptly to avoid being put on a wait list. Also, some of us have waited until the last minute to register and discover something we wanted to attend has been cancelled because of a lack of response.
Please register as soon as possible so we know how many are coming, and please let us know if you will not be attending after you do register to make room for another person. Thank you.  
All events are subject to rescheduling. Must register for all events.  
Please r
eply to: 
Providence Village Services

Learn More About Our Offerings
Call our Service Coordinator - Eliza Sutton
Ways to Volunteer!
The Providence Village needs you!

There are many opportunities to volunteer. Training is provided for each job, and the schedule is under your control. Here are the job descriptions:
Home Help:  Household Chores and Handy Help

Social Events Committee: Support and plan social events for the larger PV community, members, volunteers and friends.

Village Friends:  Provide regular check-in calls, longer friendly phone calls, or in-person visits to members.

Small Group Activities:  Help plan and assist small group social, cultural and educational activities.

Technical Support:  Assist members with computers, phones, TV remotes, i-pads, and other devices. 

Driver: Take members to and from doctors’ appointments, shopping, and errands. The schedule is flexible.

Service Coordinator:  Take phone calls from members to coordinate services for them. This can be done from your home. 

To volunteer, please call us at 401-441-5240.
Please help us cover the PV news and keep our readers informed!
Write an assigned article on a monthly or occasional basis, and contribute your own ideas to the mix. 
For more details, please contact Wendy Oliver, Editor:
Amazon Smile Program
The Providence Village now belongs to the Amazon Smile program. This program donates a small percentage of sales to various charitable organizations. Shop at and a percentage will go back to the Providence Village. See link for further information. 
Link for INFO
Meals on Wheels 
For Seniors over 60
Do you have an injury, an illness, or are a caregiver who doesn’t have time to cook nutritious meals? Try Meals on Wheels of RI! Meals on Wheels provides daily nutritious meals, safety checks and socialization for seniors and other homebound adults across Rhode Island. 
 There is no financial eligibility requirement or client cost for this program. A $3.00 donation per meal is suggested. Individuals must be at least 60 years old. 
Call 401-351-6700 for more information.

Meals on Wheels of RI also has Volunteer Opportunities! For more information on volunteering, call (401) 351-6700.
 Merchant Discounts for Village Members & Volunteers 

All Providence Village members are eligible for merchant discounts from restaurants and stores on the East Side of Providence. Please show your member card in order to receive the discount.  Participating merchants are listed below. If you take advantage of the discount, please let the merchant know that we appreciate their support!  Thank you.
With Your Village ID Card
You Get 10% Discounts at the following locations

click on name for website details


268 Thayer St
Kabob & Curry
261 Thayer St
Meeting Street Café
220 Meeting St.
Pasta Beach Restaurant
195 Wayland Ave
727 East Ave
Venda Ravioli Grocery & Restaurant
265 Atwells Ave


D’Ambra Sunoco
438 Hope St
(Discount on auto servicing and tires)
East Side Shell
1100 Hope St
(Discount on auto servicing and tires)
(Can be added to a AAA discount for greater savings)


Palomino Gifts
247 Rochambeau Ave 
Evolve Apothecary & Spa
769A Hope St
Henry Bear's Park
736 Hope St
Stock Culinary
756 Hope St

Support our
Participating Businesses!

Age Friendly RI
Check out the website for Age Friendly RI.They have lots of very helpful information about us “older adults” in RI.
click here
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