SaaS Roundup #250

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This week we have exciting news from our own kitchen!

This week we announced two new integrations with popular accounting solutions QuickBooks Online and Xero, which make it possible to bring your revenue data from invoices and analyze it in ChartMogul. Read everything about these integrations on our blog.

Further down, you will find Gartner's (optimistic) prediction for the growth of the software market in 2021-2022 as well as in-depth takes on important topics such as positioning, pricing, and SEO campaigns.

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New from ChartMogul.

ChartMogul ❤️ QuickBooks & Xero

Nick Franklin
Thanks to our partners at SaaSync, it’s now possible to import your data from QuickBooks and Xero into ChartMogul.
"Allowing our customers to bring in data from QuickBooks and Xero brings a step closer to our vision of making ChartMogul the central piece in the data stack of every subscription company."

Our top SaaS reads.


A Quickstart Guide to Positioning

April Dunford, Lenny's Newsletter

Positioning is one of the most important strategic levers for a SaaS company, yet many founders still struggle to appreciate its importance. If you need help understanding (and improving) your positioning strategy, this article will give you a starting point.

"Good positioning sets off a set of assumptions about my product that are true. Bad positioning sets off a set of assumptions about my product that aren't true — leaving your sales and marketing teams to do the work of undoing the damage your positioning has already done."

The Hidden World of Pricing: Uber, Trulia, Etsy, Superhuman & More

Pete Flint, NFX

While at Trulia, Pete learned the hard way how costly it could be to treat your pricing as an afterthought. Along with the author of Monetizing Innovation Madhavan Ramanujam, they share the best things they've learned about this important topic.

"What changed the game for us at Trulia was understanding the underlying mechanics of pricing. It is the hidden driver behind nearly every breakthrough company out there – Uber, Etsy, Trulia, Asana, Eventbrite, Superhuman, and more."

8 Steps to Launch a Successful SEO Campaign in 2021

Robbie Richards

In this post, Robbie offers an 8-step repeatable framework you can use to plan and manage SEO campaigns that consistently drive more organic traffic and conversions in any niche or industry.

"It’s important to remember that SEO campaigns are a long-term strategy. So the real value comes from consistent execution of the technical, on-page and off-site processes mentioned above."

Datum of the week.

Gartner predicts the software market will grow almost 9% this year, and even faster in 2022. Read the full press release for more.


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