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The holidays are here, and this week I'm wrapping up the year with a look back at some of our most popular reads — the articles that were selected by you, the SaaS Roundup readers, the most.

Secondly we released a one-off special episode of SaaS Open Mic, which sees me sit down with my most-requested guest, David Skok of Matrix Partners. Don't miss it! There were so many metrics-related questions I was finally be able to ask.

Finally, it's time for the ChartMogul 2018 year in review — a look back at what we shipped, published and achieved, compiled by Nick.

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The 20 most popular SaaS Roundup reads of 2018

Ed Shelley (@mr_ed)

Every week we scour the web to pick our top three industry reads and share them in our SaaS Roundup newsletter. As we approach the end of 2018, I thought it would be a good time to take stock of the articles that resonated most with our audience. Here’s a rundown of the top 20 for your reading pleasure.

David Skok on choosing the right metrics for the right growth stage

Ed Shelley (@mr_ed)

In this one-off episode of SaaS Open Mic recorded at SaaStock Dublin, I talk to the “Godfather” of SaaS metrics, David Skok.

The ChartMogul 2018 year in review

Nick Franklin (@Nick_Franklin)

One of our favorite end-of-year traditions is reflecting on what we shipped, published, and achieved each year. Here’s a summary of our 2018 highlights.

Our top 3 reads of the year

1. How Zapier Reached $35M ARR With This SaaS SEO Strategy

Ryan Berg

Congratulations to Ryan for producing this excellent case study! I can see how this was our most popular read this year — the insights-per-paragraph is incredibly high. Zapier is a fascinating business (listen to my interview with founder Wade Foster) and its strategy for scaling growth for a technical, invisible SaaS is one we should all learn from.
"Creating 25k landing pages is one of those things that sounds crazy without some hack or workaround. But Zapier’s “hacks” look a lot more like persistent effort combined with smart systems thinking and a solid understanding of SEO."

2. First 90 Days Plan for Customer Success Management

Nilesh Surana

Our number two spot this year sees Nilesh lay out a practical approach to getting started with a customer success strategy, from day one to day 90. If anything, the success of this piece proves that starting out down the CS road remains a big challange for SaaS businesses today.
"Analyze data early and often. Most customer churn happens in the first 90 days. You need to know why so you can plug the leaky bucket. It will also help point out flaws in your product, sales, pricing plan and / or customer success strategy."

How we went from 10 to 200 paying customers in less than 6 months

Maxime Berthelot, PixelMe

Radical transparency is a key part of the brand strategy for Maxime and Tom at PixelMe. This post pulled back the curtains on that critical first few months — and first few customers.

UPDATE: In a plot twist, the PixelMe team just raised $1.3M after bootstrapping for a year. Read the explanation here.

"NPS will help you gather feedback and face reality. It can be a bit hard sometimes, but remember — you’re making a product for your customers, not for you!"
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