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National Funding for Atlantic Salmon Received

UWSP-Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility
Fall Newsletter 2018
NOAA Sea Grant Funds Land-based Atlantic Salmon Research

UWSP NADF along with project partners have received one of 22 funded aquaculture research projects across the region...

NOAA Sea Grant announces 22 aquaculture research projects totaling $11million in federal funds. This initiative has funded UWSP NADF project entitled "Overcoming barriers to support the growth of land-based Atlantic Salmon production in the Great Lakes region" which includes collaborations from The Conservation Fund's Freshwater Institute, Riverence, LLC. and Superior Fresh, LLC.

This research supports raising Atlantic salmon in land-based water reuse systems. These closed containment culture systems can provide an optimum rearing environment for the fish, limit impact on the surrounding environment and do not interact with wild salmon populations.


This research will assist to overcome certain barriers of raising atlantics at both a young fingerling stage as well as grow-out stages to advance the sustainable production of salmon for food fish aquaculture. Learn more on the project page...

 The project is also highlighted by WI Sea Grant Institute in the article below:

Cover- UWSP NADF broodstock of Cascade strain Atlantic salmon, raised in a water reuse system.
Top- Atlantic salmon in water reuse system at UWSP NADF.
Bottom- Fingerling Atlantic salmon pre-smoltification at UWSP NADF.


Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference 2019

February 15th & 16th Eau Claire, WI

The Wisconsin Aquaculture Association has partnered with the UWSP NADF to offer the Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference 2019 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on February 15th & 16th. Other collaborators include the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant, Minnesota Sea Grant, and North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC). This year’s conference will offer a variety of presentations from experts around the region, trade show, “Taste of Wisconsin” Reception and auction.

Additional Workshop Training...
The conference will also feature an outreach and training workshop on Saturday, in collaboration with NCRAC. This addition is part of a NCRAC funded grant to deliver workshops and training on important topics region wide to expand the development of North Central Region aquaculture. Project partners include The Ohio State University, University of Minnesota and National Aquaculture Association. The project partners are currently working with UWSP NADF and the WAA to discuss the focus of the workshop as it will be geared towards the needs of Wisconsin farmers.

The WAA conference is a great way to connect with the industry, learn from the experts, and become educated on new systems, techniques and best management practices while supporting the Wisconsin Aquaculture Industry.  All groups welcome including students, educators, beginners, current producers or those simply wanting to learn more about the aquaculture and aquaponics industry.

Check out last years conference: Photos, Events, Presentations & Agenda...

Top: Jen Hauxwell, Assistant Director of Research for University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute presents at last year's WAA conference.
Bottom: Past NCRAC funded workshop attendees at the MN Aquaponics Symposium. Photo Credit: Matt Smith, Extension Aquaculture Specialist, with The Ohio State University.

Supporting Walleye Production in Wisconsin

UWSP NADF has supplied educational facilities, private farmers and other partners with pellet fed, intensively reared extended walleye fingerlings. UWSP NADF is currently the leading research facility to raise walleye intensively from hatch on formulated feed for commercial food fish production. These fish have been raised indoors since hatch, making them biosecure for indoor systems such as water reuse systems and aquaponics facilities.

UWSP NADF continues to research both walleye and saugeye to advance the species in Wisconsin for food fish production. Currently, the facility is undergoing two Sea Grant funded projects that highlight both the larval stage and growout stages. These research projects are answering important rearing questions involving larval feeds, larval and growout densities, growth rates, feed conversions and also is developing economic models to raise this species in intensive systems.

Top:UWSP NADF intensive raised walleye fingerling 6 months post hatch.
Middle: Intensively raised walleye at UWSP NADF.
Bottom: Walleye transferred into hauling tank to supply to facility partners

Supporting Aquaculture by Assessing Consumer Perceptions and Producer Needs  

Through a project funded by WI Sea Grant, UW-Stevens Point and partners are assessing the perceptions of consumers as well as the marketing needs of producers to support the aquaculture industry in Wisconsin...

Parts of the local food movement are thriving in Wisconsin, and more people want to know the source of their food. Indeed, many are willing to pay higher prices to purchase local food that supports producers in their communities. While the demand for local food products in Wisconsin is strong, many consumers are still unaware of the availability of local, farm-raised fish. Many consumers also have questions about possible contaminants, antibiotics and effects on human and environmental health.
Through a number of objectives, this project will outreach to the consumer to better answer questions and concerns of farm raised fish. Ideally, this project will also lead to the increased availability of high quality Wisconsin farm-raised fish. The project will also provide information to fish producers about marketing and programming for professional development to grow their business.

Project partners include UW-Madison, UW-Stevens Point, UW-Extension Center for Community and Economic Development, and UW Sea Grant Institute, UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences.

Top- To kick off the project (left to right), Dr. Chris Hartleb, Professor of Biology at UWSP and Director of the UWSP Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility; Bret Shaw, Associate Professor of Life Science Communication at UW-Madison; Peter Fritsch, owner of Wisconsin’s largest trout farm – Rushing Waters and UWSP grad ’96; Kristin Runge, Community Development Specialist – UW-Extension and UWSP grad ’95 met at Rushing Waters to discuss how best to survey consumers.
UW-Stevens Point Advances Workforce Development through 6 Aquaculture Internships

Due to a grant funded project and support from facility partners, UWSP accepted six interns stationed at various aquaculture hatcheries and facilities.

UW-Stevens Point has collaborated with Ohio State University, Wisconsin Aquaculture Association, and Nelson and Pade, Inc. to offer Wisconsin’s first Aquaculture Boot Camp. This project is funded by USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture for training new and beginning aquaculture farmers in production and business in Wisconsin. Part of this grant assists in funding six internships to promote workforce education which involves apprentice-type training opportunities for new farmers by pairing them with established farmers. This grant supports funding for half of each internship, the other half is supported by facilities, UWSP Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility, UWSP Aquaponics Innovation Center, US Fish and Wildlife Service Iron River National Fish Hatchery, and Private Industry Partner, Superior Fresh, LLC.

 This was an amazing experience for me, and through this internship I discovered what I want to do for a career.  During this school year, I even have the opportunity to work and learn at Superior Fresh on the weekends until I graduate, at which time I hope continue to grow with the company and follow this new path in life”

-Brianna Dunbar, Superior Fresh Intern

Read all their experiences... 

Cascade strain Atlantic salmon broodstock raised in land-based water reuse systems at UWSP NADF.
Aquaculture Events
  • Aquaponics Master Class: Held in Montello, WI on November 8-10th by Nelson and Pade, Inc.®, covers important topics to become successful in aquaponics including aquaponic methods and applications, crop choices and recommendations, water quality, daily operation and growing techniques, greenhouses and environmental control, fish biology and feeds, plant care and health, system start up and business considerations. In partnership with the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (UWSP), the Aquaponics Master Class® attendees have the opportunity to earn undergraduate and graduate credit through an accredited university, UWSP. The credit is transferable to other colleges and Universities. Students do not need to be enrolled at UWSP. Learn more...
  • 2018 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop: The annual Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute's Aquaculture Innovation Workshop (AIW), December 4-6th in Miami Florida. The AIW is dedicated to the presentation of the latest developments in sustainable aquaculture. AIW participants come to discuss sustainable aquaculture seafood production and work to elevate an industry they feel passionately helps improve public health, protects the ocean and natural resources, and is economically viable. Leading representatives from all parts of the aquaculture seafood value chain attend the AIW, including investors, feed suppliers, producers, processors, retailers, chefs, and consumers. Learn More...
  • 2019 Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference: The 24th annual WI conference on February 15-16th in Eau Claire will be hosted by Wisconsin Aquaculture Association and UWSP NADF along with other collaborators including Wisconsin and Minnesota Sea Grant. A NCRAC funded workshop will also be included hosted by Ohio State, University of Minnesota and University of Michigan. See Flier...
  • Aquaculture 2019 Triennial Conference: The Triennial on March 7-11th in New Orleans, LA is the largest aquaculture conference and tradeshow held in the world with nearly 4000 attendees from over 90 countries and even more countries are expected to have attendees at AQUACULTURE 2019. Learn More...
  • 2019 RAS Tech Conference: RAStech (formerly the ICRA Conference in Roanoke, VA), May 13-14th in Washington, DC is a technical conference and tradeshow serving the emerging recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) sector. A land-based, low impact aquaculture process, RAS has the potential to meet the world’s growing need for protein with minimal effect on the environment. RAStech gathers producers, researchers, policy makers and suppliers in the RAS space. Learn More...


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