SaaS Roundup #143

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The holiday season approaches, but there's no shortage of great reads for you this week. Make sure you take a look below.

🎁 Mini recommendations
Check out David Skok's Matrix Growth Academy videos. They're an awesome resource for B2B founders and cover the entire spectrum of the growth journey.

This week Sqreen launched the SaaS Security 1000 — giving a basic overview of the application security of top growing SaaS companies.

Last week I shared Steph Knapp's excellent Zendesk email onboarding breakdown which many of you loved! Did you know she's produced even more, including Freshbooks?

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SaaS Metrics Refresher #7: Revenue Recognition

Ed Shelley (@mr_ed)

In this week’s lesson, we’re tackling the tricky process of converting bookings into revenue — also known as revenue recognition.

Our top 3 reads

You're all calculating churn rates wrong


I really couldn't decide whether to include this article or not. On the one hand, it's an extremely competent breakdown of the nuances of modelling churn. On the other hand, it proves why so many people stick to the "wrong" (read: simple) formula — because all this talk of Weibull and Lomax distributions, probability density functions and other statistical analysis doesn't really produce an accessible churn rate formula that SaaS businesses can use off the shelf. If you want to sweat the details on churn calculation though, this is your article.
"It's counterintuitive, but it's a statistical fact: This number actually tells you nothing useful about churn, but really relates to the age of the subscriptions you have. It will in most cases go down on it's own, and, absurdly, the only way to keep it from going down is to have very high growth. So the number will literally only look bad if your business is doing extremely well, and optimizing for it will be directly counter-productive."

Is Your Sales Customer Size driven?

Rinkesh Gorasia, Savior

An excellent example-driven post on the characteristics to look out for when selling to different sized businesess, and how to tailor your sales approach to this.
"If you are in the business of selling to other businesses, a one-size-fits-all approach is not the most efficient one. Self-service will work effectively for early stage companies and is a great way to target the SMB market. But by the time startups grow beyond 75 people, a sales force targeting them will start to pay off."

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting: How to Keep Your Pipeline Full of Potential

Emily Bauer, Propeller

Where does your sales pipeline come from today? How much work do you put into ensuring its quality? Emily takes us through some great best practices to help you avoid sales inefficiency.
"In order to qualify high-priority leads, you must first define your ideal customer. This involves identifying your top 5-10 existing customers, examining their shared traits and behaviors, and developing a profile that can be used to pinpoint prospects that have potential to become high-value customers."
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