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  1. CPLL in the NYTimes!

  2. Subscriber Gift: Making Leave Manageable Checklist

  3. Data Collection is Critical

  4. Coach Spotlight: Christopher Persley

We are pleased to have our founder, Dr. Amy Beacom, quoted in this New York Times article about parental leave coaching.

Nearly ten years ago, Dr. Beacom realized that our country and our parents needed better support and a new field of parental leave coaching needed to be built. It's fantastic to see it coming to fruition!

Parental leave continues to generate interest and press. We're so proud to help lead the charge by creating parental leave solutions that consider all involved; including the new parent, manager, team & stakeholders. When companies offer coaching to working moms in a vacuum, the implication is clear: work life issues are her problem to solve.

At CPLL, we know companies and employees are best served when solutions are systemic and scalable. Our approach to coaching builds a growing evidence base and uses technology to reach more people. 

Special Gift for Subscribers

Download our Making Leave Manageable checklist. It's a simple tool for managers supporting a valuable employee through the parental leave transition. 

Download the Making Leave Manageable Checklist



Are you assuming your organization is collecting parental leave data, or do you know?

We love to help our clients audit their parental leave data. Sadly, we often find that companies aren't collecting the right information, if they are collecting any information at all. Below are some tips about what date to collect and how to use that data once you've got it. 

Contact us if you'd like help with your company's parental leave data collection and analysis.


What to collect

How to use it

Demographic data

Helps you determine who is taking leave and identify any usage discrepancies between moms and dads, first or second time parents, etc..

Type of leave

Shows you the number of leaves per year by type.  

Length of leave and length of leave by gender

Helps you determine the cost of leave to your organization and determine if employees are using the full benefit.

Retention rate upon return from leave

Allows you to identify the number of employees who leave your company after parental leave.

Employees who become parents but do not take leave

Helps you understand if parental leave benefits are being utilized by all eligible employees.

Year over year comparisons of retention

Helps you identify trends and determine if any new policies have influenced who takes leave - for example, did an expanded leave policy actually lead to an increase in retention or productivity?

Position of employee before and after leave

Lets you know if employees are returning to work under different conditions, such as to a lower level position, to a new team or under a different manager

Interested in more tips like this? We offer a comprehensive best practices guide to help your organization become a leave leader. Contact us for more information.

Coach Spotlight

Christopher Persley

Christopher is a consultant, coach, and all around intrepid fatherhood advocate. For nearly two decades, Christopher has worked within the independent school system as an educator and school administrator. He spent eight years as a Director of Diversity, where he honed his facilitation and assessment skills by crafting and leading workshops, panel discussions, events and symposia – all while utilizing an array of research and assessment tools to ensure his efforts had a measurable impact.

Christopher is Co-Organizer of NYC Dads Group, a diverse community of more than 1,300 fathers in and around New York City that provides dads an organized way to socialize and support each other throughout their parenting journey. Christopher is responsible for representing NYC Dads in the media, facilitating events, and fostering partnerships with companies and organizations such as Stouffer’s, Dove Men+Care, Withings, and the New York Liberty.

A recognized and sought after author, Christopher writes the blog, The Brown Gothamite, and has contributed to The Stir at Cafe Mom,,,, and the book, Dads Behaving Dadly 2. He has appeared on Good Morning America, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry,‘s Flip The Script, The Root Live, and CBS News. He’s been profiled in Real Simple Magazine and been a Spotlight Blogger at the 2015 Dad 2.0 Summit. Christopher earned a master’s degree in Private School Leadership through the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College, Columbia University. He lives in New York City with his wife and five-year-old daughter, who once got a high five from actress Zoe Saldana when she asked her when she’d be Captain of the Starship Enterprise.
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