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New from ChartMogul

Growing Your Company Requires a Process. Here’s How to Develop It

Wes Bush, Product-Led Institute

Growing your business requires constant optimization. And not the haphazard “see what sticks”-type, but a robust plan executed with purpose. Wes Bush reveals the growth process he uses to grow his business.
"In a market where, over the last five years, CACs have increased more than 50% while willingness to pay is down 30%, we need to instill a culture of optimization. If we can, we’ll pull the right levers and put our business in high gear."

This week's top reads

The Unicorn Trajectory: Who Unicorns hired, and when

Maddy Cross, Notion

Founders have access to a lot of data on fundraising, allocating capital, and running a startup but hiring is a whole different story. That's why Notion Capital decided to study 2,000 people over 50 unicorns and 50 "normal" venture-backed startups to help you understand who and when you should hire.
"80% of early money we invest is spent on salaries, and the average leadership level hire (VP/SVP or C-Level) will be paid around £140k basic and you’re relying on some pretty ‘finger in the air’ estimates on how to deploy a large amount of capital."

How to Build a $100 Billion SaaS Company

Jason Lemkin, SaaStr

Salesforce is the only $100B+ purely SaaS company but there are at least 15 other companies who have their sights set on the "100B Club". Jason Lemkin looks at some of the most interesting metrics and facts about these companies to understand what allows them to grow to these stratospheric levels.
"73% of Salesforce’s customers come from the installed base. Let that sink in. This is why in the end, Net Revenue Retention is the #1 most important metric in SaaS. This also means that Salesforce could basically still hit 73% of its plan for 2020 without even adding a single new customer. Customer Success > Sales"

Email Outreach: The Ultimate Guide

Alexandra Tachalova, Digital Olympus

In a world drowning in content, distribution has become at least as (if not more) important as production. And email outreach takes the crown when it comes to successful content distribution. Learn how to do it well with this guide.
"I want to be 100% honest with you: email outreach is a hard, very time-consuming process. It can’t be stressed enough: when people preach this technique they forget to mention how much time, effort, and emotional investment it demands. But the outcome is totally worth it. The relationships that you build pay off in the long run and the quality of links acquired through email outreach is the highest."
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