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Your customers are your biggest asset.

We all hate clichés, but if we all know so well how important customers are, why do we find it so challenging to work with them to attract new business?

This week, we tried to collect several resources that can help you with that. On our blog, Sleeknote's CMO Emil discusses customer testimonials — how to get them, where to publish them, and how to use them.

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Customer Testimonials to Boost Sales

Emil Kristensen

If I had to pick just one marketing tactic to use for the rest of my career, customer testimonials would be near the top of my list. They're authentic, customers trust them, and getting them... can be fun. We reached out to Emil from Sleeknote to ask about the best practices on collecting and using customer testimonials.
"People don’t trust brands, they trust other people. That doesn’t make brands powerless — customer testimonials are a powerful weapon they have at their disposal. However, a generic insincere endorsement is as good as not using any."

This week's top reads

Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020


By now, we all know how important customer experience is for brands, especially in the subscription economy. But separating "thought leadership" from reliable trustworthy information about what makes customers happy can be hard. This report comes to fill this void, thanks to Zendesk's trove of data.
"With the Zendesk Benchmark, our data index of 45,000 companies using Zendesk, we explored how top companies provide experiences that keep customers returning and the best practices that separate the leaders from everyone else."

The Perfect Marketing Technology Stack for Your SaaS Startup in 2020

Andrew Allsop, Wunderkind

"I need another marketing tool..." said no one in 2020. Indeed, Andrew Allsop argues marketing professionals today need to be more focused on not making mistakes when they choose what tools to use, than trying new ones all the time. In this post, he shares the best and most necessary tools every marketing department needs.
"There's so much marketing technology to choose from that making the wrong decision is easier than ever. However, there is a suite of tools that will give you the perfect MarTech stack from 0 to scale."

7 Elements Of “Insanely” Persuasive Sales Product Demos

Chris Orlob,

Persuasion is a critical feature of a successful sales operation. However, what constitutes good persuasion is often a matter of (much) debate. No longer, at least when it comes to sales demos, because we now have analysis based on 3 Million product demos to understand what works.
"If doing a sales product demo FEELS easy and intuitive, watch out. Even if you have lots of product knowledge, doing a product demo persuasively is hard and counterintuitive. That’s right, COUNTERINTUITIVE. What do I mean? I mean that what feels right during a sales product demo usually causes failure."
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