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New from ChartMogul

The Map Is Not the Territory: Getting Started with Subscription Analytics

Olivia Jarvis

Ever started a road trip or a hike with a quick look at the map only to realize later the path was laden with obstacles and variables you didn't consider? Olivia likens this experience to building a SaaS business and provides some guidance on how you can use your metrics to understand the territory — and not just the map — you'll navigate to success. 
"When it comes to subscription analytics, the map is not the territory. Your primary metrics — MRR, churn, etc. are just the map. There's so much more you can do with your subscription data to understand the true nature of your business and how to grow it."

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This week's top reads

The State of European Tech 2019

Atomico, Slush & Orrick

Why Europe can't do tech? Atomico's team says it's time to stop asking that question and they point us to their 5th The State of European Tech report for the evidence. No matter whether you agree or not, this is the most comprehensive resource on what's driving the European tech scene.
"We’re seeing a growing band of big investment rounds, and an increase in ‘purpose-driven’ companies attacking some of the world’s biggest challenges, and a pool of developer talent bigger than the US. Yet challenges — such as a lack of diversity and divergent priorities between policymakers and the public — remain."

State of Conversation Intelligence 2020: Top Habits of High Growth Sales Teams


This report covers outbound, inbound and account executive behaviors throughout the sales process, from the very first touch to the characteristics of great late-stage calls. The Chorus team has also collected data on customer success and the right ways to handle the critical transition from sales to customer success after a customer signs.
"Review this report to see what high-performance sales teams are doing to close more deals. We analyzed over 5M sales calls from more than 300 companies to show you what works in each stage of the sales cycle."

The Ski Slope Strategy: How I Got 1.7 Million Free Clicks In 365 Days (Without Link Building)

Chris Von Wilpert, Content Mavericks

Everyone knows how to succeed with content — you find an article that has a lot of links, you write something even better, you reach out to people linking to the original piece of content and suggest they link to your content. Everyone knows this... and that's the problem.
"Backlinks, SEO, organic traffic… they are all important factors to focus on for long term growth. But nothing beats a content system with compounding traffic, that delivers consistent customers day after day."
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