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New Species Take the Stage for Wisconsin

UWSP-Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility
April Newsletter 2016

Sea Grant Funds UWSP Walleye and Saugeye Research

 Sea Grant recently awarded $3.9 million to fund Great Lakes research, education and outreach projects, including $213,000 to the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point for optimizing walleye production in aquaculture and aquaponic systems utilizing both UWSP-NADF and UWSP-Aquaponics Innovation Center.

Walleye is a species with substantial aquaculture potential because of its high market value and limited supply from traditional commercial sources.  This project will conduct key commercial production evaluations using traditional (recirculating aquaculture systems or RAS) and integrated aquaculture systems (aquaponics) raising walleye and hybrid walleye from fry to market size. Biological and economic models will also be developed for producers so they can evaluate the introduction of a new fish type into their traditional and integrated aquaculture production systems.

Learn more about this project...


Aquaculture Outreach

Forestry Suppliers Science Scene features UWSP NADF...
Article featuring the facilities role in aquaculture education for all ages. Aquaculture and aquaponics are a great teaching tool, demonstrating hands on and STEM education. Just this year the facility has outreached to over 100 students and educators with classroom visits and interactive tours. Schools located over an hour away have made the trip to UWSP NADF for the aquaculture experience.
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The World Aquaculture Society Conference....
Was recently held February 22-26, 2016, consisting of over 2500 attendees and 1100 submitted abstracts. Greg Fischer, UWSP-NADF Facility Manager,  served as a Chair and Moderator r for the Percids Session and presented on “Intensive Production of Walleye and Hybrid Walleye in a Recicle Water System Utilizing a Domestic Broodstock”. Emma Wiermaa, UWSP NADF Outreach Specialist,  also attended the conference and presented during the Aquaculture Education and Extension session on “Educating the Future and Present Workforce through Interactive, Hands-on Application of Aquaculture”. This presentation highlighted the UWSP-NADFs involvement with students from pre-school through high school as well as interactive training for college interns and post graduates to enhance workforce development and advance the industry. All the abstracts and presentations are available online at


New Species for Wisconsin...

Cascade Strain of Atlantic Salmon
were successfully spawned at the UWSP-NADF this past fall and a cohort of fry are currently being reared and evaluated. To our knowledge, the broodstock of Cascades at UWSP-NADF and their recent progeny are the last remaining of this strain in the world. Their growth in freshwater recirculation systems have shown to be phenomenal, reaching weights of 40lbs in 4 years (photo above).
This project is in collaboration with a private industry partner, Riverence, LLC, located in Washington and also with The Conservation Fund's Freshwater Institute located in West Virginia. The salmon fry at UWSP-NADF have potential for collaboration with Wisconsin farmers in the near future for evaluation of these fish at farm-specific sites. Riverence, LLC is working with UWSP-NADF to not only hold the captive Atlantic broodstock, but also as a connection to Wisconsin’s industry to provide eggs and fry in the future for farmers to raise Atlantic salmon in this state. Stay tuned..

Arctic Char
               UWSP-NADF is also continuing to support private Wisconsin farmers regarding Arctic char, which is showing great potential as a cold water species in recirculation systems. Research has been done on photoperiod, temperature, density and strain evaluation for Arctic char raised at the facility (photo above). This work has been shared with partners involved in the study and will be sent in for publication.


Aquaculture in Wisconsin

North Central Region Aquaculture Conference (NCRAC)
This was a successful conference, collaborating with the Wisconsin Aquaculture Association (WAA), offered over 42 entities in the Trade Show and over 35 talks with attendees coming from 11 states and 2 countries adding up to just under 200 total in attendance. The conference was held in Milwaukee, March 12-13th.

UWSP NADF donated  lake trout, rainbow trout, and Atlantic salmon for the conference banquet. Other local farmers donated bluegill, barramundi, tilapia, walleye and Arctic char cooked a variety of ways.  There was also many different value added products – trout chowder, smoked trout & salmon, spreads, pickled fish and produce.

Wisconsin's Voice in NCRAC
UWSP-NADF Facility Manager Greg Fischer and Outreach Specialist, Emma Wiermaa, were recently appointed to be on the NCRAC Technical Committee in Research and Extension, respectively. These new appointments will be joining Dr. Chris Hartleb, UWSP NADF Director, who has served on the NCRAC Technical Committee (Research) for several years. These new appointments will help to strengthen Wisconsin’s industry voice in NCRAC and provide further input for proposals and goals

During the last NCRAC program planning meeting for 2016, changes were made that will not only support new upcoming species research for commercial application but also open new doors for further research in areas regarding nutrition, systems, health, genetics, marketing and education.

Learn more about NCRAC or the WAA....


Workshops, Trainings, and Events

  •  Aquaculture and Fisheries Technologies for Food and Health Educators, Seafood Professionals, and Communicators held May 9-12th in Milwaukee, WI. This information and course materials serve as a basis for workshops that can be run by educators in different fields (food science, health, food systems, etc.) as well as seafood companies to maintain professional certification. Check it out...
  • 8th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference June 2nd Madison, WI. Cafeterias in schools and early care locations, colleges and universities, hospitals and other institutional settings serve tens of millions of Americans every day, placing the farm to cafeteria movement at the forefront of the fight to end obesity and strengthen local food systems. Join us for the 8th National Farm to Cafeteria Conference and see how you can change the culture of food and agricultural literacy across America. Nelson and Pade, Inc.® will be supporting this event in a number of ways including hosting a tour of their facilities in Montello, WI. Learn more...
  • Kids Fishing Day! June 4th at the Great Lakes Visitors Center in Ashland, WI. UWSP NADF as well as experienced anglers and biologists are on hand to share their fishing tips, techniques and learning opportunities. This event takes place rain or shine and is FREE. Activities and prizes for all ages. Check it out...
  • The Aquaponics Master Class June 9th in Montello. This is a 3-day comprehensive workshop offered by Nelson and Pade, Inc. ® that covers all aspects of aquaponics and controlled environment agriculture.  In partnership with UW-Stevens Point, 1-college credit or continuing education units (CEU) are available for those that complete this workshop in Montello, Wisconsin. Register or learn more...

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