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This week we're stoked to have a guest post on the ChartMogul blog from ChurnBuster's Kristen DeCosta. We all know the obvious reasons for churn in SaaS. What Kristen does here is actually tease out some of the lesser understood reasons. Check out the post below.

And of course, there are three excellent industry posts for you to read — don't miss them!

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5 Sneaky Reasons You’re Losing Customers (despite your best intentions)

Kristen DeCosta (@KristenDeCosta)

Struggling with churn? Guest blogger and ChartMogul friend, Kristen DeCosta from Churn Buster, discusses some of the lesser-known reasons companies lose customers and what to do about it.
"Think of it this way: When you build a platform that users stick with and continue to pay for, in turn, you increase your funds and resources available to market to new customers. So for sustainable growth, retention is just as vital (if not more vital) than acquisition."

This week's top reads

#SaaS: Performance versus Brand Marketing at Early Stage

Clement Vouillon, Point Nine Capital

Clement is back again! This topic is one I've personally spent a lot of time thinking about. We made a conscious decision early on at ChartMogul to put more focus on building a brand than I think most SaaS companies do.
"By working early on branding, you can create a lot of awareness within a community. I witnessed several times how this awareness enabled to close deals once the product was ready (companies know your brand, and once your product becomes mature enough they will convert more easily)."

Series A SaaS Startup Benchmarks for 2018

Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint

What did it take for SaaS startups to raise a Series A in 2018? $1.8M ARR and 250% growth apparently...
"The science of building SaaS companies is better understood today than in 2014. Consequently, more companies are able to reach $1M in ARR than in the past because they can be more efficient with their capital."

The 10 Principles of Product & Feature Adoption

Pulkit Agrawal, Chameleon

Pulkit helps us dig into the psychology of product adoption, with an in-depth look at the drivers behind a successful growth story.
"Leaders will often make the case for major change on the sole basis of strategic business objectives, but they rarely reach people emotionally in a way that ensures genuine commitment to the cause."
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