SaaS Roundup #135

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We just launched the fourth part of SaaS Metrics Refresher this week, looking at expansion in SaaS. You can grab the lesson below.

Are you a marketer in a SaaS company? Make sure you read the final post of our recommended reads this week.

⚡️ SaaS industry news
Stripe is now a $20 Billion company after raising $245 million 😳
Subscriptions now make up roughly 75% of all streaming revenue
Mailchimp made a big (yellow) splash by unveiling a complete rebrand

🎙 Podcast of the week
Technological Trends, Financial Capital, and the Dynamics of Disruption — An a16z podcast episode featuring Chris Dixon (a16z crypto) and Fred Wilson (Square Ventures)

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SaaS Metrics Refresher #4: Expansion

Ed Shelley (@Mr_Ed)

Welcome back to SaaS Metrics Refresher. After all of that negativity last week with churn, this week we’re looking at a far more positive aspect of subscription businesses: expansion!

Our top 3 reads

Bookings, Billings and Revenue: Dissecting and Discussing These Key Metrics

Ramin Zacharia, RTD Insights

This is an excellent read which, although more angled towards public or larger-scale SaaS, contains lessons for everyone. Billings, Revenue and Bookings are often misunderstood and poorly reported.
"When deciding to adjust reporting of key metrics, it is important to adequately and correctly disclose the changes to ensure proper comparability and understandability of the financials between periods (e.g. ensure the disclosure of billings declining in one comparable period vs. prior comparable period is due to a change of billing frequency vs. churned customers)."

Business to Developer (B2D) SaaS — HyperTrack’s Learnings

Chetan K, HyperTrack

This post caught my eye because the concept of B2D isn't widely discussed today, yet many of us are increasingly working with products for which the buyer (or at least decision maker) is a developer. This presents some unique challenges, and as Chetan describes, some key benefits.
"The biggest advantage of a B2D GTM is the sales cycle efficiency that comes with selling to customers that are already using your product in some capacity and are hooked to it."

Unsolicited Career Advice For Tech Marketers

Siddharth Deswal,

Whether you agree or not with this post, I think it's important for marketers in tech to develop a broader view of the business landscape in which they operate. This post definitely resonated with me as someone working in SaaS marketing who's from a non-marketing background.
"Marketers are taught to understand their target audience, but most of them repeatedly fail to understand what is it that’s bothering their CEO. And if you want a seat at the boardroom sometime in the future, you have to start talking their language today."
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