SaaS Roundup #200

Welcome to the 200th anniversary edition of the SaaS Roundup!

We wanted to plan something special for the occasion and here it is — the Roundup gets a facelift!

It's not just the look that's different, though. We've also added new sections to share industry news, the most interesting SaaS-related discussions from social media and the best video and audio content we've discovered in the past week.

We hope you enjoy the new format and sections and please remember — if you have any feedback for us, we're just a Reply away.

Enjoy the new Roundup!
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New from ChartMogul.

Flipsnack 4x’ed Revenue by Running Growth Experiments Faster
Ilia Markov

In this customer story, I speak to Janina Moza to learn how the marking and product teams at Flipsnack optimize their work to grow the company. From measuring the impact of pricing changes to keeping track of OKRs, they use ChartMogul at every step to make smarter decisions.
"I cannot imagine how it would be to go back to the time when we didn’t have ChartMogul."

Our top SaaS reads.


The State of SaaS Product Onboarding


In 2020 it's not exactly groundbreaking to say that "Product onboarding matters". Everyone knows that. The exact details of what constitutes good onboarding practices are much less clear, though. What's the best way to find out what they are — look at what successful products to do onboard new users.

"We looked at over 1000 different SaaS products. We signed up for their free plan or trial and then worked through their onboarding flows. Each time, we noted down every possible observation about how it worked."

How to Get Press Coverage

Christoph Janz, Point Nine

"I don't have time for that!" I can hear you. As a founder, you have a gazillion things to worry about. PR sounds just like the time suck that you can do without. But Christoph Janz claims that ignoring PR is a common mistake early-stage founders commit. Smarten up and learn how to take advantage of press opportunities.

"[S]tartups can benefit from media coverage in multiple ways. Coverage by the right publications can generate inbound leads from potential customers. Good PR can also make you look much bigger than you are, which can be useful when you’re talking to potential customers and partners. Finally, sometimes the biggest benefit of media coverage is that it can help with recruiting by spreading the word in the startup ecosystem and contributing to your employer brand."

Why Founders Should Take More Risk

Pete Flint, NfX

"Behind every iconic company, there's a radical, risk-laden idea" argues Pete Flint. Understanding and managing risk is a critical skill for founders who want their companies to survive and thrive. In this article, he presents a framework for thinking about risk.

"To build iconic companies, Founders must take more risks, not less. But they also need to understand how to classify and assess the types of risk they will encounter."

Discussion of the week.

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Podcast of the week.

Name The Category, Own The Market

Lean Startup Co. advisor Christopher Guest chats to marketing juggernaut Christopher Lochhead on why category design is so powerful, how to best wield it, and why entrepreneurs should naturally embody it. If you don't have time for the full episode, follow the link to check out the highlights of their conversation.

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