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January, 2016
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Message from the President

Dear PTO Families:
It’s been an eventful first half of the school year: PTO volunteers helped coordinate Get Connected Day, updated and distributed the Parent Survival Handbook, marched in the Homecoming Parade, published and distributed this year’s Student Directory (if a copy did not make it home with your student, please let me know), put together teacher and staff hospitality meals for Open House as well as the October and November teacher conferences, held our first Parent Forum of the school year on the topic of “High School Management 101”, and supplied volunteers for various school events. Whew! For the second half of the school year, there is just as much lined up. In addition to hospitality meals, volunteer opportunities, and Parent Forums , we will be hosting “Coffee with the Principal” in March. This is an opportunity for you to hear from Dr. Locklear about all the planning going on at the high school to incorporate ninth graders starting  in the fall of 2017.   Please note that the “Launch to College” will be held in April instead of February as originally scheduled.
It would not be possible to do all of this without your support!  Your support and membership is deeply valued.  Finally, thank you to those who take time out of your busy schedules to volunteer at the school. Whether you served teacher meals, distributed Student Directories, chaperoned a school dance, or helped out in some other way, please know that your assistance is truly appreciated.
Yours in Hornet Pride,
Vivien Talghader
2015-16 EHS PTO President
Mini Grants awarded thanks to YOUR MEMBERSHIP DOLLARS!
Join us making a difference!
The possibilities are limitless when it comes to 3D printing.  Objects that previously could only exist in our mind's eye can now become a reality.  In the math classroom, and especially in calculus, we so often describe objects that are difficult to visualize.  Such objects include volumes created by rotating a cross sectional area around an axis or creating similar cross sections by using a familiar shape in the x-y plane.  For years students have merely taken our word that the math works out and continue blindly finding the volumes using calculus.  Now we actually have the ability to create these shapes, for the students to hold them and explore them to make sense of the concepts, as well as be able to submerge them in water to see how well the math matches the physical reproduction.  This will be an excellent partnership between the Math and Engineering departments.
Noah Franske, EHS Department of Mathematics

What ARE
Mini Grants  ?

EHS PTO mini-grants are available to support learning and to enhance the EHS community. Applications are considered based on:
~How the program will     benefit learning.
~The number of              students and/or  staff who will benefit  from  the program.
~The extent to which      the request fits with      the goals of the            program it will 
~The availability of        funds.
It's not too late to join us!
Every dollar counts!!
2015-16 Mini Grants

EHS Staff Development:
Partial scholarship for PLC Training. The Professional Learning Community model aims to increase student achievement through staff collaboration (think Collaborative Time).  This training has proven to be the difference between successful and struggling collaboration teams.

EHS Math Department:
An additional set of scientific calculators for students' use in the classroom as well as availability for national exams.
EHS Health Services & Special Needs Department
Tympanic thermometers prove useful in achieving accurate readings, especially with the developmentally and cognitively delayed students. 
EHS Equity Team:
International flags to be displayed in EHS to represent the ethnic diversity of our student body; this would help students indentify EHS as “their” school.
EHS Math Department:
Support materials used to create 3D models
and manipulatives to better explain math concepts to students.

Coffee with the Principal

March 8, 2016
8:00-9:30 AM
EHS Door 7
Please RSVP
Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to hear first-hand what is in the works at the high school. Learn more on the latest developments of the upcoming high school renovation as well as the various ways in which the District is working to provide cutting edge education for our students.

Have you wondered how you might help individual students who can’t afford to join in the many activities which require participation or equipment fees?  The EHS PTO would like to spread the word about an important community resource; Edina Give and Go.  Started in 2013, the mission of Edina Give and Go is to bring life and learning opportunities to economically disadvantaged students in Edina Public Schools.  Give and Go funds items such as musical instrument rental, participation fees and testing fees that are not covered by school funds.  Potential recipients may be referred by school social workers or apply directly.  Applicants contribute 10% of their requested funds themselves, to ensure buy-in.  Donations are tax-free if they go through the Edina Education Fund.  Learn more at:   
Upcoming Parent Forums:

The College Search and Application Process
A panel of students and parents will share their experiences and take questions on the college search process.  Here is your chance to learn from prior experience!

Transition to High School
Learn the 'nuts & bolts' to managing the transition to high school: schedules, lockers, curfews, dances, etc. This is targeted for incoming 10th grade students. Please help spread the word to aid in the transition for those families joining our EHS community.


The Transition to College
A panel of students and parents will share their experiences on the transition to college. Everything from curfews the summer before, what to bring, what meal plan to choose, sorority rushing, to name a few. We also hope to have a speaker from the U of MN - date will be dependent on her schedule.

Help!  My Child Was Not Accepted at his/her Dream School!
You’ve read the stories of helicopter parents, and pored over the books of advice on the admissions process, and murmured helpfully while your child grumped and moaned his/her way through the process of completing and submitting applications.  Maybe you even had a passing thought that the worst was now over.  No such luck.  Seeing your child get rejected from a hoped-for college is worse.  All the books, articles and advice go out the window when we see a young person in pain, questioning his worth or tossing awards in the trash because “nothing means anything when X school doesn’t want me…” Yes, that same school may have rejected thousands of other qualified applicants.  Doesn’t matter, they rejected MY child, and it is awful.  What can a parent do?
Consoling your child might be effective, but also might be not a message this person is receptive to at this time.  This is not the right moment to share your own stories of growth from pain.  Just keep up that quiet murmuring-maybe to yourself, that this will pass.  It is not really a good idea to allow your student to miss school over this pain.  Yes, it hurts.  But staying home won’t make it hurt less.
Let the EHS counselors know, and encourage your child to make an appointment and get in there to see their counselor.  They all have a great deal of experience and strategies at hand, and your child may actually be able to take in exactly the same ideas they were deaf to when it was you talking.  Basically, the counselors will help guide your student to figure out other schools with whatever quality it was that made your child decide their first choice school was the only one that mattered.
Use your resources.  The EHS counseling office has lots of resources, and links to many more on their website.  If you haven’t made use of your Naviance account yet (logins provided by the counseling office), now is the time!  You don’t have to tell your student how much time you might be spending on this by yourself, and you can encourage your student to look at the graphs and scatter plots of various school.  Data is beautiful and can deliver a message in a non-judgmental way.  
You (and eventually your student) need to see this as an opportunity.  Students who were closed off from thinking realistically about their chances and refused to apply to “safe” schools are often suddenly open to starting back at square one.  This can be a wonderful experience, and many young people later identify this rejection as the real starting point of their adult lives.  That is a good thing.

It is awful to feel helpless, but this rejection is a vital life experience.  As a parent, you will learn a lot by watching how your child processes this pain.  Trust that he/she will land on both feet.  But you might want to seek a couple of names of professional therapists too, just in case.  If you are seriously worried about your student’s recovery now, when they are living at home, encouraging your student to see a therapist now will help your child remember this strategy once they are at school and trouble hits.

Take care of you too! See a friend, exercise, don’t hide.  This is not your crisis.  Modeling normalcy will help your child feel secure.  

Be sure to watch for the date for the PTO forum on getting your student ready to go to school!  It’s coming up in April, and all of this will have passed, and your student will have a plan…..Good Luck!

Perhaps you missed this article published in In The Know:

PTO involvement connects parents with schools

Hosting informational forums is just one way the schools' PTOs support families. Parents of Edina students make a significant commitment as soon as they enroll their children in the district. As those young people climb onto buses or scramble out of cars, it's a natural impulse to want to stay involved, even as the students seem to gain independence daily. How do parents strike a balance? They get involved in the school PTO, of course!
At the elementary schools PTO's organize volunteers for school activities, raise money to cover school needs outside the budget, provide service learning opportunities and supervise recycling programs, to list just a few activities. 
As children move into the middle school environment, parent involvement changes to reflect young people's growing independence, and desire for social activities with peers that occur in a safe, structured environment. The Edina High School PTO provides that last chance to connect with your student, as parents learn to allow their almost-grown students to manage their time while meeting stiff academic and extracurricular activity expectations.

Read more about the work of PTOs throughout the school district.  For information about PTO at Edina High School, go to the school's website and click on EHS PTO in the center column under Quick Links.
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