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Three excellent articles for you today. Don't miss the Intercom post on customer acquisition cost — it's a metric that pretty much every SaaS business struggles with.

Also, make sure you register for our joint webinar with Spendesk on automating financial processes! You can find the details below.

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Analyze Your Shopify Revenue in ChartMogul

Kate Donahue (@Kate_Donahue)

We’re thrilled to share that Shopify merchants can now analyze their revenues in ChartMogul.
Coming soon

[Webinar] How to Automate Your Financial Processes in 2019

Spendesk x ChartMogul

We've partnered with expense management solution Spendesk on this upcoming live webinar! We'll discuss finance processes you can automate right now and how you can spend less time on the manual stuff and more time helping your business grow.

Coming Tuesday November 27 - 5pm GMT / 12pm EST

Our top 3 reads

The Ultimate Product Led Growth Resources Guide

Kyle Poyar, OpenView

At first glance, it may seem like another SaaS buzzword. But the concept behind Product Led Growth is a useful way to think about how SaaS businesses need to go to market in 2018 and beyond. There is a wealth of knowledge buried in this collection or resources — make it your go-to bookmark for the topic.
"The next frontier of go-to-market is Product Led Growth (PLG). Companies with a PLG strategy – think Slack, Expensify, Atlassian, and Dropbox – rely on product features and usage as their primary drivers of customer acquisition, retention and expansion."

What is customer acquisition cost and why does it matter?

Brian Kotlyar, Intercom

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is one of the hardest metrics in SaaS to get a grasp of, mainly because there are so many elements that could (or could not) be bundled into it. Props to Brian for tackling this one head on for the benefit of all of us!
"The best marketers in the world help their companies grow for the long term. However, periodically marketers seem to go through a wave of collective insanity where we forget about the ‘long term’ part of the discussion and start to chase growth at any cost. Whether it’s through inattention, ignorance, or excitement, marketers sometimes make very bad business decisions."

How Zapier Reached $35M ARR With This SaaS SEO Strategy

Ryan Berg

This is an excellent case study which highlights some of the challenges that a company like Zapier faces — how do you approach demand generation when you're effectively a "middleware" tool, that's invisible to the end user most of the time?
"Creating 25k landing pages is one of those things that sounds crazy without some hack or workaround. But Zapier’s “hacks” look a lot more like persistent effort combined with smart systems thinking and a solid understanding of SEO."
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